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Chilling whites in the freezer- the science please

You're right, I've worked in the alcohol industry for a long time and there a lot of myths relating to alcohol like wine and beer and the affect that rapid changes in temperature have on them. Rapid changes do not affect either greatly. However, in the same way that an apple will rot faster in a hot car than a fridge, wine and beer will spoil faster the higher the ambient temp.

As far as the temperature that white and red wine are served at, I agree that whites are often served too cold. I believe this practice came about as a masking tactic to hide less than perfect wine- a terrible white will be bearable if it's cold enough, and also from attempting to adapt big and heavily oaked whites to hot climates. I have to agree one hundred percent that to properly appreciate the subtlety and complexity of a nice white it should be served at room temperature .

Nov 27, 2009
usediv in Wine