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Lamb Dinner

Sounds awesome 9lives - I think I will definitely try that. Is that the Golden Goose in the No.End??

Lamb Dinner

Pricey as well - science chik -
Probably will create a family dinner one of these winter Sundays

Lamb Dinner

Thanks - yes it does sound like that would be my best option. i was just looking for a restaurant style dinner as it will be just three of us and a leg of lamb is so large. But I am sure that I will find a few other friends or family members that would love to have a lamb dinner.

Lamb Dinner

No where yet my sister called They Wayside Inn and they said that they do not offer Lamb Dinners any longer
Startingt from scratch - someone told me Lindsayd in Wareham does anyone have any experience with that

Cabbage rolls - Would love recipe like the ones they serve at the TooJays delis in FL

I am only in FL for a few months each year. While I am there I frequent TooJays delis (there are a few locations) and try many items there but the cabbage rolls are something that we really enjoy. They have just the right amount of each ingredient from the sweet and sour sauce to the yummy filling. Anyone out there familiar with these and a comparable recipe.

i can find many variations on-line but dont know which ones will render such delightful rolls.


Dec 18, 2013
kathleen168 in Florida

Lamb Dinner

Yes Bellachefa - she is looking for a true old school sunday roast dinner - thanks - keep them coming

Lamb Dinner

Thank you foodieX2........ she is a senior and I think she really wants and old-fashioned roasted leg of lamb dinner.

I will check out Toscas for my own pleasure though :-) thank you

Lamb Dinner

I am taking someone out for their birthday after the new year. They are 70+ and longing for a leg of lamb dinner with gravy and mashed potatoes.

I took her to a Greek restaurant once for this and although she did not express it I believe she was disappointed as they cooked it in a tomato sauce.

Does anyone know of a restaurant downtown or within 50 miles of Boston that offers a nice roasted lamb dinner - even seasonally or weekly if not on their menu consistently

Thank you !

Looking for an up-to-date list of BYOB restaurants on the Cape and Islands

Found this list on urbanspoon - is it outdated ??

Looking for an up-to-date list of BYOB restaurants on the Cape and Islands

Can anyone add any restaurants that they know of
I only know one and not sure if it is still a BYOB spot

Sesuit Harbor Cafe - Dennis

European Style Bakery - Wellfleet

We were on the Cape last week and found a new bakery just off of Rt 6A in Wellfleet (LleCount Hollows Rd sp??)

It is a small bakery with great crusty french breads and rich buttery pastries and breakfast croissants - it was a weekday at about 3PM and there was a line

Stop by while you are on the Cape I dont think you will be disappointed

PS looks like they are building a good size outdoor deck for enjoying your coffee and .....