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Looking for a casual, health conscious (but not *too*) dinner in Farmington Valley or West Harford?

Hi all!

My best friend is coming to town from Atlanta this weekend, and we'd like to go out to eat at least once this weekend! We all love to eat and are up for trying new things, but my friend has a few food allergies (allergic to yeast, needs someplace that would do brown rice or whole wheat pasta, that sort of thing). Also, I've got a toddler, so that needs to be taken into account, too--not exactly looking for plastic tablecloths, but I wouldn't want to worry that somebody's anniversary dinner was being ruined by his potential meltdown, if you know what I mean!

We're new to the area (just moved from right outside New York City) and so far places we've been to and enjoyed have been Plan B Burger in West Hartford, and more recently J. Timothy's in Southington. These places are not exactly indicative of our tastes in I said, we have a toddler, so we don't get out much!

Many thanks in advance!

Plan B
4 Railroad St, Simsbury, CT 06070

Looking for a great "special occasion" restaurant in the Great Barrington area

Hoping to treat my parents to a gift certificate for a nice dinner this Christmas, since they rarely get out on their own! Looking to spend $150 for the two of them, for appetizers, drinks (for my dad), dessert, and tip. Someplace you wouldn't go to every week, but still comfortable and easy--New American, Italian, or even a steakhouse where my Mom could order a great chicken dish. I know they like the Old Mill, and they used to like Pearl's (although I recently read the sad news). Is John Andrews still good?

Thanks in advance for your help, Chowhounds!