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dave, can't wait to make churchkhela when the grapes ripen in napa in october ! as far as the lamb, i'm going to do some experiments and side by side tastings, but there is no way to get the lamb belly that tender without braising the flesh. i do like love that this conversation is happening, especially about georgian food and modern trends.

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hi melanie, you are right. plum season just passed and i collected and made alot of tkemali, so when its gone, it's gone till next year.

Boris Portnoy's Pumpkin Pie

to address the spices, you do roast the whole star anise, then grind it, also i peal the pod of the cardamom to release the seeds, then gride them.

to address the measurements: yes, this makes more spice mix then you need, so feel free to make less of the mix, make alot of pumpkin pies. For me recipes are a guide and the reason i use the metric sysytem is because you can see the ratios much more clearly this way. (1 part this, 2 parts that). as far as the crust this will make at lease two pies, and this is a short crust; it will not get stuck to the pan and this freezes well for the next time you want to make any other pie. I hope that you enjoy cooking and feeding others.

Nov 26, 2009
borisportnoy in Recipes