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Chole (Chana) Masala

Great recipe of an indian classic but Optional "Steamed White Rice" should be "Steamed Basmati Rice". IMO, just wrong to serve with any other rice.

Mar 22, 2012
MarcusMe in Recipes

Golden Phoenix Thai brown rice

Patricia, I am also looking for this rice. IMHO the perfect rice blend. At 120 baht ($3.70 us) per vacum packed kilo id buy this all the time if available.
I have this info from the package, though i cant find it here in the us and the brown/red blend isnt listed on thier site; 0-2967-8282

I am trying to contact and see what we can do to get some of this imported. Will post results here.

I did find an importer who seems to have a similar product;

But i havent tried or obtained this yet. I really want the Golden Pheonix brand!

all my best


Dec 03, 2009
MarcusMe in Manhattan