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Westlake Village coffee and eats

Carrara Pastries in Agoura next to Hugos two brothers from Lucca
Italy make authentic pastry and cakes with excellant expresso.
Another location in Moorpark has gelato and pannini.Top quality.
Besides other places mentioned there is a latino market takeout only named
Establos on Hillcrest across from Sears. On Saturdays they have
menudo but sellout early. They have huge burritos very reasonable. Finally Darland for Persian food on TO blvd is quite good for the area.

Aug 31, 2014
smiling ed in Los Angeles Area

Restaurant San Mateo to Palo Alto.

Our party of 10 ages 12 to 70 need recs in above area for bistro type
setting and large menu and casual but not only a burger place. Decent
chain restaurants ok.

Hong Kong foodie visiting for 1 day to eat: Where do I take her?

Cafe del Rey in Marina del Rey is a relaxing experience
for out of town visitors. The food is tasty too.

Nov 19, 2013
smiling ed in Los Angeles Area

Costcos in the Bay Area - What Differences Have You Found?

By chance I was at Redwood City Costco visiting from SoCal
shopping for back to school goodies for grandson and asked
a mgr I noticed quite a few items not available down south,
duck,tomahawk steaks blue tortilla chips and truvia ect and
his comment was this store is the try out place for new items
in the chain. Last year they had duck and I searched in
vain in socal costco without finding this item. He said they are
always trying new exciting items.

Suckling Pig Dinner in Ventura

Sidecar Restaurant offers a sucking pig dinner for min 8 people for
$350 includes several courses and dessert.For details call restaurant. I
must say this was an outstanding dining experience the chef did a
great job. The sucking pig was about 20 lbs too much for 8 so we took
home quite a bit. A friend that sells produce at a farmers market met
the chef and lined up the meal. It must be ordered a week in advance
We brought our own wine and corkage was $15. The restaurant is
not downtown Ventura but rather in an older section off main street.

Feb 04, 2013
smiling ed in Los Angeles Area

Polish Food in SFV

Of course we have kiska replied the girl in European Meat Specialties
a smoke house on Saticoy and Coldwater in N Hollywood. The day
before Richard a polish lad orginally from Buffalo was planning to fly
some in so we ordered a coupled of links and some Veyskaya Kielbasa to
take home. Driveing home on Victory a sign caught my eye PIROSHKI
HOUSE. Slamming on the brakes i ducked into the mini mall to check it
out. This is a Russian Polish tiny bakery that make Piroshki and Ponchik
a kind of deep fried donut filled with cream.( After a really nasty cholestrol
test just a few days before I had to go easy so I`ll just pass this on to
interested hounds to check out) 14053 Victory Blvd Van Nuys nr Woodman. What a great day!

Dec 21, 2012
smiling ed in Los Angeles Area

Sourcing Truffle Oil and Wild Mushrooms in NW LA Area

Re: Italian truffle oil - Montl Carlo Deli in Burbank in the past carried truffle oil and dried
porcini mushrooms. Thats the first place I would try.

Sep 25, 2012
smiling ed in Los Angeles Area

Santa Paula butcher Ventura County

Re Santa Paula Butcher they don`t have a retail counter. You get them a cow they give you
back steaks ect. They will also line you up with a farmer for the animals. My only interest was
in sausages .

Sep 24, 2012
smiling ed in Los Angeles Area

Brit chef visiting California! wanting to buy cool stuff to take home.....

Hi check out Costco on Washington Blvd in Commerce. This store has only restaurant supplies
no liquor or pharmacy. Nice selection too of tools knives scales plates ect and chef coats
very resonable. Huge selection of commererically packed food items. Even Heinz catsup inthe
old bottles plus minis ect and huge flour selection. Recently boughtpolenta in 5 lb
canvas bag and other items not usually available such as a canister that makes whipped cream.
Allow at least an hour to check out. Its right at Washington Blvd and the 5 Freeway

Sep 10, 2012
smiling ed in Los Angeles Area

Visit to LA from NYC

Hi Cafe del Rey in Marina del Rey has a very nice brunch and they serve California Cuisine
Went there on Sunday and one of us had a lamb burger which looked very good.
I had duck confit hash with potatoes and eggs. Price is $35 includes apt and desert and
a mimosa or champagne. It righf on the water and is very laid back compared to NYC.

Sep 05, 2012
smiling ed in Los Angeles Area

where to buy saffron?

Re Saffron besides Surfas most Middle East Markets Like Valley Foods in Reseda and
Q Markets in Encino have it at the cash register. Its from Iran and comes in small amounts
and the quality is good but look for the expirstion date.

Aug 28, 2012
smiling ed in Los Angeles Area

Italian Pastries in Moorpark

Carrara Pastries ,Moorpark,Ca on LA Ave. Very small shop featuring Fine Italian Pastries in a strip mall
on LA Ave. Dropped in today for first time and while not expecting much was very surprised at the
quality. The owner is from Lucca Italy and obviously is a very skilled baker. We bought the Cannoli and
Sfogliatelle which is the best we've had on the West Coast. Yes we have been to Eagle Rock Bakery.

Jul 01, 2012
smiling ed in Los Angeles Area

Sea Harbour - overrated and I sure don't like being insulted by waiters...

Actually I find the service outstanding. They always have two floor managers plus waiters and
servers plus the girls that are at the front and take you to the table and ask for your tea order,
whats the big deal let the party begin. I`ve seen more rude overdemanding customers in
Chinese Restaurants than bad service and whats with the msg are you kidding. Bad food and
bad service at Sea Harbour no way.

Jun 13, 2012
smiling ed in Los Angeles Area

Name This Restaurant aka the foolish diner

Rose Champagne can be pricey Don Ruinert and Krug ect I guess $200 at retail. Chinois on
Main has some pricey selections. Years ago at the Scandia I ordered California Lobster and
didn,t notice the lb symbol below the price ouch but it was best and biggest lobster I ever had.

2709 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405

Oct 25, 2011
smiling ed in Los Angeles Area

Little Italy Bencotto or Davanti Enoteca

Tks for the comments. Went to Bencotto and had a good time. El Chevere is right on. In general
would return but my wife was really turned off by the pumpkin ravoili. Too sweet and the dough
was gummy. I had black tagliatelle with a shrimp tomato sauce. While the pasta was very good
the sauce with tons of very good shrimp was a little rich. The overall experience service and
vibe was very positive and the prices were fair. I look forward to returning to Bencotto on
our next visit to San Diego. Also tried Craft and Commerce on Friday. I need to return
to this place too to figure it out . ( why no fish except mussels?) Tks all

Oct 16, 2011
smiling ed in San Diego

Little Italy Bencotto or Davanti Enoteca

Visiting Chowhound. From recent posts guessing these are two good choices in Little Italy. Both
seem to have interesting menus please comment its one or the other as within short distance of
our hotel.Tks

Oct 15, 2011
smiling ed in San Diego

Chowtastic Recs for Tarzana/Reseda

Shamshiri Persian on Tampa and Roscoe is very good. I like the whitefish for lunch. Also
BCD tofu on Saticoy and I think Lindley is also very reasonable and the Greenland marketplace on Sherman Way and White Oak has an Korean Restaurant in the plaza. You
have a great epicenter to find numerous small restaurants in the area.

Shamshiri Restaurant
19249 Roscoe Blvd, Northridge, CA 91324

Aug 27, 2011
smiling ed in Los Angeles Area

Visiting LA Chowhound Little Italy

Any good eats in Little Italy? A few weeks ago we visited San Diego for first time in ten years.
Got lucky on recs from this board and went to Hobsons and the Grant Grill and El Pescador
in La Jolla. Would definateley return to all three.
The gaslight district seems to have some interesting wine bars? Any good Italian in the Gaslight?

Aug 27, 2011
smiling ed in San Diego

Where Can We Buy a Few Hundred Pounds of Hatch Chili Cheaply?

I just bought hatch chilies at Jons for 1.00 lb very good and very hot

Aug 18, 2011
smiling ed in Los Angeles Area

Tomato sauce HELP!!

Start with sauteing some garlic and onion in olive oil. You can then add sausage, chicken
a nd a pork chop. Add tomatoes spices wine and cook for several hours for a typical
ragu. Some also add puree.

Aug 17, 2011
smiling ed in Home Cooking

European Deluxe Sausage Kitchen

located in a small storefront on 9109 Olympic in Beverly Hills is a real German smokehouse
with all kinds of sausages and smoked meats. They have an impressive walkin smoker
in back of the store. We bought a german wurst they called summer sausage and some
italian sausage. Located near Beverly on Olympic and on the same side as Vendome any
fan of german food should check it out. Its been there for at least 10 years and not posh
by any means and the prices are very fair.

European Deluxe Sausage Kitchen
9109 W Olympic Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Apr 12, 2011
smiling ed in Los Angeles Area

Where can I find fresh octopus?

Greenland market on Sherman way and white oak has baby octopus very reasonable.also
The mini food court has a Chinese place that I really enjoy for their fresh made noodles in soup.the market is mainly Korean.

Apr 07, 2011
smiling ed in Los Angeles Area

SANTA MONICA SEAFOOD- For those with more money than brains

Try Ralphs on Bundy and SM Blvd. My local Ralphs has decent wild caught Red Snapper
from Canada at $6.99 per lb and the Salmon is ok too. But you need to find out the best
days to go. In the past American Fish was Ralphs main seafood supplier but recently that
may have changed. Also a lot depends on the staff maning the fish department and whether
they put the fish directly on the ice or not. I will not buy fish sitting on ice it should be on
a tray or something not on the ice but many at Ralphs don`t bother.

Mar 27, 2011
smiling ed in Los Angeles Area

Anything good to eat in Thousand Oaks?

My wife loves Tuscany in Westlake Village also Saddlepeak Lodge in Calabasas for steaks
these are rather expensive but good. For fun and pub grub check out Ladyface Brewery in
Agoura Hills> Stick to fare like burgers and fries the microbrewery has a good vibe and is fun.

Jan 20, 2011
smiling ed in Los Angeles Area

Best Chinese Restaurant in Southern California?

Sea Harbour is clearly in a class by itself when it comes to Dim Sum and I would venture the
guess its one of the best in the USA. I once asked the manager if his food was as good as his
sister restaurants in China which I believe are in Peking and he said the Restaurant in Peking
was much larger seating 500 and had a much bigger selection of DimSum as they could employ
more people. I found Sea Harbour by accident when driving down Rosemead and saw a parking
lot overflowing with expensive cars and checked it out and have been a happy customer ever
since then and by the way the service is terrific too and the prices also beyond fair.

Jan 20, 2011
smiling ed in Los Angeles Area

Did Red Medicine commit suicide?

By the way isn't Red Medicine kinda a dumb name for a Restaurant?

Dec 23, 2010
smiling ed in Food Media & News

Sushi question - with a few stipulations.

Sushi Go 55 is outstanding and they have a few cooked dishes like spider roll and fried oysters
while not in the same league I like Noshi Sushi on Beverly and they have Tempura and the prices
are very reasonable. The rolls are huge its like a family style sushi place that has been there
foreever ,warning cash only. Regarding Mori this place is in my opinion overpriced with attitude.
It really has snob appeal although I must say the fish quality is good but the portions so small you
can hardly see them. My Japanese friend an expert says Sushi in LA is in serious decline with
only 4 or 5 being worthwhile. He says the orginal owner of Katsu is one of the people to follow.

Sushi Go 55
333 S Alameda St Ste 317, Los Angeles, CA 90013

Noshi Sushi
4430 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90004

306 Rosecrans Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Dec 03, 2010
smiling ed in Los Angeles Area

Oysters stir fried with ginger garlic and green onion.

My addition of sugar was about 1tsp per pot maybe 2 at most for about a quart of tea so this is not
coca cola sweet but seemed to refresh my palate during the meal. However being from Italian
parents I will never accept the idea of pineapple on pizza so I know where your coming from.

Dec 02, 2010
smiling ed in Los Angeles Area

Oysters stir fried with ginger garlic and green onion.

Thanks for the info on the oysters,salmon and adding sugar to tea. Regarding adding milk to Chardonnay you might be surprised that skim milk or casein is a fining agent that is added
to Chardonnay in Burgundy to reduce bitterness before bottling. Gelatin along with some
tannin is also used depending on the wine. Personally I only recently had the nerve to ask
for sugar in a good Chinese Restaurant like Sea Harbour but their Jasmine tea is a little harsh
and the sugar rounds it out a liitle.

Dec 01, 2010
smiling ed in Los Angeles Area

Oysters stir fried with ginger garlic and green onion.

I have always enjoyed this dish at Full House Seafood in Chinatown but wonder if there are
places in SGV I might check out. Also I have never seen Salmon in Chinese Restaurant and I
assume its not popular?Another question for the experts why don`t the Chinese add sugar to the
tea while I`m told the Chinese don`t like really dry wine. A lifetime fan of most things Chinese.

Full House Seafood Restaurant
1220 S Golden West Ave, Arcadia, CA 91007

Dec 01, 2010
smiling ed in Los Angeles Area