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"Worst of 2014" nominations

for some unknown reason i skipped the food and just had a beer when i was there.

Dungeness Crab Prices 2014/2015 Season

noticed price banner "5.99/lb" at bonita fish market, berkeley while driving by,

Heading to Berkeley, looking for good Ramen place

3 months opened, no menu posted online. ratings on y. rates ramen as the best to "overpriced" top ramen ($9-$10)
believe Kaze is chinese owned. caveat emptor.

Corned beef in the Mission [San Francisco]

-Mohawk Packing produces Shenson and Hickory brands
-Mohawk a subsidiary of Smithfield Foods.
-Smithfield Foods bought by WH foods/Shuanghui Int'l
-WH on it's website claims it is the "largest pork company in the world".

Judoku - Oakland

curious problems existed though patio closed. was there pre-1ish, constant flow of people exiting (none from the front). obviously, patio was packed.

think kitchen is understaffed too.
agree, food is, should be solid.

La Fisheria truck in San Francisco

La Fisheria had signs touting fish tacos but couldn't find it on their menu.
tried to order the mixta(various ingredients)taco, cashier asked
if i wanted tilipia or ?, obviously she doesn't know the menu.

went with tostada ceviche(3) tilipia bits with various seasonigs. deliz.

Pietisserie opens in Lake Merritt [Oakland]

dropped by today and looks like construction just got started.
btw, next to Pie.. is Akai Cafe Kalli, selling mexican coffee (chipas and Oaxaca)., smooth, bold, a steal for a med (1.75)

Judoku - Oakland

on the contrary, there's a "noodles" (soda, udon, ramen) and "tempera" (tempera, and karaage, oyster, chicken et al)section. yep there's 2 pages of rolls/maki.

noticed a patio in the rear.
for some reason, service was slow and uneven. i arrived before others, yet others get their orders taken and food arrived earlier.
(20 minutes before someone took my order).
korean chirashi an option, choose regular chirashi.
-sashimi was fresh but previously frozen cold.
(most korean sushi places have his problem).
tables/chairs in front bunched too close together.
food is good. needs ramping up. service dysfunctional.

better pricing at lunch.

Lena's Soul Food Cafe - Oakland

went 1 1/2 years ago. had 8.99 chicken lunch plate. chicken fresh, juicy, sides ok.

99 cents menu available then.
Off the Fork gave it a good writeup.
WingStop previous tenant also operate by Lena people.
don't know how it is now.

Glaze Donuts (Excelsior District, San Francisco)

right on! overview. most crullers i've encountered are "mushy"/soggy. over 50% of donut places didn't have them. either don't make them or sold out....

Glaze Donuts (Excelsior District, San Francisco)

i've never went for the plain. would steer u towards the big donut guys who have high heat broilers that can "flash" fry donuts in a jiffy, i.e. BOB's. small shops wouldn't have the equipment....

Glaze Donuts (Excelsior District, San Francisco)

almost got there. eagle donuts area is the furthest i've gone on mission so far. maybe in the next few months.

Glaze Donuts (Excelsior District, San Francisco)

scrolled thru 1/2 my notes re: worthy french cruellers
-Jelly donut, 1475 sw blvd. rohnert park
-donut and things, 1549 polk st. s.f (chocolate crueller@1)
-all stars, 3070 el cerrito plaza, el cerrito
-sam's donuts, 1160 arnold dr, martinez @1

Glaze Donuts (Excelsior District, San Francisco)

i was there weeks ago. forgot whose french cruller i liked. seldom find one. maybe firm is the wrong description. i like melt in ur mouth types but with a sturdy frame, not soggy. will mention if i find it in my notes.

Glaze Donuts (Excelsior District, San Francisco)

coffee(sara lee)poor quality, skipped
french crueller not egg puff quality, tasted soggy not firm.
donuts looked small here.

did not try ann's.

Top spots for Vietnamese food in Oakland

got the tidbit off their website. not familiar with food from Binh Thuah. food sampling tasty.
expect priciness
fwiw, my pho noodles were wide fresh ones, i prefer the thinner reconstituted kind or thin ones overall.

Top spots for Vietnamese food in Oakland

had a yummy beef pho dac biet(10) @Ma Me House, 416-15th st, msg free. open till 9, closed sat. sun.

Ma Me's food represents the Binh Thuan region of Vietnam.
menu pricier than usual viet eateries.

Sweet Delight Bakery (Excelsior District, San Francisco)

buns were out of sight when i dropped by awhile ago. didn't notice jook either but wasn't looking. tried the siu mai and har gow. no natural tastes. all msg.

Tostilocos and Mexican ice cream in Hayward

Mexican ice is popping all over:
-international in former bar space. (oaktown)
-B st. hayward
-across from mi rancho, hayward
-vermont st, hayward, same as grocery outlet
-hesperian blvd, san lorenzo (proprieter young amigo, friendly, good stuff)
-A st. one opened near hesperian, upper A st near railroad tracks "open soon" for months
-mall, newark
-thorton ave. commercial strip, near book store..
-mission st. sf. not recommeded, got lump of ice instead of ice cream.

Chocolate Chair (Japantown, San Francisco)

seeing chocolate chair for the lst time, i instantly had low expectations. choose the one ingredient (chocolate) they couldn't possibly screw up. they didn't. vanilla probably a safe choice also.

why did i have low expectations? place is little bigger than a bread box. how can they compare with smitten who has an overkill of employees and room?

subzero(sebastopoole) did a fab job with matcha. saw the whole prep.

couldn't brave to watch them make it. luckily the straus and the chocolate carried the day. CC can't make quality nitrogen ice cream on the cheap. ur experience proves it.

SF Chinatown: Good wonton recommendation

Yin Du has too much msg, just average. Hon's more memorable.

SF Chinatown: Good wonton recommendation

Yin Du is just average with lots of msg. had better memories of HOn's though that was long ago.

Cantonese DIm Sum Recommendations for Bay Area

would consider mayflower, union city for value, though items inconsistent. would avoid dublin, terrible service.

Saigon Seafood Harbor, richmond is very good for value.
concur with yank sing, koi palace.
Hong Kong East Ocean, Emeryville has upscale decent dimsum with long waits on weekends.

note:XLB isn't a cantonese specialty, it's northern chinese.

Andytown Coffee Roasters, SF Outer Sunset - Snowy Plover & Scones w/ PICS!

in house roasted coffee, drip@2.25 was a steal
-smooth, bold, easy sipping
-as good as the big boys and cheaper.

scones looked popular but i'm not a scones fan........

Tacos al pastor at Street Taco (Upper Haight, San Francisco)

had the al pastor as well, it was fab!
don't know how they can called it "street taco" when they don't serve brains, lengua, or tripe.

they do have grilled chicken, beef, fish, shrimp which seem geared for the haight clientele.

How often do you get a bad meal in the SF area?

bad food-some, mediocre food-quite a bit, average-hard to say
fairly good-some, fab food-some to rare

results mostly due to drive by dining. grabbing a bite wherever i happen to be. deliberate choices have a higher satisfaction ratio.

Sichuan Invasion Continues -- KL Restaurant on Balboa becomes "Sichuan Table." [San Francisco]

sichuan table's dim sum check off menu had cantonese and northern style dim sum.

shrimp cheung fun(3.80) had silky crepe with crunchy grass-tasty shrimp, obviously farm raised.

Xiao Long Bao (4/3.2) stucked to the aluminum tins. yanking them off broke the skin. meat tasted bland. soup just so so from the droppings left on the plate.

server didn't leave a spoon and the dipping sauce was red vinegar instead of the brownish sauce. doubt XLB made in house, just commercially sourced.
disappointed in what i tried.....

2014 Oakland Oaktoberfest, Sat. 10/4

parking's too big a problem to overcome. stoked to see contra costa's microbreweries all present. Eight Bridges Brewery's "Red Ale" is amazing, potent stuff. tastes like a stout. the contra costa micro's all have great stouts, so does linden.

ale industries has lighter ale fare, also tasty.

note: meter people out in force. any illegal parking will be ticketed. found out the hard way.

Hash : SFBA Dish of the Month October 2014

recently had "eggs benedict benny" (11.95) @pork store cafe/3122 16t st. sf.
-thin lay of corned beef hash amazing fresh, tasty
-eggs benedict pretty good too.

a concord eatery on clayton rd. isn't worth mentioning. tasted canned.

Best Asian in San Francisco

haven't been there in awhile. didn't like the commute from the east bay. also family is scattered all over the country now.

usually had shrimp cheung fun, lobster yee mein, custard (don tat, meatballs and the signature hakka chicken.