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Weekend in KC, restaurant & bar suggestions?

Ha, ha it is a total HOLE IN THE WALL, but gosh I wish I could dig up the photo I have of their amazingly naughtly and delicious BLT sandwich. Oh, and of course their wings, ha ha.

Oct 11, 2012
retrotravelgirl in Great Plains

Weekend in KC, restaurant & bar suggestions?

Hello Annie86x,

I happen to pop over to this thread and wanted to give my "2 cents".

For BBQ in my opinion the first stop on our KC trips is Arthur Bryants then afterwards to some of the other local joints - everyone has their favs.

Also another must have eat for us is Strouds for their fried chicken and fresh cinnamon rolls served with your meal.

For a dive bar with the most amazing wings and BLT sandwiches - OMG - is The Peanut in Quality Hill:


Oct 11, 2012
retrotravelgirl in Great Plains

Four Days in Kansas City for all your can eat!

Hello everyone,

I have been online searching for some new great "whole in the wall" favs during my visit to KC, MO in December. I am there usually once a year and my old standbys are Strouds, Gates, Arthur Bryants, Classic Cookie, Succotash and a great littel lunch joint in Lawrence.

This time in addtion I am looking for some new places maybe some from the show DDD on the Food Network or some of yours. I am espcially interested in homemade breakfast places(biscuits and gravy), Red Velvet cupcakes, BBQ and local southern food.

If you want to add any other travel tips go right ahead!!!!!



Nov 22, 2009
retrotravelgirl in Great Plains