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Left Lasagna Out All Night. Can I eat it?

this is COOL!!! hey Sir Sam...were you eating some of those "special" brownies when this came pouring out of your head...teehee... : )...maybe if so and you have any left, you could give them to rgifford and then the lasagna would be IRRESISTABLE!!!HAHAHA!!! YAAAAAY!!! manga! manga! eat the lasagna...WEEEEE!!!

Dec 02, 2009
maggie23 in Not About Food

Winter Greens Lasagna

hey i'm new here...i want to make this dish...i am reading the comments about the creme fraiche...i think it is the same cream that i buy in a jar at the mexican foods space in the refrigerated's like solur cream but you can pour it easily...i use it on my enchaladas...hehehe...

Dec 02, 2009
maggie23 in Recipes