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Best Restaurantants for Foodists in Dupont / Logan Circle / Thomas Circle

I'm also a fan of Bistrot du Coin. Excellent mussels. Casual atmosphere. The restaurant is quite bustling during peak hours, but interestingly, I don't feel turned off by it even though I would for any other restaurant.

Any great Food & Drink in Harrisonburg, VA?

My s.o. and I are traveling to Harrisonburg, VA and we'd love some suggestions on where to eat. Ideally, we'd prefer inexpensive to moderately priced restaurants that provide a lot of bang for the buck when it comes to the quality of food served. We have a soft spot for sushi and tapas, but we're absolutely open to any type of cuisine. Any suggestions?

And Bars! Are there any places in Harrisonburg that offer a great beer or cocktail selection? Any microbreweries in town? Any popular places with a chill atmosphere for people in their 30's (i.e., the 'grad student' / 'young professional' type of crowd)?