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Dear RuBo: My Name Is Not Fucking "Sweetie"

Who says the world needs love.....the topic is laughable at best. So many more shall I say it "important" things to worry about than someone in the service industry calling you sweetie. Here in the state I live we aren't as ass tight say as some northerners. Albeit said maybe that person didn't take classes at Miss Penelope's Finishing School and doesn't know that it is inappropriate. Again if this is the crap part of your day and I doubt that it is cause you complain about lots.

Jan 19, 2011
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Maple Buttercream

There is no way you use more liquid than powdered sugar in a frosting receipe. I have made many types of frosting and the amount of liquid is minimal, especially with all the butter. You might use a tablespoon for this little bit of sugar. This would probably be best if you used an extract 1/4 teaspoon than syrup otherwise your going to have a thin mess and nothing fluffly like the picture.

May 13, 2010
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First time poster looking for advice on four cheese lasagna recipe. Hello all!

Greetings Emmie,

I have done a four cheese lasagna for guests and tried preparing a head of time by day or days. Firstly let me say the unboiled noodles are a very different texture and not one that I cared for. They turn kind of rubbery chewy and it is also hard to guage your sause because the uncooked noodles pull so much moisture from it. I boil my noodles but only until pliable and not fully done. Then drain and put in cold water to stop the cooking process and to keep from sticking together. You can freeze lasagna but again the texture changes. All this being said I have put everything together the evening before covered in buttered foil ( the side that will cover the last layer of cheese. My lasagna turns out wonderful, not dry but still able to cut and serve. If I may add one last thing, if you like a bit extra taste try a small amount of swiss in addition to your other cheeses. It really adds something to lasagna and even more to au gratin potatos along with cheedar and american. Best of the holiday season and best of luk with you special dinner.

Dec 05, 2009
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