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I have a 6lb pork butt. Now what??

Pork butt needs to be cooked low and slow to get tender. That will make it hard for a lot of traditional taco recipes. I would recommend that you use your Dutch oven to make slow roasted pulled pork. If you still want tacos serve the pork in tacho shells with taco toppings.

Also I wouldn't cut it, I would make one recipe as pork butt takes long time to cook.

Here is the recipe that I made last weekend to rave reviews. The fennel and jalapenos are an amazing combo. I served over rice but tacos might be good too.

Feb 17, 2011
AmyGB in Home Cooking

Gluten & Dairy free dessert

A number of my daughter's friends are on dairy and/or gluten free diets. I've tried a bunch of desserts. One of their favorites is mango sorbet. It requires a blender and an ice-cream maker, but they make it themselves (somehow I always seem to clean up the mess) and really enjoy it.

1-2 Mangos, skinned and pitted
Simple Syrup (optional for extra sweetness)
Lemon juice, fresh

I got the recipe from GreatGrub. Here is the link if you want more detail.

Feb 17, 2011
AmyGB in Home Cooking

Looking for a great appetizers for baby shower...

I really like the idea of tea sandwiches. That is perfect for a shower. Also I recently served this creamy hummus for a wedding shower and it was a huge hit. It is very simple to make, you can prepare it a day in advance and it is cheap to make.

Feb 28, 2010
AmyGB in Home Cooking

"Rustic Fruit Desserts" anyone?

I've been dying to try this Cranberry Clafoutis. It looks great and sounds easy to make.

Feb 17, 2010
AmyGB in Home Cooking

Soup Recipes?

Here is one of my favorites. I have tried the French lentil with sausage which was excellent and also the pear and Roquefort which was ... well interesting. But the rest look really good and I have had found some delish recipes on great grub.

Dec 15, 2009
AmyGB in Home Cooking

What is you favorite cookies to make?

Snickerdoodles are one of my fav go-to holiday recipes.

Dec 11, 2009
AmyGB in Home Cooking

Tough Turkey

The most important thing to do is brine your turkey for at least 12 hours. This helps draw the blood out and keeps the turkey nice and moist. I have over cooked the turkey and still come out okay thanks to brining. Did I say brine?

Dec 11, 2009
AmyGB in Home Cooking

A WOW dessert for Christmas needed

I've been making a chocolate mousse recipe that has been absolutely wowing my friends and family. It is simply divine, intense flavor and super easy to make. If you use great quality chocolate you can really taste the chocolate.

Dec 11, 2009
AmyGB in Home Cooking

What Christmas cookies are you baking this year?

I love Coconut Chocolate Bottom Macaroons . They are decadently delicious and relatively easy to make. My kids love them and they were a huge hit at our holiday party.

I found the recipe on great grub:

Dec 02, 2009
AmyGB in Home Cooking