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Lunch in Eglinton+Dufferin/Castlefield Design District

I've put some time this week into getting to a few of the suggestions made in this thread.

I had the Thai food, and it was quite good. I don't think I made a great menu decision by going with a chicken, chili dish whose name I would be hard pressed to remember, but it was still quite good. I also accidentally ordered vegetarian spring rolls, which are deep fried, when I wanted the fresh rolls, which they call cold rolls I think. Regardless, I enjoyed it.

Tried the Akee and saltfish...sort of. They didn't have any akee, so he gave me a saltfish with cabbage mixture on rice. The flavour was pretty good. I thought it could have used a bit more kick actually. And the rice was also too much of the meal. But the flavour was really good and I would go back.

Columbus bakery was I think a one time visit for me. The food wasn't bad, but there wasn't a single thing that wasn't deep fried. I'm not one to avoid that but it's nice to have options. I had a chicken deep fried thing that was tasty, but too heavy. And a couple of other items including a ham, spinach and pineapple pastry. It was good, but the pastry was too layered and too much for me.

I've always wanted to try sky ranch and I may give it a shot, but I usually just grab and go for lunch. Not sure if they're conducive to that type of lunch. I'll report back as I explore the areas.

I should mention that I have been to the Arepa place on Dufferin with mixed results. I find their arepas really heavy and not crisp enough.

Lunch in Eglinton+Dufferin/Castlefield Design District

I've never been to the Roti & Fish place. I might try it because I too have been curious. But I've been into places in the neighbourhood that were crowded before, and several times I've been left wondering why.

La Fontina on Kincort at Ingram is my go to in the area. It's Italian and the pizza and hot table are good, but I just want something different. Something fresh and lighter than that. I'm going to give the Thai place a shot. Thanks for the suggestions, and feel free to keep them coming.

La Fontina
2700 Dufferin St, Toronto, ON M6B, CA

Lunch in Eglinton+Dufferin/Castlefield Design District

I work in the area and I am trying to find some good places to eat lunch. There are the ones that everyone knows about, such as California Sandwiches, Ace Bakery and some good Portuguese Chicken spots, but I would love to find an alternative to Ace for lighter, healthier meals. I can only handle so many lunches at the hot buffets offered by about 134 Italian restaurants.

Any recommendations?

Union review

Went there last night for dinner and it was one of the best meals we've had in a long time. Started with an appetizer of elk sliders, which as mentioned were great. Also got a scallop sashimi on smoked duck breast on top of toast. It was exceptional. The smoked duck was truly one of the better things I've eaten in a long time.

Mains were good all around with the sticky ribs coming out on top as everyone's favourite. Desert was flourless chocolate cake with brown sugar ice cream. Subtle and quite good, though I'm not a fan of chocolate.

The whole meal was awesome, but what got me motivated to write a review was the duck. It was cured in a brine of brown sugar, salt and vinegar. Then smoked with maple syrup. It's really something else and if it's a limited time thing, then I'm going to head back very soon.

Our party of six was unanimous in our praise.