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Help for foodie basketball fan

My husband and I will be in NOLA this week for a few short days of all the great eating and drinking establishments that the city has to offer (or as many as we can squeeze into 2.5 days). My husband is a huge college basketball fan and his team is playing Thursday at noon. I'm wondering if there is somewhere we can go for a fantastic NOLA style lunch and perhaps sit at the bar to watch the game?
Thanks so much!

Mar 21, 2011
gsoconnell in New Orleans

Pre-Dinner cocktail near Mizuna

Hi everyone,
I have 9:00 pm reservations at Mizuna on Saturday night (so excited) and need a suggestion on where to go for a great cocktail/martini before hand. Love the lancer lounge but not sure it's the right place for pre-mizuna... thoughts? Thanks!

Jun 12, 2009
gsoconnell in Mountain States

Burger and Martini in Denver?

Where would you go tonight for a great burger and perfectly made martini in Denver?

Sep 05, 2008
gsoconnell in Mountain States

longtime Boston hound moving to Denver...

Hey there,
I'm so glad to see so many posts about Denver on here-it seems like there's enough people excited about eating out in this area that we should have our own board! anyway, I am also a recent Boston transplant, and while I do miss A LOT of places back East I have discovered some great finds out here. I live in the highlands neighborhood and by far the best Mexican restaurant around is Taqueria Patzcuaro on 32nd - they have a Carnitas Michoacan that is truly to die for..other faves are Bistro Vendome on Larimer where they serve unbelievable pommes frites - sit at the bar and have the bartender Jameel recommend a great wine for you-you will not be disappointed! I've also had really fabulous meals at both Mizuna and Fruition, as well as at L'Atelier in Boulder. As for wine, I really like the Cost Plus market in cherry creek, they have a very reasonably priced, interesting selection of wines there-(although it's no Trader Joes!) and Superior Liquors in Superior also has a great selection... For wine deals in restaurants check out the coral room in the highlands on Monday nights, and Vita in the highlands as well on Tuesdays for 1/2 priced bottles of wine.......Have a great time exploring Denver's culinary options- and it's true the winters are better- though I don't know about Coors field being more fun than fenway??!!

Jul 18, 2007
gsoconnell in Mountain States