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has anyone eaten at Pai Northern Thai Kitchen?

I went on Tuesday night. The service was fast and friendly, and I appreciated that the music wasn't blaring like at Sukho Thai. I ordered the massaman curry and found it disappointing. The potatoes and onions were both really undercooked (read: crunchy) and the curry was overly sweet. My sister's pad thai was tasty though.

Royal Beef

I'm wary of the meat from Strickland's. I bought some chicken pieces from them, and they smelled off when I went to use them two days later. The butcher assured me when I bought them that they were fresh, and would last a couple of days in the fridge.

Royal Beef

Royal Beef is a neighbourhood gem. I've always been impressed with the quality of meat, and the service is great. Their Berkshire pork breakfast sausages are ridiculously delicious.

Anthony Rose New Restaurant - Fat Pasha

Fair warning: they've increased their prices since the launch. Saw a review today in NOW that mentioned the cauliflower dish we loved so much. Instead of $15 for the whole head, it'll now set you back $18 for the whole head (or $12 for half).

Anthony Rose New Restaurant - Fat Pasha

My husband and I went for dinner last night. It's a small room but very cozy, it was practically full at 6pm.

We shared the hummus, latke platter and the roasted cauliflower. The hummus was tasty but I would have appreciated more than one pita given that there were two of us. The latke platter was also good but probably better for brunch rather than dinner.

The star of the night was the cauliflower dish: it was amazingly delicious and surprisingly filling. Rose serves it roasted with halloumi, pomegranate seeds, toasted pine nuts and two sauces (herb and tahini, I think).

Would definitely go back!

Mother's Dumplings - coming to the Danforth (east of Pape)

My husband and I went last Saturday around 8pm. Service was spotty: took a minute for the waiter to notice that we'd arrived (he thought we were just leaving?!) let alone wanted to sit. There were only three other tables in the restaurant at the time.

Really wanted to try the green onion pancake but it was crossed off the menu, I guess they ran out? Ordered two types of dumplings (steamed pork dumplings, pan-fried beef and chive) and pork buns plus a side of kimchi. Food came out quickly but the quality was inconsistent: pork buns were dry and crumbly, and the pork dumplings were bland. The beef dumplings were the best part of the meal.

Dinner with tax and tip was $30, which I thought was reasonable (my husband was still hungry). We'll give them a few months to work out the kinks before we return.

Almanqal - new Middle-Eastern at Woodbine and Danforth

Thanks for the review! Let me know how the falafel is, I love falafel but too often they're bland and dry. My husband will be so excited to have a good shwarma place nearby though!

Marshmallow Factory?

Went two years ago, had a coupon from one of the deal websites. Everything was awful: the taste, the restaurant itself, the experience. We actually had two coupons and didn't bother going back to use the second one. I bike past it on my way home and I'm shocked that it's still open.

Berkeley Church - Wedding

We got married at the Berkeley Field House last year and loved the food they did. We picked the short rib, trout and squash cannelloni pasta as mains and they were all delicious. The desserts were so good, we did petit fours and everyone loved them, especially the creme brulee. Appetizers are just okay.

Service can be a bit slow but the food is top notch. And count your liquor! When we went to pick up the extras the next day, we were missing $175 worth of booze. They apologized and paid us back but make sure you double check!

Ontario sour cherries 2013

If you're willing to drive and put in a little sweat equity, Two Century Farm near Grimsby has pick-your-own sour cherries and a 7L basket is only $10! Their cherries are delicious and the sour cherries are plentiful. They also have sweet cherries ($32/7L basket).

Please help with our Stratford visit

Thanks for the recommendations for Pazzo. Went for lunch on Sunday and we had a wonderful meal. Shared 2 salads (arugula and beet), the antipasto platter and 2 pizzas between 4 people. Everyone left full and the bill, including tax and tip, was less than $70. The sourdough foccacia they brought to the table was insanely good! Best of all, they offer free corkage on Sunday.

Gio Rana's (The Nose) - What to order?

Took my husband for his birthday last month and we both really liked our meal. We shared the giant meatball, involtini, pasta special (lamb ragu) and side of brussel sprouts and it was all delicious. Only miss was the frito misto: the seafood was overcooked and it was under-seasoned.

Best Hot And Sour Soup 2013

The Chung King at Pacific Mall is indeed the REAL Chung King. I was skeptical at first but after I saw the same menu with the same typos and I tasted the food, I knew it was the same place. Same spring rolls, same nose-clearing hot and sour soup, "Spices Chicken" and all the old favourites are still there. Worth the drive to Markham.

Best Hot And Sour Soup 2013

Chung King at Pacific Mall (formerly College and Spadina). Nothing else compares for me: it's spicy and sour and the perfect amount of tofu and bamboo shoots. I swear that stuff cures colds.

Soupstock - October 21, 2012 at Woodbine Park

Seriously, that Tide and Vine soup was just insulting. Overheard someone chewing them out for attempting to pass that off as "stew". Everything else was just delicious and we left happy and stuffed!

The OverDraught Irish Pub

The Overdraught

The OverDraught Irish Pub

They used to make an awesome Ploughman, really good bread, cheese and chutney. Last time I went there, the dish was the same price but it had 1/3 of the cheese it used to, the bread wasn't fresh and the chutney non-existent. Also, we were "entertained" by the world's most depressing bar singer. Not recommended.

Central/West Toronto CSA pick-up/delivery

If you're still at Ossington and Dundas, Kawartha CSA has a pickup at the Depanneur which is close by at College between Dufferin and Dovercourt.

Kumquats in the GTA?

The grocery stores along Roncesvalles always have them, Ko for sure.

Amazing nite at Harlem

I took my fiance for his birthday (his choice). He had the chicken and waffles and they were pretty underwhelming. Fried chicken was done well but it was under-seasoned and the waffles tasted like your standard Aunt Jemima mix. My "BBQ Smoked Jerk Chicken" had no flavours of smoke, jerk or barbecue. Portion was way too big: two thighs and two drumsticks! It was covered in an overly sweet barbecue sauce and again, no seasoning. The mac 'n' cheese on the side was tasty though. I like the cornbread starter but the serving size was ridiculous (two mini-muffins) for $5.

Harlem Underground
745 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

Hey Meatball on College - Sandwich sizes

We stopped by for a late bite last Thursday, and split the meatball sandwich and a lemon soda. The sandwich was delicious: messy, juicy meatballs and fresh tasting. Lemon soda was also really good. At $11 though, it was a little steep for the portion. Where I think they're really missing out is the late-night takeout crowd. If I'm starving after a night of drinking, I'd be hard pressed to wait 10 minutes for a sandwich and pay $11. Would I wait two minutes and pay $5 for a little meatball slider? Absolutely.


BF got the pistachio (which, I agree, is amazing), lemon and peanut butter and chocolate. That was the surprise winner for me because I usually hate PB & chocolate but this one tasted like freshly roasted peanuts. Awesome. I had cheesecake, amaretto and raspberry, which were all good. The texture of the gelato is lovely and creamy, not as icy as Boreal.

We each got the larger cup (about $4 each) and I was amazed at how much gelato they packed in there! Could have easily got the smaller size.

Brunch with a vegan option

Cardinal Rule has vegan options for breakfast. The quinoa & coconut pancakes rock, as do the vegan latkes!

Cardinal Rule
5 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, ON M6R 2K2, CA

New in Parkdale - The Boreal Gelato Company

We stopped by after dinner at Nunu on Saturday night. Just to clarify, it's actually $6 + tax for a double scoop in a cup, which is still pricey. Didn't want people thinking it's $7 plus tax though! She actually rang it up wrong at first ($9) until we corrected her.

The chocolate was really good but the pistachio was underwhelming. Still, a welcome addition to the neighbourhood.


Ordered a bunch of meat for takeout and they very nicely gave us a couple of extra sides at no charge (grilled corn, fries). The brisket and beef ribs are tender and delicious, and the pork ribs were so flavourful (and I usually don't like ribs!). The smoked shrimp were just okay: cooked perfectly but not a lot of flavour. The real winners for me were the chicken wings - those are dynamite!

Cardinal Rule on Roncesvalles Ave - Anyone been yet?

We went for brunch on Easter weekend. Service was a bit slow and the basic 'eggs, toast and bacon' breakfast was a bit bland. However, the latkes were simply fantastic and the gluten-free pancakes were a really cool twist on breakfast. Love the decor too, totally fits the neighbourhood. The women who run the place are charming too. Very welcome addition to Roncy!

Shawarmas in Toronto

I disagree! I've had Ghazele 3 times and every time it's always too dry

Israeli restaurants in Toronto or North York?

I'll second Shoom Shoom: generous portions (three of us shared the chicken shwarma and the appetizer plate) and very attentive wait staff.

CSA`s in gta, any help (communityt supported agriculture)

I'll second Kawartha Ecological Growers. Wonderful produce, great people and some of the best eggs I've ever tasted.

Delicata Squash?

I just got one yesterday from my CSA, Kawartha Ecological Growers ( Check out their schedule of farmer's markets and CSA pickups, maybe there's one near you.