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Favorite Toronto Restaurants?

culinary excitement!
I am beginning to lose count of the number of times I have dined at Black Hoof. I have tried nearly everything on the menu, including their seared calf brain, calf brain ravioli, horse sammy (3 times-love it-addictive material), and foie gras PB&J (decadent guilty pleasure). Though I must say their bone marrow is laughable, especially compared to the bone marrow at Le Select. The few pieces of accompanying toasts were overwhelmingly too much for the microscopic amount of marrow. Majority of the dishes are comforting culinary feats, while the others are perfect companions to some of BH's unique concoctions. TOTALLY recommended.

Le Select (French Bistro)
This is hands down my favourite restaurant. Service is always relaxing, no rushing, opposite of the corporate chain restaurant service,you know...the strained artificial niceness. They are actually interested in food, and not the tips. I go at least twice a month...I have tried nearly everything on the menu, and other dishes are worth repeating. Their seafood is always fresh and cooked to perfection (pink center at the point just prior to turning opaque), spiced moroccan lamb burger bursts with flavour and is so juicy (slightly too juicy, the bun soaks it up and becomes less structured), their goat cheese quiche at brunch is smooth and rich just the way the crust is too, steak tartare is strong in flavour (of beef and garlic-the way it should be), ...I can go on and on and ON! Le Select is a piece of Paris.

Nov 28, 2009
MsJTo in Ontario (inc. Toronto)