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Zola on the Go cart?

I stopped there today, It was the DC Central Kitchen logo that caught my eye - it's a wonderful thing to support in terms of both feeding the needy and providing jobs training. In fact, the guy running the cart was giving a "stay out of trouble" pep talk to a couple of kids in line ahead of me!

As for the food - I think it's great for a truck. In an area of DC that's awash with boring and mediocre chain restaurants, this truck provides great food on the go.

Person ahead of me ordered chicken/mushroom sliders, which looked really good - almost like a philly chicken-chessesteak. I had the homemade veal&stout bratwurst sliders... they were small, but I actually like small portions for lunch and for $5 who can complain. Served in a decent bun (non-food service!) over top homemade slaw, which had hardly any dressing and made for a wonderful accompaniment to the brats on such a hot day.

The portion sizes vary depending on what you order. The brats are smallish, but you get two. The chicken sliders I saw someone get were stuffed to the point of overflowing and would provide a very filling meal.

Just to be clear... the truck is not cooking from scratch - a lot of the stuff has been prepped and precooked, and they're just assembling it, which is fine with me since it's 1) fast; 2) a food truck; 3) using good ingredients; 4) supporting a great cause

Also, I had the homemade potato chips... AWESOME. Sure, it's humid out and they're not super crispy, but great potato flavor, and they had little bit of hot pepper and some shredded gruyere or parmesan lightly covering them. Generous portion, too - good snack to split.

As I said, with a neighborhood with so much mediocre chain and fast-casual food places, I think this food truck is actually a standout and I would highly recommend it. I intend to go back.

The guy in the truck said they're out there 7 days a week. Not sure about hours.

Nabisco's Royal Lunch Milk Crackers have been discontinued

Hey, stuffing-makers... Heritage Mills Lunch Milk crackers are now pretty widely available at Stop'n'Shop, Big Y, and Hannaford Bros all over New England, in NY and NJ. Market Basket also has its own brand. Good luck, and happy stuffing!

Nov 25, 2009
sjsanford in General Topics