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Oringer on Iron Chef

It's on tonight. Iron Chef America.

Cora v. Oringer
The Chairman has invited young Chef Ken Oringer to Kitchen Stadium. Chef Oringer challenges Iron Chef Cat Cora to battle. Will Chef Oringer's originality earn him a win against Iron Chef Cora, or will Iron Chef Cora walk away a Champion?! Tune in to see whose cuisine reigns supreme

Can't wait to see wait Billings will come up with, never mind Oringer...

Apr 06, 2008
foodiesrus in Food Media & News

Clio pastry tasting

Thanks! Better mark my calendar and get my neighbor to record it for me!

Irish pub in Brookline? Can't remember...

Ditto on the oxtail soup!

Clio pastry tasting

Yeah, I got that part. I don't have the Food Network on my cable system and need to ask my friend with satellite (or whatever its called these days). Dont want to ask him to record the whole month for me. Could wear out the relationship. I've emailed the network. No answer as of yet. I'll post it if they answer.

TORO: Great experience; Much Improved

One of my favorite/most memorable dining experiences was at Toro. Haven't been back, not in the area often, but will never forget it!

Clio pastry tasting

Stupak, if the website is current, is back on the east coast in NYC at wd-50.

What date in March for Billings on Iron Chef? I can't see it on the site (could be I'm blind...)

Potted herbs in Boston area?

Wilson Farms in Lexington should have what you are looking for. Not that far away...

Best Hot Dog in the state of Massachusetts

This cracks me up! This has been going on for almost a month now! I started the topic cuz I was just a bit peeved at the mod's here tossing me on another subject that I don't think I crossed any lines on, inquiring about a restaurant and having high hopes/ remarks about a favorite chef of mine. Not a close friend or relative. Just a chef. We all have ones we admire most. NO. I won't mention his name or restaurant. Don't want them tossing me again. Thing is, I happen to know he abhors hot dogs. But not me...

I'll toss another hot dog joint from central MA in. My sister's favorite. Hot Dog Annie's out on Rt 56 in Leicester. I've enjoyed a few there myself.

And I still am looking forward to trying Speed's!

Best Hot Dog in the state of Massachusetts

Thanks for the link. Love the sign! Seen local artists have done in up when at a street fair last September in Worcester. I'm not in Worcester often anymore. Seems like I've ended up 3 times on a Tuesday and missed out on what I was hankering for. Though Speed's definitely sounds like something not to be missed either. I'll have to check that out when nearby. Maybe make a special trip.

Whoopie Pies

I've been making whoopie pies since a child. Recently made a triple batch for the 4th. My family goes nuts and I've a neighbor who isn't into sweets-except for my whoopie pies. The triple batch was gone in no time. And yes, the filling's best with butter, not crisco and marshmallow creme aka Fluff. Just a basic butter cream recipe with fluff added. Way better than Devil Dogs or Suzy Ques. YUM!

Need HELP!!!

But where'd you go?!

Best Hot Dog in the state of Massachusetts

Coney Island in Worcester. As a kid I remember going with my dad and seeing the vendor line about 1/2 a dozen up his arm (think they were all my dad's), loading them all. Last time I required that nostalgic taste I noticed no dogs up the vendor's arm (health dept, no doubt). Still something special, though. They don't do the optional cheez wiz (or maybe I've been missing something), but the rest of the story is the same. Wonder what brand of dog they use. Vienna's trade mark for Chicago. Wonderbread llike rolls a must! Now I'm hungry...

Best Hot Dog in the state of Massachusetts

What's so special? Coney's has an awesome sauce. Years ago, when living in Chicagoland I made and sold dogs. I do enjoy a chicago style no and again. Still, I'd want a Coney Dog whenever I came home.

Best Hot Dog in the state of Massachusetts

Where do you get your favorite dog? Central Mass has my favorite. Coney Island.