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Dinner Party Dilemma

Wow, everyone, thanks for all the replies! Some of the suggestions sound really great- Chicken marsala and coq au vin were things that had not even occured to us as options.
It's also good to hear that other people are irritated by so many dietary limitations. I feel a little vindicated in being frustrated and confused.
To answer some of the questions that were brought up, there will be 7-8 people attending, and we will be serving buffet style. I love the idea of serving a few different appetizers (I can think of a lot of appetizers that everyone will eat), and that takes a little of the pressure off to please everyone with the main dish. Not that we won't giver everyone something they can eat, but this way we can be sure no one starves :)

Dec 08, 2009
CaitK in Home Cooking

Family foods I thought was normal

Homemade popcorn covered in Brewer's yeast. No butter necessary. This is so popular where I'm from (Northern California) that they even have it at the movie theater!
My famiy ate lamb on all special occasions, and everyone would fight over it. All my friends thought that this was absolutely disgusting. We also ate blue cheese all the time. Never, ever had ranch dressing, american cheese, or white bread. Our grilled cheese sandwiches were always made on either whole wheat or sourdough bread with either cheddar or swiss cheese. Needless to say, the first time I ate grilled cheese at a friends house I was shocked.

Dec 01, 2009
CaitK in General Topics

Dinner Party Dilemma

My roommate and I volunteered to host a Holiday dinner party, and we're having issues deciding what to make. We were invited to a Thanksgiving dinner party and wanted to reciprocate, but the girl that made the Thanksgiving feast is a fabulous cook, and we're feeling a little intimidated. I also like to cook a lot, but there are a lot of different palates that will be attending, and some serious limitations. My family usually makes lamb for Christmas, but the majority of people attending won't touch it. One person doesn't eat ham, and another won't touch roast beef. I am thinking of doing a pork roast or cornish hens (although I've never made cornish hens before, they seem festive and everyone would eat them). Also, vegetables are a sticking point in this group- one person doesn't like beets, one doesn't like brussels sprouts, and one girl hates onions. Any suggestions for a vegetable side dish other than a green salad?
Would it be considered rude to simply serve multiple vegetables that I was aware some people didn't enjoy as long as there was something that each person would eat?
Thanks for your suggestions!

Dec 01, 2009
CaitK in Home Cooking