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Cote d'Or chocolate in LA

Sorry for the late reply, dropped by Cost Plus World Market but no luck. :( The search continues...............

Any good Spanish restaurants?

Bar Celona was horrible, if you are looking for authentic Spanish food stay away.

Looking for a good Churro.

Avoid XOORO, that place was horrible and extremely overpriced. I don't know how they stay in business, major disappointment. Churros were cold and tasted horrible.

2 churros + 1 hot chocolate drink + 1 cold chocolate drink = $17.85 !!! Are you kidding me!

Cote d'Or chocolate in LA

Thank you, to everyone for all your responses. I'll check out some of the spots and give you an update.

Burbank Area Apps/Tapas/Lounge

There is actually a tapas bar near Universal City in Studio City. It's called Ole Tapas Bar, I haven't been there yet, but it might be what you are looking for.

Here is the website:

Good luck and I hope you enjoy your stay in LA

Cote d'Or chocolate in LA

Hello fellow chowhounds. I was wondering if anybody knew where I could pick up some Cote d'Or chocolate in the LA area, specifically the Noir de Noir (Dark Chocolate). I've seen it online, but they make you purchase it by the case and I think if I buy a case I'll be tempted to eat everything in one sitting!

Thanks in advance.