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Boston to Cape Cod

Skip Chillingsworth. The fat lady has sung for them. Try the Ocean House in Dennisport or Viera in West Harwich.

Seeking Specific Cape Dining Opinions! (mid- Sept. Visit)

I'll second the Beacon Room. They don't take reservations, but you can call half an hour ahead to put your name on the list. Another place that I like in Orleans is Mahoney's Atlantic. It's in the center of town near Snow's.

Our Best Choices (Not fried sfd) Upper Cape: 4 Dinners, 4 Lunches,Mid Sept. M-Fri ?

Optimist Cafe on 6A in Yarmouthport is very good. I recommend it highly for the quality of their food. New ownership has been an improvement. Inaho, a stones throw from the Optimist, is the best Japanese restaurant on the Cape. Their sushi is first rate. It is always very busy. There is no doubt that you would enjoy Ceraldi in Wellfleet. It is worth the drive. I would recommend that you check-out Viera on Rte. 28 in West Harwich. They occasionally have a chef's tasting menu that is wonderful.

Harwich Recommendations

There are many very good restaurants in Harwich and Harwichport. You can check them out online. For fine dining, I like Viera in West Harwich. If you're in the mood for Italian, I'd go to Buca's. Another great fine dining restaurant with a casual flair is Mooncusser's Tavern. For high end seafood try the Cape Sea Grille in Harwichport. And for casual outdoor dining beside a marina, try Brax's Landing. I would get reservations at all these places at dinnertime.

Dinner near Franklin, MA

In Franklin, I'd try "3". In nearby Milford, Trattoria 89, Prezzo or Truffles.

Brunch Cape Cod between Chatham and Falmouth and misc questions

You can not go wrong with the Old Yarmouth Inn for Sunday brunch. I have also enjoyed both Peddlers Bistro and L'Alouette. I think some people are a little thin-skinned with their complaints with Peddlers.

Provincetown week of July 4th

Ross's Grill, Jimmy's Hideaway, the Mews, Red Inn.

Equidistant from Providence and Boston?

The best restaurant in the area is Luciano's on route 1 in Wrentham, MA. It's between route 495 and Patriot Place. Very good Italian cuisine.

Foodies going to Providence and then looking at Maine or Cape cod?

I like Chatham, as well, however I would not dismiss the restaurants in Hyannis. I've recently had great meals at Tumi Ceviche, Bitrot du Soleil & Alberto's. If you walk down Main Street, you will not see any chains among the dozens of restaurants.

Ogunguit / Perkins Cove / Gloucester

You should check-out MC Perkins Cove. I really enjoyed my meals there.

Need help for upper Cape Cod

My favorites in P-Town are Ross' Grill, Jimmy's Hideaway, The Mews, Fanizzi's & the Red Inn.

Fine dining Mid Cape area to accomodate 12 guests

You might try the Marshside Restaurant in East Dennis. I'm sure if you made arrangements they could put a few tables together in front of the windows. You could also check-out 28 Atlantic in Harwich or the Cape Sea Grill in Harwich Port.

Foodies going to Providence and then looking at Maine or Cape cod?

Chatham, on the Cape, is a nice village where you don't need the car. The beach is very close to town and there are numerous shops, bars and restaurants all right there.

Gina's by the Sea - E. Dennis

Your tee shirt is in great shape. I had one from 1976 that had the clam waving a flag in honor the bicentennial. Unfortunately, my wife threw it out. In her defense, it was getting a little ratty.

Cape Cod...Chatham in Winter

Although many of the Cape's plethora of eating establishments do close for the winter, there are still many great restaurants open near you (Chatham, Orleans and Harwichport). I actually prefer dining on the Cape at this time of year. The atmosphere is so much more relaxed and the kitchens have more time to prepare their dishes. The folks at Chatham Bars Inn will give you their suggestions if you tell them what you're in the mood for.

Nantucket to The Cape; Restaurant reviews

Thank you for your thoughtful reviews. We also enjoy the Mews in P-Town, along with Ross Grill & Jimmy's Hideaway. Our tastes differ, as I prefer the spicy entrees at Buca. Impudent Oyster is a sure thing in Chatham. Daniel Webster is a safe bet in Sandwich, but I prefer the tavern for it's casual menu and vibe.

Harwhich and Chatham

Had the Chef's Tasting Menu at Viera in Harwichport last Saturday. Great upscale restaurant you should try.

Fine Dining in Cape Cod for Foodies

I am offering a few suggestions for you to check-out. Inaho is a fine Japanese restaurant in Yarmouthport. Peddlers Bistro is a nice French bistro in Brewster. The Ocean House has an Asian twist on traditional entrees in Dennisport.

Buzzards Bay dinner

Why go across the bridge? There are better restaurants in Falmouth.

Sandwich Area dining?

Daniel Webster House or the Belfry Inn

Fish Market on the Cape

I've had good luck with the Cape Codder Seafood Market. They're on rte. 28 in West Yarmouth across from Captain Parker's. The prices aren't as good as that &*#@%! Joe, but the quality and freshness have been excellent.

Stone's Publick House, Ashland

Stone's Public House (aka John Stone's Inn) has very good food. The menu is fairly diverse and they have specials. The old tavern is something out of a Hollywood movie, but authentic. It has a casual, enjoyable vibe. I would call to see if you can reserve tables on the patio.

Boston to Cape

Driving at the speed limit, it should be about 2:20 to Chatham and another hour from Chatham to Provincetown. This route will give you a good look at what I like best about Cape Cod.

Boston to Cape

After thinking about it and reading all the comments, I would strongly recommend the following for a leisurely, but pleasant day trip from Newton to P-Town. As you descend the Sagamore Bridge, take exit 1 and follow Rte. 6A east thru Sandwich, Barnstable, Yarmouth Port, Dennis & Brewster. In Brewster Center, take Rte. 137 to Chatham Center. Take Rte. 28 and continue onto Main Street in Chatham. Here you can have a nice lunch at a number of places. After lunch, stroll around one of the nicest villages on the Cape. Make sure you drive along the beach and harbor. Leave Chatham on Rte. 28 towards Orleans, where you can get on Rte. 6 for the ride to P-Town. As you are traveling on a Tuesday, traffic should not be a factor.

Boston to Cape

Since you have never been to the Cape, I'd recommend Pizza Barbone. It is on Main Street in Hyannis, which can be an interesting place to walk around. Sweet Tomatoes is a chain with numerous locations. You should not have any trouble finding good places to eat in P-Town.

Restaurant recs for Dennisport, Yarmouth & Harwich?

I like the Oyster Company, but it's small and you need reservations. The Skipper is my favorite place for fried seafood because of the view from the deck. Most of the family places are average at best, and loud. As far as lobster is concerned, most fish markets will cook them for you to bring home.

First trip to Cape Cod

If you are willing to travel to the former Lyric, just around the corner are two of my favorites. Inaho is great for Japanese food and sushi. The Olde Yarmouth Inn has a varied menu and the bar is very comfortable.

Cape Cod Restaurant Week

Always on the look-out for something new, we recently dined at an interesting place that was new to us. Peddlers in Brewster. I enjoyed it. Very quaint. Mostly French. You may want to check it out.

First trip to Cape Cod

Lyric closed on New Year's eve. You can buy it for $1.4 mil, if you'd like. Toby Hill has moved on to the Brewster Fish House.

First trip to Cape Cod

Many great recommendations, already. I must, however, raise objection with my former go-to fish market. I will never shop at Joe's again, after he has been implicated as the fence for last year's oyster bed robberies. John from East Dennis Oyster Company told me more than I wanted to know.