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Mexican tacos de pastor in London?

He does have a point though. I've yet to meet a person who's tried a true Mexican taco who doesn't rave about them. I guess the issue is that if you're going to serve something foreign you're going to have to sex it up a bit. Let's face it, a plain tortilla with a few shavings of meat is hardly going to tempt someone who doesn't know what it is. In London especially, a city with so much choice, you really have to make your product stand out.

A saving grace could have been a large Mexican community. I guess in London it's not large enough..

Dec 15, 2009
hunginabadplace in U.K./Ireland

Mexican tacos de pastor in London?

Thanks for all your replies! I will check out all the place mentioned.

By the way, my experience is that in northern mexico they don't add pineapple to the tacos al pastor, but in central and southern Mexico they do.. Anyhow, it's all about the meat!

Dec 02, 2009
hunginabadplace in U.K./Ireland

Mexican tacos de pastor in London?

My first post on the forum, so be gentle!

I'm looking for some authetic Mexican food in London, the burrito chains around Angel are not bad, but hardly authentic. I've tried Wahaca and another place in Covernt Garden whose name I forget, wasn't overly impressed.

I've heard Mestizo is supposed to be good, definitly on my list of places to try. What I'm after however are the simple, but delicious tacos that you get from taco stands all over Mexico. Carne asada, or pastor, with raw onion and coriander, lime and salt topped with green or red salsa. Simple but so good. Shouldn't have to break the bank or fly all the way to Mexico to get this, surely?

Can anyone help me satisfy my cravings?

Nov 27, 2009
hunginabadplace in U.K./Ireland