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Slow Cooker Chicken Soup

i made this with a few modifications, and it is absolutely wonderful. i started the cooker at bedtime, and woke up at 6AM to shred the chicken - and it felt like the entire house was bursting with flavor at that wee hour :-)

first, i had to adjust for the fact that i have a 4 quart crock pot - so instead of a full chicken, i used about 3 lbs of breast, leg and thigh (and with bone and skin on).

second, to give it an asian twist, i substituted 4 star anise pods for the bay leaf, cilantro for the parsley, and used a combination of (leftover) cooked rice and quinoa for the starch. i also threw in a few baby bok choy and handful of shitake mushrooms (both in a large rough dice) at the start. and i left out the thyme.

to reiterate - this smells, looks and tastes heavenly. perfect as the weather turns... and hard to go wrong with such a simple technique...

Nov 24, 2013
krishs in Recipes

White Chicken Chili

Great recipe - i made this with the following modifications.

After browning the chicken pieces, I then sauteed some fresh ground chicken and set that aside with the rest - added to the overall body and robustness, i thought.

After step 4, I put everything into a slow cooker - the chicken at the bottom, followed by the dried canellini beans (not canned), the sauteed veggies, and poured the stock all over.

Closed it, set it for 6 hours on low - gave it a stir every 60 min or so. turned out fantastic. Chicken was velvety soft, the beans were well integrated, did not need the mashing described in step 7.

The only learning was that the chicken was so soft and tender off the bone that i had to hunt hard to find the skin and bones and cartilage that i did not want to eat. But not a big deal - next time I would shred the chicken around the 4 hour mark and toss everything back in for another 2 hours.

Strongly recommend dried beans - if you use a slow cooker, you can skip the overnight soaking, and the beans are not mushy when done.

Kids loved it! If doing for adults, I would (at a minimum) double the peppers :-)

Oct 25, 2012
krishs in Recipes

Top Japanese restaurants in Tokyo

i think it depends on where in tsukiji you go to, i NEVER go to the place(s) mentioned in the guidebooks... in fact, i go to the place right next door to one of them - zero lines, great sashimi/sushi, and i dont recall having ever paid more than 2,600. never been to kyubeh, but its on my list now.

Jun 12, 2011
krishs in Japan

Top Japanese restaurants in Tokyo

Omae XEX is nice but for teppan cuisine, but I probably prefer Kurodaya in Roppongi - it is a bit more traditional. For shojin ryori (buddhist temple food), strongly recommend Izusen in Setagaya ward - Itosho in Azabu-juban is a small shojin place that is really really nice, not so well known. For sushi, I think the best value is still Tsukiji market at 6:30am.

Jun 12, 2011
krishs in Japan

Adding egg to your oatmeal?

tried it this morning... cooked oatmeal the regular way, about half a cup with water with a pinch of salt. when it was almost done, i turned off the heat, cracked an egg into it, a fistful of grated parmesan, and a generous amount of freshly ground pepper. stirred vigorously to combine and cook the egg through. the final texture was creamy, like grits. topped with some toasted crushed walnuts, tamari/soy, and more pepper. fantastic! definitely a repeat, perhaps with an additional egg the next time

Feb 10, 2011
krishs in Home Cooking