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Perfect Manhattan

Perfect Manhattan has been my drink for many years and I consider this recipe to be the classic proportion--however, I have never used Rye (something to try!) Mostly I use Weller or Maker's Mark. I also add a little cherry juice (2 dashes) with the cherry for a little smoother, sweeter-non-vermouth taste. I rarely stress over the vermouths but have learned not to buy the cheapest on the shelf--any midrange vermouth will work nicely.
Easy to make drinks; hard to order in a bar b/c most wait staff or the bartender receiving the order don't know the distinction and think you are being "cute" rather than ordering something different. Even when they say they know, they don't. (Even in Manhattan--sigh!) A perfect manhattan has a particular color--if you are delivered one too light (straw colored), they forgot the sweet vermouth and have likely given you a dry manhattan--if you are delivered one too reddish brown, they have given you a regular manhattan with no dry vermouth. The best ones I have had are ones that I or friends make at home. If you are a bourbon drinker--there's nothing better!

Jun 07, 2010
chowfrog in Recipes