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Please help... need to bring out the big guns for mother-in-law's visit!

I haven't been back to Tampa/St Pete in a couple of years, so I am completely out of the loop when it comes to good restaurants. My MIL is visiting on Sunday, and I need a good restaurant that serves great lunch! I'm thinking seafood, French, or any standard American fare around the Tampa bay area. I really liked the view at Castaways on Courtney Campbell a few years ago, but I don't remember being wowed by the food. Can you please help an anxious daughter-in-law out and suggest something "classy"(for lack of a better term)? Thanks so much!!

Aug 06, 2011
greennikkidog in Florida

Where to get Teppanyaki in Boston?

I liked Bisuteki, mainly because they really DO let you get any entree for free on your birthday. My husband and I had the "Sea of Japan" and my brother-in-law had scallops. The restaurant itself was very clean, the waitstaff friendly. I would rate the food as being mediocre, but that's kind of what you expect at a Teppanyaki restaurant. We even got a free slice of cheesecake with a birthday candle on it! Definitely worth going on your birthday for the freebies, but not for the food itself.

Where to get Teppanyaki in Boston?

Thanks guys, for all the responses! :) It's my husband's birthday today, so we're going to try out Bisuteki tonight. You're supposed to get a free entree there on your birthday. I'll let you know how it goes...

Where to get Teppanyaki in Boston?

Thanks Pete! Any idea if it's good? :)

Where to get Teppanyaki in Boston?

Hi, I was wondering where to get teppanyaki in Boston. I realize the concept of teppanyaki is cheesy and not necessarily "gourmet" but my husband really likes it, so I'd like to take him to a teppanyaki restaurant. Can anyone help? Thanks! :)

Any good tappanyaki places in Tampa/St Pete?

We're visiting my parents from Boston, and my husband wants to eat at a teppanyaki place. So far, we've been to Arigato, which was kind of gross and dingy(both the food and the atmosphere). Is there a restaurant with better teppanyaki? Thanks for your help! :)

Nov 23, 2009
greennikkidog in Florida