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Looking for Bao

I went last Friday, and the Dim Sum was amazing. Everything I hoped it would be. I realized that instead of looking for Bao places I needed to find a great Dim Sum place. So for all of my fellow Bao lovers, Asian Court is tried and tested to be one of the best Dim Sum locations in the Baltimore Area. Thank you to everyone who help me in my adventure!!

Looking for Bao

I live in Baltimore City, so my last resort would be going to H Mart in Ellicott City and look through the freezer section. I was hoping to get a recommendation for a place that serves them fresh, hot and scrumptious. However, THANKS TO TREETOP TOM, I am headed to Asian Court this Friday, I will report back and let everyone know how the HOT ASIAN BUNS are!!! Thanks for all of your help!

Looking for Bao

I am looking for a nice resturant that serves BAO, a chinese type of steamed, filled bun or bread-like item wich variation fillings, typically pork or chicken in the Baltimore or DC area. They are not dumplings. PLEASE HELP ME as I have no idea where to start looking.