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How do you get rid of fruit flies in your kitchen??

Thank you so much Panini Guy-- years later, thanks to google, I came across this. Have set out six of those traps and have caught 19 nasty flies so far-- almost gone!! Thanks!!

Aug 13, 2011
sappho1206 in Not About Food

First Time Ever to NYC-- HELP!!

Hello fellow foodies,

I am going to New York for my first time ever in a little more than a month, and am really excited to delve into the dining scene. I spent a year living in London, where I thought the food was fantastic, but have been told that there is no place in the world with better food than NYC. Needless to say, I need some serious help figuring out where to go. I am vegetarian (no meat, no fish) but that needn't mean that I eat at exclusively veg establishments. I am adventurous and there is really no cuisine I don't like, except for French. I need help with: three dinners, three lunches, and some potential brunch spots. Also, I am very serious about coffee and while I did find a rather thorough article on the NYT about the best brews in the city, I'd love to hear what locals think. For dinners, neighborhoods don't matter, but if you can think of lunch spots near the Met, where I plan on spending most of my limited time in the city (I am an art history student who can't wait to set foot in there), that would be fabulous.

So many thanks in advance!!!

Ooh-- budget. Nothing tooo extravagant please (which to me means three digits per person, excluding wine) unless it's absolutely TO DIE FOR.

Jun 24, 2011
sappho1206 in Manhattan

Best Coffee Spots in LA?

Ooo thank you for directing me to this, I'll definitely check it out. And for future recommendations: yeah, no chains like Peets or Borders please.... am looking for something that's really got character and ambiance as well as great brew.

Feb 16, 2010
sappho1206 in Los Angeles Area

Recs for Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Santiago, and Valparaiso?

Hola fellow foodies! I am in the planning stages of a trip to South America for this April, and am already beginning to read up on where to eat. Destinations include: Buenos Aires (five days), Mendoza (probably three-four, depending on how many wineries I end up touring), Santiago (three days), and Valparaiso (one day). Things to know that might help you make recommendations:

I'm 23 years old, so hoping to find places with a fairly hip, young, though not necessarily trendy, vibe.

I'm interested in tasting authentic, regional food, so unless it's TRULY fabulous, no ethnic restaurants, please.

I'm a vegetarian (no meat, no seafood, yes dairy and eggs), so I don't need to know where the best steaks are served ;)

Wonderful cafes, charming coffee spots, and classy bars are also appreciated.

Budget is a non-issue, and I'd love to hear about everything from cheap eats to the most bank-breaking worthy destinations.

I'm a single female... I've dined in some pretty fancy places in Europe alone before and I don't mind the strange looks I've sometimes gotten, but if there's anywhere I truly need a heads-up about, let me know.


Best Coffee Spots in LA?

So: I am a self-confessed addict of Cafe Luxxe on Montana Ave in Santa Monica and think it is fantastic in every possible dimension, but because I spend a lot of time studying over coffee, I'm looking to find a few new places where I can crash with my books and a really good latte. Any thoughts on what some of the truly finer coffeehouses of Los Angeles are? Bonus points if they have free internet.
Thanks a ton!!

Feb 15, 2010
sappho1206 in Los Angeles Area

Best Italian Food in Berlin?

Thanks! I will read up on their menus and report back after Sunday.

Dec 02, 2009
sappho1206 in Europe

Best Italian Food in Berlin?

Hi everyone,
My birthday is this Sunday and I am looking for an Italian restaurant in Berlin at which to celebrate. Any recommendations? I live near Savignyplatz but am more than willing to travel a ways.
Vielen Dank,

Dec 01, 2009
sappho1206 in Europe

Cookies Cream - Berlin

So good. It was not hard to get a reservation there, my hotel concierge was able to make one easily on the day I wanted. I had a set menu: celery soup with parsley foam, quinoa with beets and pea cream, and apple tartlet with woodruff ice cream. It's hard to find, though, so be prepared to go through an alley and behind some dumpsters!

Nov 30, 2009
sappho1206 in Europe

Amsterdam Vegetarian-Friendly?

Hi everyone,
This is my very first post to Chowhound, and I've joined in search for delicious restaurants in Amsterdam. I will be there for two dinners and three lunches. I am a vegetarian but don't necessarily want to eat at strictly vegetarian restaurants. I have been doing a little bit of reading on the boards here and De Kas keeps coming up-- is it exquisite as some people make it out to be or over-hyped?
Thanks so much!!

Nov 30, 2009
sappho1206 in Europe