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ISO "Nuri Brand" Sardines

Thanks for your help

ISO "Nuri Brand" Sardines


Yes please find out if they are sold in Canada - Toronto specifically.
Thanks for your help!

German Restaurant - GTA ?

My favourite is the Old Country Inn in Unionville.
More Viennese than German though....
Great schnitzel, goulasch schweinebraten, knoedel, wurst usw.

ISO "Nuri Brand" Sardines

Thanks Googs much appreciated!

New BBQ Place in Scarborough - Rally Sports Bar

This place looks promising- anybody been yet? Reviews?

ISO "Nuri Brand" Sardines

Thanks I hope I can find them somewhere

ISO Best burger in Oshawa, Whitby or Ajax

Give Patty Shack in Downtown Oshawa a try. Its a newer joint open last year serving UOIT students mainly but has great poutines, wings and other stuff as well.

As for good burritos I prefer Viva Burrito on Centre St to Jonny Guacs. Its a small take out place with real carne asada (not ground beef) , carnitas, and a friendly owner.

ISO "Nuri Brand" Sardines

Anyone seen these around the GTA?
Dying to try them as they are supposed to be the best.

I'm guessing at Portugese or Italian grocers- though they are really popular in Austria and maybe in a German deli somewhere.

Actual sightings would be appreciated Thnx

Scotch egg in Toronto

Had a great Scotch Egg at The Roy on Queen St E last wee.
It had my preferred soft yolk and was well done - not leaden and canonball-like.

The Roy
894 Queen St E

Where to find German Radler in Ottawa/Toronto?

i've searched a well and there isn't any.
I've got 1 can of Gosser Radler my daughter brought back from Austria for my sitting in my fridge and she loves the stuff and would love to have it here too.

Waterloo has a radler called Radler Mass available at most LCBOs, but its not very good once you've had the real deal.

Also Bohmer Cafe on Queen offers their own Radler in house.

Best BBQ fest in Southern Ontario?

Oshawa's is this weekend too - Lakeview Park.
T - 2 hours to saucification...

Best Cheddar Cheese

Thanks for the suggestion Googs

I'll definitely give some a try.

BBQ Chow find in Keene!!

I'll have to try this place out on the way to the cottage this weekend!

Here is their myspace page- food looks gorgeous

Best Cheddar Cheese

Applewood Smoked Cheddar rocks my world every time.
By Ilchester from Ingerrlannd.

I pick up a quarter round whenever I can, and it never lasts long.
Most booths at SLM have it, as well as Sobeys and my local butcher Alan's in Whitby.

german store in toronto

I second Vienna...
They carry great meats and have a little Imbiss at the back for tasty cheap food.
Full range of sausages, aufschnitt, speck, leberkase, kasseler, and roasts and steaks as well.
Fr dairy they have Tilsit cheese, Butter cheese and others
Also have German Knorr products, Manner, Mozartkugeln,

Seeking: Scotch Whisky events, Toronto/GTA

Cigar and Scotch night in Oshawa Aug 30 at Shrimp Cocktail hosted by Victory Cigars, Oshawa.
Last few events I've been to by these guys have been top notch.

Shrimp Cocktail
843 King St W, Oshawa, ON L1J2L4, CA

Mestemacher breads (Germany) -- does anyone have a source in Toronto?

Vienna Meats at 1050 Birchmount Rd in Scarborough has a full selection, along with tons of other German and European goods. Saw it there today picking up my Burenwurst, Krainers, and Nurembergers for weekend BBQ.

Five Guys coming to Oshawa

Buster I do 'support the local guy' and have been here many times (great twopons over their twitter feed as well).

Nothing wrong with more choices...

Five Guys coming to Oshawa

Understood :) Just looking for something thats not McD's etc out in the 'burbs here.
We don't get a Burger Priest type joint- though Patty Shack is doing very well and does a good 4 oz 6 oz and 8 oz burger with tons of different toppings.
would recommend them for any visitors to Downtown Oshawa

Five Guys coming to Oshawa

Just saw the sign for the new 5 Guys location on Taunton Rd at Harmony (south side by Winners and BDubs).

I've been reading reviews of all the other locations and have mixed feelings - at least its something new even if the fare isn't always stellar. I hope this location gets it right.

Road food between Toronto and Ompah ON (just southwest of Ottawa)?

I would highly recommend The Bakery in Tamworth (off 41 north of Napanee) ...a tiny place with great soups, salads and homemade food.

Also The Maples on 38 in Sharbot Lake for more typical diner food, or Addisons north of Kaladar on 41.

Rolling Rock on Tap

Rileys in Downtown Oshawa has it.
Tired a few pints last night.... quite nice,

I assume their Peterborough location might have it was well.

In- N-Out Burger

Ya I wish we had one up in Toronto

Feb 25, 2011
BeanerSchitzl in Chains

In- N-Out Burger

For all the burger fiends out's an interesting article on the chain breaking ground in Dallas.

Scroll down to "In-N-Out Burger for Newbs" for a great photo shoot.
OMG I want to fly to LA now! LOL

Feb 24, 2011
BeanerSchitzl in Chains

ISO German or Austrian Breakfast Buns (Broetchen)

Good luck and let us know if you score anything comparable to the buns over there.

In Austria the buns are called Semmel and are amazing..
(especially with Leberkase or a wurstl)).
Ate them breakfast, lunch, and dinner this summer.

US Wing Chain Picks Oshawa for First Canadian Location

Looks like Buffalo Wild WIngs is coming to town

Can't wait.
Anybody been to one of their US locations?

Toronto FC Chowhounds?

Lots of selection in Liberty Village about 5 mins north of BMO through the GO tunnel
Liberty Cafe
Brazen Head
Mildred's Temple Kitchen
Raaw Sushi
Liberty Noodle
Shoeless Joes on King West will be packed with Red Patch Boys

609 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V1M5, CA

Mildred's Temple Kitchen
85 Hanna Avenue, Toronto, ON M6K 3S3, CA

Manner Wafers

Vienna Meats
1050 Birchmount Rd Scarborough

ISO POMI chopped tomatoes (GTA)

Im out in Durham
Oshawa and Whittby stores have them

Looking for an authentic Spanish restaurant with authentic Spanish dishes

Had a good experience as Casa Bacelona on Bloor West in The Kingsway going back 6 mos or so.

Paella and tapas were delicious and they offer entertainment.

Good meal- not vouching for any authenticity factor here.