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Anyone eaten at Mission Grill?

i went in a few weeks after it opened. if i remember correctly, there was some salting issues (over/under) and the prices were a bit steep. OH, and the sangria was pretty blah.

for the love of god, when will people learn? if you can't make a decent sangria, don't even bother trying! i can put together one that'll knock socks off for under $10 a pitcher. ;)

Apr 02, 2007
kd592 in Pennsylvania

suggestions other than dmitri's?

friends want to go out for a drink/meal on saturday night and suggested dmitri's @ 23rd/pine. unfortunately, i've been having something of a spree there lately and want to go somewhere different. any suggestions for a similar atmosphere/ price/ or small-plate style? thanks in advance...

Mar 07, 2007
kd592 in Pennsylvania


with all the posts, i'm confused- which restaurant did you go to? the new samosa, right?

Mar 02, 2007
kd592 in Pennsylvania

Good moussaka in Philly

dmitri's at 23rd/pine has moussaka and the portions are HuGE. it's quite good...

Feb 23, 2007
kd592 in Pennsylvania

Audrey Claire/La Colombe

I second chapterhouse! service doesn't always come with a smile, but it's a great space with good coffee. ;)

Feb 22, 2007
kd592 in Pennsylvania

tria- how's the sound?

i'm considering tria for dinner tonight, but the last time i was there the music was both horrible (a jam session band, what??) and really loud. i had to literally shout to the person sitting next to me to be heard. normally i'd ask them to turn the music down or even change it (yes, i am THAT person), but i had built the place up so much to my friend and was so irritated we just left instead. (the happy rooster's food, music, and volume was perfect, by the way.)

that was about a month ago. can someone enlighten me whether this is an unfortunate trend or just a off night??? thanks in advance..

ps just to clarify... i'm 30 years old, i like all kinds of music from punk to pop to acoustic, i'm not hard-of-hearing, and would generally consider myself (for lack of a better word), "hip." ;)

Jan 21, 2007
kd592 in Pennsylvania

decorative oil bottle... ?

according to the site....
Everything we do is beautiful and for use or consumption. Shonfeld's has the highest standards in the industry.

We know that most of your customers will not open our bottles or our unique gift set items- they will think they are too beautiful for any other purpose than decoration.

Yet, we promise- if they decide to open it and use it, they will be thrilled. The gourmet gifts are just delicious...

Jan 08, 2007
kd592 in Home Cooking

decorative oil bottle... ?

i received an eiffel tower bottle filled with beans and canola oil as a gift from some well-meaning friends... i'm hoping the contents have some promise... maybe?

any ideas??

here's the link:

Jan 07, 2007
kd592 in Home Cooking

where to get a case of wine around philly...

i'm having a birthday party and wanted to get a case of wine, though i'm not sure where to go. i'm guessing nj is the best option, owing to discounts on cases, but that still leaves me wondering where is best. anyone have suggestions?

also- any ideas on what kind of white wines to get? i'm a poor student, so cost is an issue...

thanks in advance!

Jan 03, 2007
kd592 in Pennsylvania

almond tuiles?

i went to a holiday party last night where they served some DECLICIOUS almond/caramelish/wafer-like cookies. very thin and brittle, dark brown in color... i asked for the recipe, but the party was catered, so i'm guessing i won't get it.

does anyone know what i may have had? a goggle search revealed 4 pretty different types of almond cookies. i really want to include them in my holiday cookie pack and upstage my sister for once this year. ;) thanks in advance!

Dec 16, 2006
kd592 in Home Cooking

isla ibiza?

i heard of this through another topic, but no details were given. can anyone offer a review? thanks in advance...

Nov 29, 2006
kd592 in Pennsylvania

Petit 4

they are closed for good, the owners decided it was time to move on, unfortunately.

Oct 03, 2006
kd592 in Pennsylvania

4 days in boston, where would YOU go?

hi all-
i'm coming in from philly and want to check out some *local* faves of yours, not tourist traps or other such nonsense. i'm traveling on something of a budget, but will probably splurge here and there... i plan on dining out for every meal, so breakfast-brunch-lunch-takeaway-indoor-outdoor-coffee-dinner-late night are all welcome. :) i'm staying at the 140 clarendon, have easy access to the subway system and will be in town thursday-sunday... any ideas? (an itinerary of meals would be fantastic, if you're so inclined!)

oh right, and one day (sun night-mon) in provincetown, thoughts?

thanks in advance!

Sep 06, 2006
kd592 in Greater Boston Area

20th & Sansom, Any recs?

sundried tomato bruschetta, the veggie panini, beets w/ feta, and fig/gorgonzola bruschetta are some of my faves... fyi draft beers are a good price for the serving too. enjoy!

Aug 25, 2006
kd592 in Pennsylvania

Do people actually like Marathon?

marathon's good for lunch, but then again i always get chicken salad which isn't too hard to mess up.

i have to add something i think only chowhounds could appreciate the peculiarity of- at the 19th/spruce location they don't have pickles, but at every other one i've been to, they do... ??? hmmmmmm.

weird, huh?

Aug 23, 2006
kd592 in Pennsylvania

philly guy going to upstate pa- help!

going to brodheadsville, between jim thorpe and stroudsburg, for some rnr this weekend.

i'd love to hear some really great reqs, but even regular places to eat are fine- i'd rather not cook all weekend.

thanks in advance

Aug 15, 2006
kd592 in Pennsylvania

Friday Saturday Sunday

dmitri's, cafe habana, tria...

Aug 15, 2006
kd592 in Pennsylvania

Where Can You Eat Regularly and Not Have to Order?

it seems to me this kind of service can be found anywhere. the restaurant at which i work has a number of regulars who get treated exceptionally well...

all you need do is find a place you like and frequent it. so long as you're friendly, relatively consistent with ordering, and you tip well, the service and rapport are sure to follow.

worth noting: while i mention regulars who get treated well, i must add there are those who get sub-standard service too: bad tippers, rude types, and those who generally act as if are above the waitstaff or other guests will wait for tables, not be visited as often throughout the meal, and will never ever get drinks or food comp'ed.

Aug 15, 2006
kd592 in Pennsylvania

fishtown recs?

i'll be there housesitting for a week, can anyone recommend some good spots? thanks in advance...

Jul 19, 2006
kd592 in Pennsylvania

new restaurant(s) at 12th/spruce?

an old laundromat on the northeast corner says "tenant obtained" and rumors were that tria was opening a second space there... ?

spruce street video on the northwest corner is moving upstairs and i've heard a new large restaurant would open up all the way back to the defunct cheap art cafe...

this all just speculation- can anyone confirm or deny?

Jul 17, 2006
kd592 in Pennsylvania

old city luches?

i started a new job in old city (3rd and cherry) about a month ago and am getting tired of sassafras market lunches. any suggestions for alternatives? mostly interested in take-away and i lean towards healthier options (ie not pizza shops).

thanks in advance...

Jul 13, 2006
kd592 in Pennsylvania