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Sea beans or sea asparagus, (more) reasonably priced in Vancouver?

Pretty sure I've seen them growing along the Boundary Bay Dyke trail, so I wouldn't be surprised if they are found wild in many places. Don't think there are restrictions about picking them.

Pressure cookers

Can't recommend a model, I'll leave that to America's Test Kitchen, but I do have a couple of thoughts based on my experiences.
1) Get the biggest one you can. You can't fill them to the top so even the largest pot will cook a smaller amount than it's rated capacity, plus, you can use it without the pressure lid to cook other things as well.
2) Make room in your freezer. Start saving all your vegetable trimmings in a bag. When you have couple of handfuls you can make the most amazing stock. Keep your beef bones and meat trimmings as well. Start looking for stewing chickens. Pressure cookers extract all the gelatin from bones and every last bit of flavour from old tough chickens. Your soup will be amazing. Have fun.

Oysters Express (Gore & Keefer) - any good ?

Sorry, don't remember the dates. I think it was a week or two into April and they were going to close for three weeks. There's no mention on the website.

Salty Tongue left a bad taste in my mouth

You should definitely let Sean Heather know about this.

Oysters Express (Gore & Keefer) - any good ?

You would think that it would be hard to ruin raw oysters, but you'd be wrong. I got taken out to The Boathouse at Westminster Quay for my birthday a few weeks ago. We ordered a dozen oysters to start and there were bits of shell in every one of them. We got comped for them but the damage was done. On the other hand, She Who Must be Obeyed and myself found ourselves in Oyster - Seafood and Raw Bar on Howe St. last Saturday in time for the Buck a Shuck deal and it was wonderful. Best oysters I've ever had at a happy hour price. They are going to be closing soon for renovations so I suggest heading down while you can.

Ensemble and Ensemble Tap to close

Cursed location. I had one of the great meals of my life at La Saveur. Didn't matter. It died as well.

Visiting Vancouver/White Rock

Second on Uli's. Prices are comparable to anything of similar quality in Vancouver. If you feel like giving up meat, the quinoa burger there is the best I've had.

Great Deals at T&T

I believe Brisket is $3.99 a pound. Anyone have a smoker?

Dine out.... Good, bad or indifferent?

Had such a good time the first few years, and now I'm just not that into it. It gave us a chance to hit some wonderful restaurants that we would not have tried, usually out of our price range. My favourites were always the ones at the lowest price point that went above and beyond. "Hidden" was terrific, the chef had a great time putting the menu together. Bacon popsicles, deconstructed peanut butter and jelly sandwich, chicken and waffles, root beer jelly, poutine with halibut cheeks. It rocked. This year it is a menu like any other; last year everyone was doing short ribs, this year cheeks seem to be in. I don't think Dine Out has completely jumped the shark, but the biggest buzz this year appears to have been about the food trucks at the Art Gallery.

Great Deals at T&T

In the vein of the Costco thread, thought I'd try this. Downtown has stewing chickens for $4 a pop. They are bagged and whole, heads and feet still attached. No idea if they contain liver, giblets, etc. Would make a great soup, Coq au Vin, etc.

The Latest on Bluefin Tuna's Demise

In the early 70's my father caught a 966 pound tuna on a line fishing off Prince Edward Island. He fought the fish for over 2 hours, and when it was over he was allowed to take only a picture and keep a small piece of fin. The tuna went to the boat captain who sold it to a Japanese buyer as Canadians were not allowed to consume them because of the mercury levels.

It was one of the highlights of his life, and that picture of him next to the fish is how I always like to remember him. It will be a tragedy when this wonderful fish disappears forever, but with prices being what they are, and with human nature being what it is, I hold no hope for their survival.

Jan 31, 2012
Tinfoilhat in Features

Are Chain Restaurants a good or bad thing?

You might be right. Still, I have a craving for White Spot meatloaf that can't be denied.

Are Chain Restaurants a good or bad thing?

I sure hope they bring it back. Meatloaf, liver and onions. I have no interest in going into a White Spot and seeing the same menu items I'd find at Cactus Club. I want what that chain did well 30-40-50 years ago. That would get me in the door.

Tacos! Tacos! & More Tacos!

Taqueria Playa Tropical on 6th St in New West is definitely worth a pop in if you are in the area. Haven't had enough there to do a full review, but the shrimp tacos were absolutely wonderful.

Where to go for Dim Sum?

I've gone 3 or 4 times since I asked the question. Not bad at all. The service is fine, and some items, shrimp dumplings with pea shoots for example were outstanding.

French Made Baking

Agreed. Also don't forget that we are still the "breadbasket" for the world. How much Italian pasta and French bread is made from our wheat. (Intentionally not a question)

Guy Fieri in Vancouver - I'm sure you've all heard! [moved from BC]

Really like the po'boy. Very good oyster flavour and a decent size for lunch. Messy though. Eat sitting down with a bunch of napkins.

Jan 07, 2012
Tinfoilhat in Food Media & News

ISO Prague Powder/Pink Salt

Pickling a tongue. Yum. Many thanks for the info.

ISO Prague Powder/Pink Salt

Anyone know of a source of this locally? I understand that "Stuffers" in Langley carries it, but I don't need much and I was hoping to pick some up today. Thanks

River Rock Christmas Brunch Buffet - Is it a mistake?

Anyone good playing in the theatre there? The acoustics are fantastic and there isn't a bad seat in the house.

Bread Dough

Absolutely, but you will have to fool around with yeast amounts and temperature. It would be a bit more difficult to do this on the second rise, but it would be no problem with the first. If anything your bread will be better for it. A long slow rise will really help add flavour. I make "no knead" bread all the time and you let that go 14-20 hours using just a 1/4 teaspoon of yeast.

Dec 17, 2011
Tinfoilhat in Home Cooking

Glayva is going away again

In case anyone is a fan of Glayva, act fast, as it is vanishing off the shelves again. Not sure how many bottles remain at this point, but there can't be many left.

Le Crocodile vs. Bishop's?

BTW: if a grey haired gentleman comes over to your table and introduces himself as John, he's Mr. Bishop. Last time I was there I told him that the oyster stew that was served as an Amuse Bouche was so good that I was going to steal it. 30 seconds later another round appeared. Have a great time.

Dried chile peppers in Vancouver and Tri-cities

Off your route, but Galloway's in New West has a pretty good selection.

Best Bibimbap in Greater Vancouver?

Insadong at North Road and Lougheed Hwy does a very good job. I've also been really happy with what Hapa Izakaya does. Is it strange to find good Bibimbap in a Japanese restaurant? The stone bowl was certainly hot enough at both those places.

Le Crocodile vs. Bishop's?

For a birthday, and especially for your Mom, I would take her to Bishop's. Let them know about her birthday and they will pay attention to make it special. However, you really can't go too far wrong with either.

Bengal room/lounge in the Empress

Haven't been for 15 years, but I had a great meal at that time. Please go and report back.

Tacos! Tacos! & More Tacos!

Agree about the fish taco. Pretty tasty. No lengua unfortunately, but when I mentioned it they said that they may do a special and I should keep an eye on their Facebook page. Here's hoping.

Where to go for Dim Sum?

Anyone have any experience with Yan's Garden by the Lougheed SkyTrain station?

Dunn's Famous Deli(Montréal smoked meat deli)-Nov 16th 10 AM

Agreed. PHAT ain't where its at.