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Seeking Culinary Adventure in Toronto

Thanks for your suggestion Charles! Yes, I have to admit, if the atmosphere & ambiance are sufficiently tranformative, the quality of food is not so important. (Am I allowed to write that on a website for foodies??).

Cynthia's looks good but, I fear, it wouldn't be special enough for my wife's birthday. We live quite close to Chinatown and we regularly immerse ourselves in reasonably- authentic restaurants there. Any other suggestions along similar lines?

Seeking Culinary Adventure in Toronto

My wife and I love to immerse ourselves in foreign cultures. We've lived in Tokyo & New York and, well, we've been spoiled with countless unforgettable culinary experiences abroad. Now, we have an infant and we're (somewhat) tied down in Canada.

In Toronto, we loved the dining experience at The Sultan's Tent - you really get a flavour for Morocco. Alas, I have not been able to find another restaurant in Toronto that offers such a complete sensory experience. I would LOVE any suggestions!

So, what are we looking for? The main quality is that we would like to feel transported out of Toronto for ... two or three hours. Honestly, the food doesn't have to be scrumptions; it should be authentic.

One last thing: my wife's birthday is Dec 4th and I was hoping to find something before then. Currently, I'm weighing the Ethiopian restaurant Zagol on Bloor. I love the fact that we can eat with our hands (with flatbread) but I'm disappointed that customers don't sit on the floor. I would also love to treat her to a meal at Eigensinn Farm (2 hrs from Toronto) but $275 a plate is a bit out of my price range.

Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated!