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Baltimore Harbor Crab

Way overdue reply but I'm new here. I went to that boat too in about '91. On the wood brown paper table go the crabs ($17 a dozen rings true) and the pitchers on the side. Really good!!.
Problem was, according to family owner, the revamped harbor was "New" and the boat was old school. Whack the crabs and overboard with the shells and I'll have another beer, conflicted with the future for the yuppified harbor-front. As recounted to me by an employee at the time ruling levied against the owners that they we're at part financially liable for the yearly channel dredging (dead crabs migrate?) was putting the place in jeopardy. On appeal at the time but those things do go the way of the crabs themselves

Great Hot Dogs at Rutt's Hut? Fuhgedaboudit!

Well, if Pinks in LA is better it must Really su*k. Greasy tasteless chili dogs there in LA
: I am spoiled though, being bred on Kuhns Chili (sadly gone) in fairfield CT

Jan 30, 2010
DINRO007 in New Jersey

White truffle sea salt, what to do with it?

Where are you? I"ll finish the eggs:). Seriously, fat is the vehicle to carry the truffle as the above accompaniments have proposed, but the truffles odor is fleeting, add it at the end or over at serving. For or me any "wet" eggs, SS-up, scrambled :mine-near raw-turn off the hot pan and toss till still wet, or, poached, are great too. Wide pasta with a broken egg , poach it if you like, mixed up with ANY truffle agent (Whole shaved=dinner guest PM me) to salt, wont do you wrong. Real Parmesano-Reggiano over the pasta lightly has this symbiotic funky flavor/nose thing that may or may not be your taste. Good Luck

Jan 10, 2010
DINRO007 in Home Cooking

Nagging Unsanitary Cooks

Tasting spoons simply rinsed out and used again is only OK if we are on a tongue kissing level. Raw beef is not going to hurt you unless you or the purveyor make it rotten first . Do all the chicken work in the sink if it really freaks you out. As for storing rendered fat on the counter indefinitely like Mar an Par, and going to the E.D. Stupid is as stupid does. No, colds don't come from food

Jan 07, 2010
DINRO007 in Features

Solo Foodie, staying at Disney's Contemporary Resort

I spent a week in the area last winter for a meeting. All food within the Parks is so middle of the road in order to appeal to the Front Porch Family. Definitely stay away from the Crab House on a fake paddle steamer. Really bad. Blue Zoo is OK but not drop dead gotta go back. I'm from NYC and LA so my bar is set pretty high though. Good Luck

Jan 05, 2010
DINRO007 in Florida

Last Meal in Los Angeles

Mexican seafood if your into it- you will NOT find the real thing anywhere in the USA IMHO
I would add Zankou chicken but their is an excellent Lebanese restaurant in D.C. that has all the garlicky Zankou you will need. Its apparently a trad sauce in their culture. It's close to the Hyatt, I think, but its been years

Jan 04, 2010
DINRO007 in Los Angeles Area

Cooking with a white truffle

a vegetable peeler works just fine. sure the $40.00 is more adjustable and easier but I can get more truffles if i save the $. More=Better! :)

Dec 22, 2009
DINRO007 in Home Cooking

Early dinner near UCLA?

There is a good mexican place on the west side of Glendon right pst Kinross but I cant remember the name. Westwoods tough for pub grub, its either fast food or upscale, try here
I havent been, but it looks what you describe

Dec 06, 2009
DINRO007 in Los Angeles Area

The Beer with the Green Label

When I cant get my Prohibition or Big Daddy IPA's, I can still go to the benchmark, SN. Reliable and available.

Dec 06, 2009
DINRO007 in Features