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San Mateo Christmas Eve?

not knowing where u live ....topic is San Mateo,
noticed a listing fyi "Best of Burma" 146 E. 3rd St. San Mateo,
opened 2 weeks ago.

about 17 hours ago
shanghaikid in San Francisco Bay Area

Dumpling Express - Berkeley

tried the porridge (jook)4.13
-lots of watery rice, tender beef, lots of msg and sodium
-7 minutes wait......

Ghazni Afghan kabob (Hayward CA)

had a beef kabob(9.95)
-everything tasted fresh, tasty
-very friendly, cordial service
-wouldn't say service is slow but i took a nap
before the food arrived.

Anyone else getting tired of "new" Craft Beer,Gourmet Burgers & 3rd Wave Coffee joints in Bay Area?

there's a "watermelon" beer they may like. forgot who makes it. light brew.

Who has good Fish 'n Chips in the Eastbay?

lazy dog @1961 Diamond Blvd, C-010 concord, ca
lunch special 2 pieces square fish (9.95) with fries
-both tasted great while still hot but didn't when both cooled down.
so no good for take out.

Who has good Fish 'n Chips in the Eastbay?

fwiw, tried H & S 6 years ago. 2 piece for 5.99, probably alaskan pollock. just ok. fries turned mushy after awile. had take out, vinegar was shaken onto the fish. no malt vingear packs available to go.

per y..Crispy Fry is closed as of 11/21/14-rent increase
-tried four pieces fish (8.2)a while ago.
disappointed, large battered pieces but not pollock nor cod, probably basa(catfish from vietnam).

French Fries: SFBA Dish of the Month December 2014

i usually avoid french fries like some people avoid veggies (like me, a decade ago) i still avoid fries by choosing a salad if given a choice when ordering a sammie/burger.

daily pint @1828 Euclid st, berkeley makes homemade shoestring fries, crunchy on the outside, no sogginess on the inside. fab stuff.
their genre is specialty dogs, appetizers and local bars on tap.

the chicken karaange here is spot on.

Uchiwa Ramen, San Rafael

info sheet on table mentions "la mein" was borrowed form the chinese in the 1900's(?) yep, chinese owned ramen shop

eats: tonkotsu ramen(10.95)
-broth bland, toppings of half boiled egg, spinach, chashu (resembles pork belly more),corn and crunchy bean sprout (did sprouts dilute soup base?)
-ramen smooth like spaghetti, not al dente.
-not impressed, s.f. has better versions. (underground... )

Sandwishes in San Rafael (Marin County)

sandwishes offers 17 hoagie sammies #1-49.
small place, 3 tables at most
eats: "Ike's favorite" (8.49)
-pastrami, salami, swiss, veggie w/"yummy sauce" in huge hoagie
-yummy sauce wasn't, tasted like a mix of salad dressings
-sauce and veggies smothered any meat taste, salami just small chucks.
or meats just generic, cheaper cuts?

maybe turkey is the better choice?
friendly service, funky meats.

NEW: Burma House, Milpitas report w/ PICS

picture of Aung San Suu Ki(former jailed opposition leader)is situated prominently in the middle of the small dining room.

tea leaf salad(8.99)
-oily, not vinegary like Myanmar. also more ingredients than Shwe Myanmar.
-nice contrast of fresh veggies and dry nuts/grains
mohinga (8.99)
-fish totally dissolved into broth. no msg unlike grocery cafe
-missing some items ala pictured dish on website
chicken cocomilk soup(8.99)
-tender chicken in subtle cocomilk broth, yummiest of the lot.

waitress is also one of the cooks.
biz seems family operated
burma house best of burmese eateries tasted recently.
*service is an issue during peak times per y...

New Malaysian in Oakland Chinatown

`it's been 2 weeks since i've ate @Chilli Padi. held off deliberately since my experience wasn't so positive.
eats:"penang prawns mee noodle soup"(9.95)
-"homemade shrimp stock with prawns kangkung, bean sprouts, and eggs"
tasteless head on shrimp, sliced cooked eggs, shrimp paste, and bean sprouts in semi-dense soup. no doubt bean sprout presence diluted the broth.
-commercial thick noodles used. cheap ingredients used?
not so impressed. some msg tasted.
many entrees pricey in relation to chinatown menu.

eatery looked full since all tables by door occupied. inside tables not.
service above average.

Shwe Myanmar: Burmese in San Rafael (Marin County)

had the beer curry/tea leaf salad lunch special(8.99)
beef very tender, curry subtle taste, msg aftertaste
tea leaf salad abridged version? mostly lettuce, red onions, dried shrimps, shallots,,,, resembles chinese chicken salad.

Grocery Cafe- Burmese food! [Oakland]

tried mohinga chowder the other day. came with noodles on the side. dump everything in soup. interesting taste. small pieces of fish. strong msg aftertaste.

english specking lady recommended mango chutney with sticky rice. passed. not doubt good, just not interested in desserts.

hours 11-8

Grocery Cafe- Burmese food! [Oakland]

she speaks good english. she just doesn't understand english in the literal sense.

Grocery Cafe- Burmese food! [Oakland]

came upon the older lady in the kitchen washing pots and pans when i dropped by at 11:45.
went into the storefront though "closed" sign was posted.

asked the lady what time they open. "11-o-clock" she said looking at her timepiece.

she turned away and i left.

best dim sum Bay Area, late 2014?

Peony and Legendary Palace changed hands this year. haven't try them. favorite remains Saigon Seafood (richmond) for value.

Grocery Cafe- Burmese food! [Oakland]

Chef William Lue also now operates "the refined palate" in orinda. pricey. didn't try.
re: brothers kitchen eats. my dislike wasn't about how the food was prepared. just about not "appreciating" burmese food in general.

La Capra Coffee -- is the 4th Wave upon us? [San Francisco]

Chow restaurant carries thanksgiving coffee.
fab stuff.

Clove & Hoof butchery and restaurant in Oakland is open!

don't know when it changed hands. i was there the day before Clove & Hoof opened. standing board sign had the new name. old name still on the overhead.

a middle age latina was in the kitchen and a middle aged black female was the cashier.

Clove & Hoof butchery and restaurant in Oakland is open!

had the "smoked potato salad with white sauce" $4.
after waiting for it to reach room temperature, it tasted fab. it was referigated.

real smoky taste in the potatoes.

Clove & Hoof butchery and restaurant in Oakland is open!

"Octavios Taqueria" took it over. still pathetic. had fish taco w/ bits of fish, and al pastor with chewy meat. @1.5

La Fisheria truck in San Francisco

thanx again. i usually skip tilipia, going for catfish instead at soul food eateries.
remembered tilipia is used in ceviche at peruvian eateries. will pass next time.

don't usually eat shrimp, except in dim sum or the swimming live ones....

La Fisheria truck in San Francisco

thanx for the tip.
yep, most mex eateries use tilipia for their fish tacos, etc.
even soul food eateries use tilipia......

Mochi at Yuen Hop (Oakland Chinatown)

my SO came across another similiar looking mochi package at another grocery store in chinatown. (slightly cheaper) only got the black sesame one. taste totally different.

Yuen Hop's mochi definitely higher quality, better tasting.

"Worst of 2014" nominations

for some unknown reason i skipped the food and just had a beer when i was there.

Dungeness Crab Prices 2014/2015 Season

noticed price banner "5.99/lb" at bonita fish market, berkeley while driving by,

Heading to Berkeley, looking for good Ramen place

3 months opened, no menu posted online. ratings on y. rates ramen as the best to "overpriced" top ramen ($9-$10)
believe Kaze is chinese owned. caveat emptor.

Corned beef in the Mission [San Francisco]

-Mohawk Packing produces Shenson and Hickory brands
-Mohawk a subsidiary of Smithfield Foods.
-Smithfield Foods bought by WH foods/Shuanghui Int'l
-WH on it's website claims it is the "largest pork company in the world".

Judoku - Oakland

curious problems existed though patio closed. was there pre-1ish, constant flow of people exiting (none from the front). obviously, patio was packed.

think kitchen is understaffed too.
agree, food is, should be solid.

La Fisheria truck in San Francisco

La Fisheria had signs touting fish tacos but couldn't find it on their menu.
tried to order the mixta(various ingredients)taco, cashier asked
if i wanted tilipia or ?, obviously she doesn't know the menu.

went with tostada ceviche(3) tilipia bits with various seasonigs. deliz.