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Birthday dinner in Scottsdale area

I think with 6 or more people you can get a reservation for PB.

Dec 21, 2011
acampeau in Phoenix

Restaurant Gift Card Promotions

I thought I just got an email from CPH on buy $100 get $25. Is it terrible to get both for yourself? I thought, "That would cover their NYE event!"

Dec 21, 2011
acampeau in Phoenix

Fry Bread House East, Mesa AZ

Thanks for the review. It's a stone's throw from my house, but their 7pm closing hour is so ridiculous that we've never made it there. Looks like we're better off sticking to the original (which is happily a stone's throw from work!).

Dec 21, 2011
acampeau in Phoenix

When's the last time you ate at Medizona?

LESSON LEARNED: I should have checked chowhound before heading to Medizona this weekend. Or, I should have heeded my own reaction to just 1 occupied table at 7:45pm on a Saturday night.

In a word, it was AWFUL. The poor owner was puzzled when I asked where his traffic normally comes from (90% from hotels) and that foodies won't eat there. I thought, "let's start with the store-bought rolls you served...."

Sep 15, 2009
acampeau in Phoenix

Review: Posh (Scottsdale)

Splurge!! We had the 7 course dinner for $75. It took four hours (though there were 7 of us) and left satisfied but not full. All in, we got about 10 courses (including amuse bouche and 2 extra little desserts).

And yes, full bar!

May 22, 2009
acampeau in Phoenix

Birthday dinner recs downtown Austin?

We're headed from PHX to Austin to celebrate a 30th birthday (alas, not mine, as that passed long ago!). We're staying downtown (4th street??) and are looking for something nearby with a fun atmosphere--not a dive, but not romantic, something in between. Any recommendations? Something authentic but not touristy (kitschy/quirky is ok), with entrees $25 or less. Any advice is appreciated. Already I've been convinced by the boards we need to try Amy's ice cream--so thanks!

Apr 07, 2009
acampeau in Austin

How bad off is the restaurant industry?

Bill, my guess is it was Blanco. We were there Saturday night at 6:45p and they wait was an astounding 45-60 minutes, with the bar and "lounge" PACKED. JAlexander's was hopping, too (still a short wait with call ahead when we left around 8pm). We ended up at El Torito, a sad substition, but immediate seating. Sigh.

Jan 26, 2009
acampeau in Not About Food