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Park Slope faves

Ive lived here 40 years and I have occasionally had something wonderful to eat, but most of the time it is very hit or miss. 1) All of the Japanese restaurants need a lot of improvement. 2) All of the Chinese restaurants are mens a mens. Red Hot has declined terribly in quality over the past ten years and several owners. Viejo Yayo -- if you grew up eating this type of food you would see right away how many shortcuts they take with it. The falafel place on 7th ave betn 2nd and 3rd is okay, I love the Chip Shop on 5th and 7th, Also like very much for a light meal Sweet Melissa, which is a coffee shop but they have beautiful food.The Thai restaurant on 15th St. and 7th Ave is very nice. Otherwise I can take or leave all of these places. There are a lot of very good coffee shops in the Slope, but not serious food. A pity.

Dec 01, 2009
bklyn_babe in Outer Boroughs

Chelsea buns in Chelsea [London]

My UK friends call Eccles Cakes "flies' graveyards" or "dead fly cakes". Let them call them what they want to -- I love them. I got very decent ones in Sainsbury's for less than £2 a package of four. but I'd love to make them at home. As to Sally Lunn, I've had it at the original bakery in Bath and I am not impressed at all with it.

Dec 01, 2009
bklyn_babe in U.K./Ireland