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Guatemalan road trip - Guatemala segment

Have a safe drive! If you need a GREAT map of Mexico, I highly recommend the Guia Roji... you can buy it on Amazon.

Guatemalan road trip - Guatemala segment

I know this is an old post, but I thought I'd reply with some restaurant suggestions in case someone was doing a search for places to eat in Guatemala. I have lived in Guatemala for 3 years now and my husband and I are always seeking out new places to eat (and good places to eat)!! My restaurant recs are the following:

- I also LOVE Meson Panza Verde... if you go, be sure to get the Duck L'Orange... it is probably the best duck dish I have ever eaten.
- Tartines: this is a newer restaurant, near Central Park, and one of my fave places to eat these days. They have great paninis, crepes, and other french food. I love the Steak Cafe de Paris and recently went with my Swiss friend who commented that it was very authentic! The chef, Jean Francois is one of the most famous chefs in Guatemala. It's not that expensive, Q120 or $15 for the plate (including veggies and fries). Go upstairs and sit on the terrace.
- Hector's Restaurant: also a very new restaurant, but last time I went, it didn't have a name yet. It's a small place located very close to La Merced church. If you're looking at the church, it will be on the right side, around the corner from the arch street.
- Sabe Rico: go to the very, very back of the place for a beautiful garden setting. Good place for a snack and the orange tea with rosemary is divine.
- La Escalonia: A plant nursery and restaurant. Great sandwiches here.
- La Fonda de la Calle Real: OK place, but they serve authentic Guatemalan food including the Kakik dish people mentioned. I like the Subanik and my cousin really liked the Pollo Jocon when she went.
- Las Cuevas de Urqui...?: I forget the name, but it is close to Capuchinas. I loved the enchiladas here (not American enchiladas, but basically tostadas topped with radishes (or wait, were they beets?) Try them, they're cheap :)
- Nokiate: nice decor, pretty good japanese food. But really, do you want to eat Japanese food when you're in Guatemala?

Guatemala City:
- Like the other reviewer mentioned, Hacienda Real is a good choice for steak (I would say steak is typical "Guatemalan" food since every Guatemalan I know eats steak for dinner - with beans and tortillas, of course). Beautiful setting too, but they have changed locations and are no longer across from the Holiday Inn. They are still in Z10, Zona Viva though.
- Donde Mikel: probably the best steak/shrimp place in the city (Spanish style). It's not a gorgeous restaurant or anything, but I think it has some of the best food in the city - definitely Chowhound worthy. Order the Mar y Tierra (steak and shrimp). Closed on Sundays, I think. And closed for dinner on Saturdays (strange, I know).
- Los Alpes in Z9: decent food, great Pear Pie for dessert. Good place for an inexpensive lunch.
- La Plazuela: kind of an ugly place, but their steak is delicious!! I like ordering the Costillas sin hueso (boneless ribs).
- Injerto Cafe: small, new place in Z13 that serves excellent coffee :)

Hope this helps! :) Oh! And as for Escuintla, there is actually a very good Carnitas place there... but I sadly can't remember the name (I only know where it is as I'm driving to the beach). But it's on the main highway to Puerto San Jose and you'll know it by the crowd there ;)

Budget Restaurant Recs in Paris?

Wow, thanks everyone for the recommendations! Judging from the responses, it seems like my budget is probably a little too low, so I think I will have to raise that budget at least for a couple meals. And I should have clarified it was a budget of about 20 Euros for the main course only. I like the suggestion of dining cheap some nights to splurge on a couple of great dinners ;)

Thanks again and if you have any other recommendations, please keep them coming!!

Dec 07, 2009
kristineeeee in France

Budget Restaurant Recs in Paris?

I'm new to Chowhound and I'm wondering if any decently-priced, yet delicious restaurants exist in Paris? :) I am going for a short trip next week and am looking for "good value for money" type restaurants... My budget is about 20 Euros per person or less. I don't care so much about ambience, more about food.

In particular, I'm looking for recommendations in Neuilly, or Montparnasse/St Germain/Latin Quarter, but anywhere is OK since we will be walking all over the city during the day.

Also, if anyone has a great "hole-in-the-wall" recommendation for a good Vietnamese restaurant (Pho) or Thai restaurant??

Or, if there is just a great overall restaurant that you can recommend (I can splurge one night for 30 Euros, ha ha ha).

Thanks for the recommendations and suggestions!

Dec 01, 2009
kristineeeee in France