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Why is Cheese Forbidden in Authentic Italian Fish Cookery?

I am Italian, living in Puglia a region where we have lots of fantastic cheese and fish. I totally confirm that we would never put cheese on top of pasta with seafood. The only exception I can think of is the stuffed calamari...where we also put the parmesan cheese inside. However it is so delicate that it does not make a crontrast. Also, yes I would put some parmesan in the risotto with lobster. But I would never put any cheese on my linguine with tuna or scampi or shrimps!!!

difference between north italian and south italian cuisine (styles/dishes/decor etc)

I would add that one of the main differences is the fact that the food in the South is very SIMPLY cooked.
Puglia, Sicily etc are among the biggest producers of vegetables, tomatoes, durum wheat (in Puglia), fish etc. Because all the ingredients are locally produced (and not imported) and so TASTY, in the South we don't need to add creams or sauces to enhance our dishes flavors.
All the recipes are very simple but still very delicious because made with very tasty ingredients.
The second main difference between the food in the North and in the South, is the fact that because of the sunny and warmer weather, the cuisine in the South is much lighter and healthier, based on lots of fish, vegetables, durum wheat bread, legumes and pasta and of course extra virgin olive oil. In fact, the cuisine of the South is the authentic Mediterranean cuisine which is a peasant cuisine in its essence.
Proteins come from legumes and fish....more than from meat!
The third main difference is that the cuisine of the South is a home made cuisine. There are no famous chefs. It is a cuisine that has been passing down from mother to daughter for generations. It is a cuisine which has been influenced by many dominations.....if you think that Puglia (the eastern region in Puglia) was dominated by the Greeks, Romans, Turks, French, Spanish....