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Any new snack you can't get enough of?

Skinny Pop popcorn. I can't stop eating it. My sister recommended it and I've found it at Whole Foods. She's found it at Costco as well. I seriously can not stop eating it! The only ingredients are popcorn, sunflower oil and salt.

Nov 30, 2012
phonecutest in General Topics

75 Main, Delray

I'd like to second this opinion. I went to Main 75 Tuesday night and it was much the way it was described by LifeisGood58. Whereas the rest of Atlantic Ave. was poppin' Main 75 had few diners (which should have been my clue). The music was jarring and you could hear the credit card machine chirp every few minutes. I felt like I was in a nightclub/bank. The menu was uninspired and the bread hard and stale. The worst part for me was the crazy amount of sand in my mussels. The worst part for my husband was talking to a bartender who didn't know what scotch was (no...Knob Creek is not a scotch whiskey). I always root for new restaurants but this one needs to get its act together fast or it won't be here for season.

French in Miami - Fort Lauderdale Area?

I agree about Otentic. I was there about 3 months ago and had a great experience.

Rack's Italian Bistro

My husband and I ate at Rack's at Mizner Park last night. The service was fine and the ambiance (for East Boca) was lively but the food was abysmal. We started with deviled eggs. The eggs were rubbery and the filling had no taste at all. I couldn't even taste the paprika they sprinkled on it. I had the pizza which was absolutely tasteless as was the parmesean cheese on the table. My husband had the chicken pot pie. It was salted within an inch of it's life. The drink menu was good but the pours are miniscule. Suffice it to say that we will not be back.

New Food Truck.....Delray Beach on Military

My husband and I just hit the Rolling Stove tonight. We had the burger, the jerk chicken sandwich, french fries and fried plantains. They were all very tasty. It was a lot of fun to go and we'll definintely be going back.

Otentic - South Beach Recommendation

Otentic is a wonderful French restaurant on 7th and Washington in South Beach. It's a small, bright, 18 seat place. The server was very attentive. There were a lot of French speakers the night we went so I'm assuming that the food is pleasing to those who know more about the cuisine than I. The price point is amazing for South Beach. My husband and I shared the Farmer's platter, which could have served 4 people, and a tasty beef crepe. We also had a bottle of the house white. The entire bill came out to about 50 dollars! We will definitely be going back.

The Office Delray Beach Post

Let me preface the following sentence by saying we've never done this before. My husband and I sat down at the bar, ordered drinks, then left without drinking them to go to Tryst. The bartenders were unfriendly, the place seemed "cold", and I wasn't impressed that we were directed to where we should sit at the bar. Shouldn't I be able to sit anywhere at a bar? As promised by other posters the menu was expensive even for appetizers and I didn't find any of the appetizers very appetizing. Realizing how subjective this post is I'm willing to give The Office a second chance in a few months but for now there are a lot of other places in the area that I would rather go to (Tryst, Cafe de France, Cut 432, etc).

Delray Beach - Coming Soon, New Openings This Fall!

There's another Cafe de France (unrelated) in Winter Park, FL. This Cafe de France is located at 110 E. Atlantic Ave. Delray Beach.

Delray Beach - Coming Soon, New Openings This Fall!

My husband and I just ate at Cafe de France. It opened up in the Old Stone Creamery space across from Cabana El Ray. It opened just after Thanksgiving. The food is wonderful. We started with an appetizer of Croque Monsieur which could have easily been a main dish. I had a salmon and brie salad which was very tasty. My husband had the coq o vin which he enjoyed. The wine list is not extensive but we enjoyed the glasses we had. They have a pastry window and the pastries looked scrumtious. The waitstaff were accomodating and friendly. We'll definitely be back again. If you like French food, you should give this place a whirl!