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Crepes in Little Burgundy

Crepes, such a finicky repast to get right. Spanel does it right, and how. The quality of the food is top drawer. Bechamel sauce can be the downfall of many a dish but theirs was about as perfect as it gets. The chef is from Breton and brings an authentic touch that has been sorely lacking in Montreal. Finding Far Breton on the menu was an unexpected treat. The crèpes salées feature a mix of flours that it just what the dishes call for. A complete surprise was the side salad. He makes his vinagrette with a secret ingredient (I won't give it away-try to figure it out) and the salad is tossed with it just before service. It looked to be a bit much but it is incredibly light and allowed the flavour of the greens to come through. The real 'oh wow' moment though was the Crème de citron dessert crepe. He makes his own lemon cream and it is worth every penny and every delicious bite. This place is very new (only open 9 weeks as of November 9th) and they're mostly busy at noon and for brunch. They are looking to have more people in the evenings and hopefully they will be able to expand their evening menu beyond crepes to attract a wider clientele base. At time of writing their wine list is North American (more surprises) but the prices are amazingly affordable. If you are in the mood for crepes I definitely recommend giving them a try.

1960 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montreal, QC , CA

Oyster Shack

The Oyster Shack just got a new chef. I believe he may be changing their menu for the better. Check out the Valentine's day menu. Quite different from their usual fare.

Oyster Shack
1242 Rue Bishop, Montreal, QC H3G2E3, CA

Good places in Verdun?

Hecho en Mexico @ 4816 Wellington near 4th Avenue is, IMHO, a much more authentic Mexican restaurant. The portions are bigger, the prices are much & the staff more knowledgeable.

Hecho en Mexico in Verdun - Heavenly authentic food - Casual dining

Hecho en Mexico (514) 439-3868 located at 4816 Wellington in Verdun (close to 4th Avenue) is a tiny hidden gem. It is very small, only about 16 tables indoors and the same in the terrace in back where they grow their own herbs. This place features truly superb authentic Mexican cuisine at incredible prices. Charming if small staff (2 wait staff). There is no menu, but a huge board with specials that are changed almost daily. Great drinks both fruity & alcoholic at insanely great prices. This a brand new establishment & there might be a kink or 2 to work out but on the whole - fabulous. If you think the service is a little slow, remember that it's very new and very small. Believe me, it's worth the wait though we have been there a number of times and have always been served promptly. Great homemade food like this takes time to prepare. That's what appetizers and cocktails are for! Already booked my birthday party here!

New years in Montreal

Depends what sort of budget you have. All the better restos downtown only take reservations for New Years and usually have a fixed table d'hote. If you're looking for excellent steaks try either the Rib and Reef (older crowd) or if money is no object try the Queue de Cheval.

Traditional Quebec Christmas foodstuffs

As I posted to williej about lamb tourtiere: Try La Maison du Roti they are restaurant suppliers open to the public. Also go east for less expensive goodies at the Marché Maisonneuve 4445, rue Ontario Est.

Downtown Business Lunch - No peanuts & Veg. friendly

Allo Inde is over on Stanley and, as with most Indian restos very vegetarian friendly meals available and quite classy. Their sag paneer is a winner in my books.

Anyone tried Fang Chi? (Malaysian)

Fang chi Is one of the very best Chinese delivery places I know of. I'm madly in love with their orange beef (lovely pieces of orange rind everywhere) and my better half swears by their General Tao. Their fried bananas are a treat. My best friend is enamored of their cashew chicken (it's quite good). The have 15 "Specialités de la maison" on the menu at $7.95 with eggroll and wonton soup included as well as the usual à la carte and combos. You can also order the spicy dishes to your taste pretty much (as in mild or extra spicy).
Caveat: we're talking delivery here. This is not a top-of-the-line Chinese or Thai place but, on a cold winter night opening that brown paper bag is heavenly and the quality is quite passable.