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ethnic caterers for non-sitdown wedding party

We used Wafa's Kitchen from Glendora for our Wedding as a Lebanese Caterer. She and her husband, were amazing and the food was excellent, guests still bring up how good the food was at our wedding. (5 years later). The best part was that it was relatively in expensive with excellent service and great quality.

Nov 14, 2012
OCrashad in Los Angeles Area

Seeking Ethnic Gems in Orange County, CA

Thanks ocshooter, I can't wait to try them all. By the way I have tried a hole in the wall Afghani place in the past called Chili Chutney in Lake Forest, it was no thrills but amazing food and it seemed very authentic. I will try Naan and Kabon in Tustin to see how it compares - Thanks

Oct 29, 2012
OCrashad in Los Angeles Area

Seeking Ethnic Gems in Orange County, CA

Thanks for the recommendations. I can't wait to try them all. We've been to felix and Haven GastroPub. We loved Felix, we sat outside it had a very nice vibe

Oct 29, 2012
OCrashad in Los Angeles Area

Seeking Ethnic Gems in Orange County, CA

My wife and I have been living in Orange County for 10 years and I am ashamed to say that all we've been doing is going to high-end and fine dining restaurants OC has to offer. We've been to them all, if it is high end you name it we've done it, we even have the t-shirt. We are now buying a house and looking to stay on a budget (relatively). My wife is also Prego so going thru an expensive bottle of wine is no longer necessary - Although Beer and wine are still a requirement for yours truly who now has a designated driver :). We have lately been discovering that there is great food out there beyond the $$$$ options. We just went to Thai Nakorm for example and loved it. So we are looking for casual Ethnic options to go to, our goal is to hit one ethnic restaurant a week till we have our Baby (April). We are game for anything the great chow community would offer: best of Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Peruvian, Afghani, mexican etc... the only requirement is that they have beer and wine and good for a friday evening.

Thank you for your recommendations.

Oct 27, 2012
OCrashad in Los Angeles Area

Fraiche in Culver City closing?

Hate to say this but the service sucked and can't help but think they got what they deserved. My wife was just recently there with her friend and the waiter changed the tip she left him on the credit card receipt adding some extra.

May 05, 2012
OCrashad in Los Angeles Area

Goods Eats in Santa Ana?

I would second that, those Al pastor with Pineapple Tacos are to die for!

Apr 11, 2012
OCrashad in Los Angeles Area

chapter one in santa ana ?

Nice vibe, the food is mediocre. Try Lola Gaspar or the Playground (both within a block or two from Chapter one) for a much better food experience.

FYI. The playground has a burger which is not listed on the menu, (I guess cause they only serve it Medium rare) and is pretty darn good.

Apr 11, 2012
OCrashad in Los Angeles Area

ORANGE COUNTY-Best 5 over $25 and Best 5 under $25

Over $25
Lola Gaspar
Cucina Enoteca

Under $25
Baja Fish Tacos
Taqueria 2 Guys
Mama D's
East Borough
Panini Cafe

Apr 09, 2012
OCrashad in Los Angeles Area

ANQI by Crustaceans

I've only been to the happy hour a few times. I can't remember the prices but it was a pretty good deal and the drinks were awesome. They have a late night one on Friday if I am not mistaken. I do love and often crave their Garlic Noodles however!

Feb 06, 2012
OCrashad in Los Angeles Area

Goods Eats in Santa Ana?

Lola Gaspar is one of our favorites in OC, it's in the Art District next to Memphis. The menu changes every few months and has been a bit small lately. But everything they do is to die for and I would describe the cuisine as mexican fusion served tapas style Very Hip atmosphere and a killer drink menu (although the wine selection is scarce).
The playground recently opened up, I've tried it twice and would highly recommend it as well. Gotta try the Brussels sprouts and the burger. Menu changes daily.
Was not a big fan of Chapter One personally, loved it's vibe but thought the food was mediocre.

Jan 17, 2012
OCrashad in Los Angeles Area

Late night good eats in Newport?

Zinc Cafe on PCH for breakfast
Crow Bar for dinner gastro pub type stays open late, try the flatbread or the burgers.
for Pizza we love Pizzeria Ortica on Anton and Sunflower in costa mesa, excellent thin crust pizzas and I believe they have a pizza and drinks happy hour from 9 to 10 pm.

Pizzeria Ortica
650 Anton Boulevard, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Sep 06, 2011
OCrashad in Los Angeles Area