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Best Asian in San Francisco

s.f. is weak in ramen re: san mateo, santa clara area
best bets:
-ramen underground (2 locations)
-Meh on (geary)
-ramen yamadaya (good broth but angel hair ramen, a turn off)
-Shalala ramen (kuro ramen)
-Sawaii Ramen (chinese owned, tonkotsu ramen above average

notes: haven't tried many places, hours not convenient

-kaiju eats(gimmicky toppings, regular egg noodles, i.e. chow mein)
-Aijisen ramen: good mall food, not a destination.

about 9 hours ago
shanghaikid in San Francisco Bay Area

Best Asian in San Francisco

milk tea: boba guys, 2nd: purple kow/sharetea
dim sum: ton kiang, clement st. yank sing, pricey purist, koi, msg enhanced, lots of choices, long waits

pho: no msg:yummy yummy (1015 irving)
northern pho: turtle tower, various locations
braisied duck leg noodle soup: Ha Ky Mi Ga(ellis)/Thai Ng hiep Mi ga(noreiga?)

ice cream(asian flavors): mitchells(688 san jose) sold all over town, polly ann (3138 noreiga)

banh mi: saigon sandwiches(larkin st.not great but popular,passable)

about 10 hours ago
shanghaikid in San Francisco Bay Area

Galeto Brazilian steakhouse, Old Oakland

pricing seems variable. every week i drive by, the price in the window changes. no doubt prices have gone up since their opening.

Muracci's 3 Japanese Curry & Grill now open in Berkeley!

fryer was not working when i went. prices higher than posted S.F. prices.
service fab. seating the same as previous eatery.

Boba Guys (2nd Store) now open in Union Square, SF

actually this is their 3rd. not sure if the berkeley one is still ongoing (in Happy Valley rest)

they had alcohol infused teas. passed on it.

Galeto Brazilian steakhouse, Old Oakland

tried them in the early days of all u can eat(18.95)
technically true. lots of salad choices and other eats at buffet table.
starters of pasta, bread, soup etc.
meats brought by different server, intermittent.
-meats mostly well done, i like rare.
since i seldom eat brazilian "steakhouses", review may be jaded. just saying novices(newbies) may be disappointed. i was more confused than disappointed.

notice in window now pricing is by the lb. special price for lunch.

Pupusas : SFBA Dish of the Month September 2014

pupusas aren't a fave. most memorable one was at taqueria la bamba.
chicarones pupusa(2) was tasty and not greasy. curtido good too.

open kitchen allows one to watch the pupusas being made.

Emeryville Public Market Changes ......

looks like off the grid will do for Emeryville Public Market what they did for Marin Country Mart. (the farmers market helped too).

Booming Dim Sum (Outer Sunset, San Francisco)

experienced a contrarian opinion from experiences a year ago.
-har gow (3/1.8) wrap thick, shrimp just ok
-shrimp crepe(2.2) terrible shrimp, skin not silky, tasted day old?
-"gou bu lai" bun on menu, didn't try.
-tax charged on take out. HUH?
-3 ladies working, rushed to order, cuz few patrons present?
-many tables, congee,rice plates, menu items, available for dine in (ala chinatown)
-don't know how they got 4 stars on y..., guess eaters in this area
have few choices or they have improved.

Oakland Help Please... Need dinner and cocktail/dessert spots for TONIGHT

yep. forgot to mention. fab reasonable food/drinks and staff. small space. probably a wait list......

Oakland Help Please... Need dinner and cocktail/dessert spots for TONIGHT

Miss Ollies, Consecha @907 Washington St.
the Forge, Jack London Sq, (avoid Jack's next door)
Nido's, 444 Oak St.
-all in Oakland

El Ojo de Aqua [Oakland taco truck]

gotcha. we're recreating "Car 54, where are you?"
did see El Ojo at international spot last week or 2 ago.

El Ojo de Aqua [Oakland taco truck]

Grullense #3 took over the derby spot. not sure which grullense truck took over this spot.

The Half Orange [Oakland]

another angle is Porter's demographics can't get to him, find parking, eat, and get back to work.
parking really tuff in this area. (even for call in pickups)

locals flock to emil's during lucnch, a lower price point....

Mi Grullense 3 (taco truck/oaktown)

no. seen one truck near s.l. border on international. other one or 3rd St. san francisco. haven't stop at either one for awhile.

Mi Grullense 3 (taco truck/oaktown)

for literally decades Mi Grullense has stayed in the Goodwill parking lot.
this year, they have taken over 2 El Ojo DE Aqua's (fruitvale * derby)spots
Fruitvale features a tequila bar and seating within the buildiog.

Derby has a "grand opening" sign but no specials seen. they now carry seafood similiar to Mariscos La Costa.

had a burrito(6) at the fruitvale spot and lengua & fish taco (1.75)@ derby. lengua tender as was fish which wasn't fried.

both locales have limited parking but a large dining area.

Dim Sum Club -- XLB worth seeking out? [San Francisco]

"What do you do with the sauce then? Just drink it?"

thanx for confirming you've never been to Bund Shanghai.

Dim Sum Club -- XLB worth seeking out? [San Francisco]

when was the last you went to Bund Shanghai. my visit a few months ago doesn't reflect your experience.

btw, the vinegar isn't a dipping sauce.

Dim Sum Club -- XLB worth seeking out? [San Francisco]

P.S. it's done in the kitchen for you. korean eateries have scissors at the dining table.

Dim Sum Club -- XLB worth seeking out? [San Francisco]

the ginger isn't always served in vinegar, sometimes side by side. the ginger is not automatically silvered,
it's 2 steps, large slices, the large slices then thinly cut...into slivers.

Dim Sum Club -- XLB worth seeking out? [San Francisco]

no where did i mention u had to slice the ginger, it's already sliced.

fyi. chinese calligraphy has the shanghai portion in front.

oakland tin's dim sum reappear in hayward

Family fave is mayflower, union city for cheapness. some msg used. not all dishes created well/equal

i prefer saigon seafood richmond over saigon seafood sunnyvale cuz of noise/traffic/parking issues. richmond also uses some msg. keep an eye out for 1.99 or .99 dim sum specials in the afternoons.
IF id didn't have to wait it line, Hong Kong East Ocean, Emeryville, pricey though. msg usuage slight.

s.f: ton kiang-pricey but fresh, quality ingredients used.

Dim Sum Club -- XLB worth seeking out? [San Francisco]

Bund Shanghai, like most legit shanghai eateries, provides a small dish of dark vinegar and ginger slices. don't eat all the ginger slices at once. allocate a few slices per XLB or a slice a bite, whatever technique fits u.

Dim Sum Club (Russian Hill, San Francisco)

it was a thin line. i didn't hate it. but more importantly i didn't like it.

oakland tin's dim sum reappear in hayward

Tin's charges $1 person for tea.
dim sum charges: (sm)2.25 (m)2.95. (L)3.75

-few small dim sum
-most are mediums that are small elsewhere
less pieces too, 3 large ones instead of 4 smaller ones
-most dim sum are msg-free, also flavor-free (tasteless).
-order from checklist, only items on trays coming out oare ones people never order.......

Dim Sum Club (Russian Hill, San Francisco)

my evaluation is the written remarks under the description of pieces and pricing. no grade given.

only a subjective end grade of repeat or not is given or inferred.

Dim Sum Club (Russian Hill, San Francisco)


Dim Sum Club (Russian Hill, San Francisco)

yes, shorthand, not a grade.

Dim Sum Club (Russian Hill, San Francisco)

my full report is on y,,p. this is just the generic food version. btw, wouldn't repeat.

factors in grading food:
-comparative value of food to similar dish in similar eatery
-subjective judgment whether it fits my food preference
food may be fably prepped. but i don't like it that way.
(no penalty, just not a high rating)
-food consistency
-(AB)use of msg, salt, additives, seasonings or lack of flavoring.
-seldom rate on service/decor/seating unless it's an aggravating factor. (possible + for imaginative decor...)
-imaginative touches merits higher marks, same old, same old, gets an average rating.
mostly it, some minor items may be left out.

Dim Sum Club (Russian Hill, San Francisco)

tried them for dim sum sunday. seating is only 15 tables/booths,
no hostess/buspersons on duty. 2 associates running around delivering entrees checked off on a list.

panfried potstickers(4/3.75)
-undercooked, sent it back
bbq pork bun (3/3.25)
-doughy bun texture, sparse bbq meat tastleless, loaded with msg
shrimp noodle crepe(5.25)
-crepe skin fell apart, large crunchy shrimp semi-tasty
beef chow fun(8)
taste from fat and oiliness, little meat flavor
-order forgotten, caught it immediately, came out tasteless, beef tender

take outs:
-food pricey, dimsum portion small
-food same out fast
-service ok when we got any.