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Kettle Chips - Which Brand is Best?

Mrs Fishers in Rockford are the best and can get then shipped for about 6.00 a pound including shipping. The next closest is Jays kettle cooked from Chicago but very expensive

Jul 10, 2013
swiegner in General Topics

Authentic Chicago Style Italian Beef in Tampa

Some Publix have the Scalas Beef Kits
the one in Brandon had but now no

ask you meat manager in Publx


Nov 06, 2010
swiegner in Florida

man vs food?

eating a lot of food in a challenge or just enjoyiong it has nothing to do with being an overweight person.
I am 6ft 7 265 lb very slim and love to eat. I love crab legs all you can eat and when it is available to me I can eat 16 to 20 pounds with no problem. I am open to challenges and will never gain an ounce.

Nov 30, 2009
swiegner in Food Media & News