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Olive Oil / Duck Fat Safety

A few months ago I made Ruhlman's Olive Oil Duck Confit. The duck has been eaten, but I left the oil in my dutch oven and kept it in the refrigerator to hopefully use again for another batch. So I've got 2 layers; the bottom layer is darkish brown with a jello-like consistency, and the olive oil is solidified in a harder layer on top. I'm not sure if the bottom layer is straight duck fat, as the duck fat that I usually see is not this dark. Everything smells fine and even tastes fine. Is this safe to use again?

Jun 13, 2012
ArkCard in Home Cooking


I am wanting to do a roasted chicken thigh on top of grits, but I'm not sure what type of sauce to go with this. Has anyone ever had anything similar to this? Any ideas on what type of sauce I could do?

Oct 15, 2011
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Sauces for Fish

I'm looking for some sauces to give some versatility to my fish. I use salmon and tilapia quite often. Any suggestions for a good sauce that isn't too time intensive?

Jan 04, 2011
ArkCard in Home Cooking

Anyone have a good lentil recipe?

I'm trying to find a good recipe for a lentil side dish. Not lentil soup though, I can find plenty of those recipes.

Jun 07, 2010
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Looking for a versatile pasta recipe

I'm looking for a pasta recipe that can go with fish (tilapia or salmon) or chicken breast. I eat fish or chicken most nights but I'm in need of a good source of carbs to go with my protein. I think some type of parmesan cream sauce pasta would go well with the tilapia or chicken, and maybe some kind of olive oil, garlic, lemon something or other could go with the salmon. Does anyone have a recipe that fits the bill? Thanks!

Mar 01, 2010
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Need Help Finding a Show

Thanks for the replies. I think I found the show, although I can't find any video available. I believe the show was called Restaurant Revamp with Bobby Flay. Only one episode was ever aired. It seems that the restaurant in question is Peasant in NYC. Thanks again.

Nov 27, 2009
ArkCard in Food Media & News

Need Help Finding a Show

A year or two back, I was watching a show on tv and I can't remember which show it was. I believe it was aired on MOJO but I could be mistaken. The show was basically just talking about the restaurant and then showing the chef cooking a few signature dishes. The specific episode I remember had this cool restaurant that cooked with a brick oven. The chef would put fish (i think he was using skate) in a terracota dish and then cook it in the brick oven.

After doing some looking around, it seems like I might have been watching Daniel Boulud's show, but I have skimmed through the episodes and can't find the episode that I remember. Does anyone remember watching this episode?

Nov 26, 2009
ArkCard in Food Media & News