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Hello, 4 of us are planning on going here for dinner tomorrow. Not sure if we'll get the 4 or the 6 course yet. Just wanted to check if there were any recommendations from the current menu - http://www.juninyc.com/menus/dinner? Thank you!

Mar 09, 2015
indiefoodie in Manhattan

La grenouille recap

In case any one else is interested in something similar - 3 of us ended up going on a Saturday around 12:30-1:00 PM. The bar area was empty when we got there so we were seated immediately. The bartender was great! He was very helpful with our wine selection and then proceeded to tell us about the souffles on offer. The menu had some seasonal ones but we ended up getting the chocolate, the Grand Marnier and the pistachio. We all agreed that they were very-very good. The least favorite was the pistachio. It seemed to taste more of almonds than pistachios and had a sight bitter after taste. The others were super delicious! Apparently, they offer some savory ones for lunch so I'll probably check those out at some point. Thank you all for your help!

Mar 06, 2015
indiefoodie in Manhattan

Please help figure out foodie destinations in France (take 2)!

Thank you! A quick question regarding car rentals while touring wine country - how do people usually manage with wine tastings, wine lunches, dinners, etc? By having a designated driver?

Feb 24, 2015
indiefoodie in France

Please help figure out foodie destinations in France (take 2)!

Thanks! Would you happen to know how do Dijon and Beaune compare in terms of food? What are some of the factors that would influence picking one over the other (except getting to Dijon from Paris seems relatively simpler). I was reading about Beaune and it does seem like a charming town but I'm not sure if 2 days would be too much there.

Feb 22, 2015
indiefoodie in France

Please help figure out foodie destinations in France (take 2)!

Thanks. I think out of the 3 cities that I mentioned, Dijon is the southern most. I would have thrown Bordeaux into contention but it's just too far for a 2 day trip (another time I guess :)

Feb 22, 2015
indiefoodie in France

Please help figure out foodie destinations in France (take 2)!

Thank you everyone! I tried reading up some more on Dijon, Rennes & Rouen. From what I gathered:

* Dijon
- About 90 min from Paris by train.
- Escargots, Beef bourguignon, Oeufs en meurette, etc.
- Excellent wines near the city. Not sure if a day trip to Beaune is advisable.

* Rennes
- About 2.25 hours from Paris by Train
- Fish, shellfish, crepes and lamb

* Rouen
- 70 min by by train from Paris
- Apples, dairy, seafood

Based on the above, I'm a little drawn towards Dijon. How does the food there rate against Rennes & Rouen? And, in general as compared to other food centric cities in France?

I was initially interested in Lyonnaise cuisine but a lot of people seem to feel that it may not offer a lot of diversity as compared to Paris.

Thank you!

Feb 22, 2015
indiefoodie in France

Please help figure out foodie destinations in France (take 2)!


I was trying to plan a trip to France last year and received some great advice in http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/987328. However, I wasn't able to make it then.

I am planning on trying this again but the logistics have changed a little (which is why I decided to start a new thread). Taking that into consideration, I would really appreciate if I could get some help in figuring out where should we go.


1. It's a group of 3 people (last time, it was only me) and we'll be there the 1st week of May
2. We're in France only for 7 days (discounting the days we fly in and fly back
)3. We would prefer not to but if required, we can rent a car for short drives
4. None of us speak French and we all love food :)

I would definitely like to go to Paris. The last time, the options that had come up included Lyon, Nice, Dijon, Avignon, Bordeaux, St Jean de Luz, Arles, etc. However, this was when I thought I had 4 days to spend outside Paris.

Given that we'll be there only for 7 days, we would like to spend 5 days in Paris and 2 days in some other town. The priorities are:

1. Great food that may not be the best/easily available in Paris.
2. A relatively smaller town. One of my friends wants to spend some time in the French countryside so a day trip that would facilitate that would be great.

I have been reading up on the recommendations that were given the last time and it seems like Nice is a little too far for just 2 days. The other places that really caught my eye were Dijon (good food, day trips for wine, not a very big city, etc.) & Bordeaux (similar reasons).

Any suggestions on which one to pick between the two (or a different place)? Thank you!

Feb 21, 2015
indiefoodie in France

Aquavit vastly exceeded expectations!

Thanks. I've been to Betony and Batard. I think I preferred the food at Batard and the ambiance at Betony. The former was loud (I went after they made some changes to reduce the decibel level) and although, the food at the latter was good, nothing was memorable for me. Still need to go to EMP.

I think you nailed it - "bleeding edge". That is a very good way to describe Aquavit. I wonder what other places in NYC are doing similar stuff. Ko, Atera, EMP maybe? I do like Modern Bar Room a lot (it's been a while since I went to the Dining Room).

Feb 20, 2015
indiefoodie in Manhattan

Aquavit vastly exceeded expectations!

Hi, we ended up going with the Chef's Tasting and we added a course, the Icelandic Cod. Holy shit! This place is amazing! I think it's very underrated for what it is putting out. Everything was super delicious. For me, the Squab was just OK but apart from that, it was a great meal. I don't know how often do they change their menu (the menu on their site is different from what we got) but I can't wait to go back! Thank you for the suggestions!

Just curious, what are your other favorites in the city?

Feb 20, 2015
indiefoodie in Manhattan

Aquavit vastly exceeded expectations!

Hi, I'm dining at Aquavit tomorrow for the first time and am trying to decide between the 'Chef's tasting menu', the 'Winter tasting menu' & the 'Prix Fixe menu'. Any recommendations?

Also, are there any must haves on the current menu? Thank you!

Feb 05, 2015
indiefoodie in Manhattan

Please critique Memphis choices (researched!!)

Thank you!

Could you please recommend what all should we try at Bryant's (preferably something that NYC may not have or does not do well)? It's OK if it's a little too much food :)

The following looked interesting on the menu:
1. Country Ham (center cut)
2. Country Sausage
3. Smoked Sausage
4. Grilled Pork Tenderloin (not a 100% sure about this though)
5. Grilled Bologna (thick sliced)
6. Homemade Biscuits (For SURE!). Should we get them plain or with something?
7. Country gravy
8. Homemade grits


Excellent lunch today at Haldi in Curry Hill -- Hemant Mathur's new Kolkata-themed restaurant

It's HALDI (and a few other places) - http://blogs.villagevoice.com/forkint...

Haandi is a different place.

Feb 02, 2015
indiefoodie in Manhattan

Please critique Nashville choices (researched!!)

Thank you Pete!

Please critique Nashville choices (researched!!)

Thanks Kimmann. I had made reservations at Catbird (had to stay awake till 1 AM :) and Husk a while ago.

Please critique Nashville choices (researched!!)

Hello, 4 of us will be traveling from NYC to Memphis & Nashville over the President's day long weekend. The primary (probably, the only) objective is to eat the most delicious things that are either not available in NYC or not done well here.

Based on what I read, I tried to come up with a tentative itinerary. I would appreciate some feedback and help in filling up some gaps. Thank you!


1. Saturday (post lunch)
- Catbird Seat
- Patterson House

2. Sunday
- Breakfast/Lunch: Hot Chicken - Confused between Hattie B's, Prince's, Bolton's & 400 Degrees. Any suggestions? Also, thinking about adding Martin's (Is the Nolensville location better than the Belmont one?) to the food tour.
- Dinner: Husk

3. Monday
- Breakfast: Arnold's
- Late Lunch: Peg Leg Porker - Shoulder, Ribs

- Fido, Crema, Portland Brew.

A few questions:

* Any recommendations for bars? Something local that is not too loud would be great! I saw 'Flying Saucer' & 'Broadway Brewhouse' mentioned in some posts. How are they?
* Any other must eats?

Thank you very much!

Please critique Memphis choices (researched!!)

Hello, 4 of us will be traveling from NYC to Memphis & Nashville over the President's day long weekend. The primary (probably, the only) objective is to eat the most delicious things that are either not available in NYC or not done well here.

Based on what I read, I tried to come up with a tentative itinerary. I would appreciate some feedback and help in filling up some gaps. Thank you!


1. Thursday (late night)
- Gibson's Donuts
- Need another late night food place near downtown

2. Friday
- Breakfast/Lunch: Germantown Commisary & Central BBQ
- Dinner: Hog & Hominy (Wasn't able to to get a spot at Iris)

3. Saturday
- Breakfast/Lunch: BBQ Shop & Paynes

We leave for Nashville after that. A few questions:

* I really wanted to try Cozy Corner but I think it's still closed from the fire. Does anyone know when will it open again?
* Any recommendations for Coffee?
* Any recommendations for bars? Something local that is not too loud would be great!
* Any other must eats?

Thank you very much!

La grenouille recap

Thanks. I called them and they confirmed that it would be possible to order drinks and dessert at the bar. However, they do not accept reservations for the bar so I'm not sure what time should I get there during lunch on a Saturday. Does anyone have an idea of what the average wait times are for the bar during lunch on the weekend? Thanks!

Jan 24, 2015
indiefoodie in Manhattan

La grenouille recap

Hello, I have 2 questions about La Grenouille:

1. I looked at the menus on their website and could not find the Chocolate or the Grand Mariner souffles on the lunch or the dinner menus (there were others like Irish Coffee & Passion fruit though). Are the classic ones just not on the menu or did something change?

2. Is it possible to make a reservation (or walk-in) to JUST have a couple of souffles either for lunch or dinner?


Jan 24, 2015
indiefoodie in Manhattan

Please help finalize Austin itinerary (researched!)

Thank you all for the excellent advice! We hit a whole bunch of places (the only big miss was not being able to do the Snow's and Mueller jaunt).

1. Gourdoughs Public House: Tried the Ron Burgundy, Funky Monkey, Flying Pig, Saucy Cock and a few more dishes. This is a nice casual place with better then average bar food. The Ron Burgundy was good. Saucy Cock, the chicken fried steak and everything else was average. We all enjoyed the Funky Money and just plain donuts with honey a lot but the flying pig seemed a little over-hyped, part of the "Hey, this has bacon so it is great!" group but that was just our opinion.

2. East Side King

- ESK@Liberty Bar: Tried the Beet home fries, pork buns, curry buns. I had read about the fries a lot and this is probably good drinking food but we weren't too impressed. The buns were better.

- ESK Thai Kun@Whisler's: Tried the Waterfall pork, Isaan sausage. This seemed like better food. The sausage was spiced nicely and flavorful. The Waterfall Pork was pretty spicy but was enjoyed by everyone.

3. Via 313@Craft Pride: Tried the Cadillac, Carnivore and a couple of vegetarian pizzas that I don't remember. The Cadillac was probably my favorite. Although we all enjoyed the pizzas, I didn't think they were super delicious or anything (maybe I just prefer the NY and Neopolitan style more). We sat in the backyard, got some good beers and enjoyed the pizzas while catching up and I would go back for that whole experience but probably not just for the pies.

4. El Meson: Unfortunately, we could only make it here on a Sunday so we had to go to the S. Lamar location and I was not aware that during the day, they only have brunch. It wasn't bad but it was underwhelming. I remember the last time the Burleson location blowing us away but this was an OK meal.

5. Veracruz All Natural@E Cesar Chavez: We tried a bunch of Tacos (Fish, Chicken mole, El Pastor, Migas), a couple of Breakfast Tacos and a few drinks. It was all good but I really liked the Chorizo & Egg breakfast taco. It was recommended by the friendly who was taking orders and handing out food.

6. Franklin BBQ: One of the reasons we decided to visit Austin! We tried the brisket (of course :), ribs, pulled pork, sausage, all the sides and a couple of pies. The brisket was the clear winner by a big distance. The ribs were good and I don't really remember what the pulled pork was line. The sausage was just OK. The sides were good and the pies were a nice end to the meal (we preferred the pecan to the key lime). I would go back to this place for the brisket!

7. Barley Swine: All of us liked this place a lot. For the price, this is very-very good!

8. Uchiko: This was my second time here. The last time I had come, I had enjoyed everything except their sushi. We did the 10 course menu and requested a few things (The Egg & Ham roll, Jar-Jar duck and the Hot stone beef). Think my favorite dish was the Jar-Jar duck, least favorite was a avocado wrap. I do think that this time their sushi was better than last time, the sashimi a tad better than the sushi but I would absolutely not come here if I'm in the mood for a sushi/sashimi omakase. Cooked dishes seemed to be their strength the last time I was here and my second visit strengthens that theory. Think we tried all their desserts and they were very-very good!

9. la BBQ: We went here on the 3rd at 11:00 AM. Not sure if it was because they were closed on the 1st & the 2nd or because there was a game that day but they had a serious line. It took us 1.5 hours to get our food and by that time they were out of the beef rib :( It's interesting that we ordered 90 minutes after they opened and they were already out of it. Anyways, their brisket was absolutely delicious! They slice it thicker than Franklin's. If someone wants to skip the line at Franklin's, this is a perfect alternative. We really liked their pork ribs as well (better than Franklin's). Interestingly, they add sauce on top. The turkey was good for turkey but it's really wasting space in your stomach that could have been used for more brisket :) I did not like their sausage a lot. Also tried a pulled pork sandwich. Just OK. I would go back for the brisket, the pork ribs and to try the beef rib!

10. Lick Ice Cream: Tried a bunch of flavors including the goat cheese. They were all good but I didn't feel that this was that special. Maybe we were all just stuffed since we went here right after Barley Swine (it's right next to it).

11. Flat Track Coffee: This was my favorite out of the lot. Tried an espresso and a another style (forgot the name) and enjoyed both. I ended up going here a couple of times.

12. Vintage Heart Coffee: Tried an americano here. It was decent, no complaints but nothing that would make me want to go back.

13. Texas Coffee Traders Coffee: I wanted to get an aeropress here but they said that they were busy since it was the weekend so I settled for an americano. It wasn't bad but my least favorite out of all the coffee places that I visited. But, this place was pretty packed (and I got here a minute after they opened) so maybe something was off with my coffee.

14. Wright Bros. Brew and Brew Coffee: I got an aeropress here. I liked it. Second best after Flat Track.

15. Whisler: Tried a whole bunch of drinks. Everything was decent, nothing memorable. It's probably unfair to compare this to the likes of Dead Rabbit but after having been to DR numerous times, it's hard not to end up comparing cocktails anywhere to what I've had there. A great place to chill and char over drinks though.

16. Firehouse Lounge: Pretty much the same experience as the above. However, this place is loud! It's interesting because I would have imagined that people prefer cocktail bars to be a conducive to conversation (if I wanted bone jarring music, I would probably go to a club) but that does not seem to be the case here.

All in all a great trip once again. I was already an Austin fan and I managed to get quite a few of my friends to join the club :) Thank you all once again for helping me organize a delicious trip!

Jan 07, 2015
indiefoodie in Austin

Visiting London from NYC. Please help critique itinerary (researched)

I just found a note that my bartender from Nightjar (Tony) had given me when I asked him about other cocktail bars that he liked:

1. Callooh Callay
2. 69 Colebrook Row
3. Artesian Bar
4. Mr. Foggy's
5. Purl
6. Lounge Bohemia
7. Happiness Forgets
8. Bam-Bou bar

Also, he recommended the food at The Grain Store.

Dec 20, 2014
indiefoodie in U.K./Ireland

Please help finalize Austin itinerary (researched!)

Thank you everyone!

Considering that El Naranjo is closed for the week, what is a good sit down Mexican place for dinner? Hencho En Mexico, Polvos, Fonda San Miguel, something else? Going back to La Condesa is also an option I guess but I wanted to try a new place if possible.

Also, any suggestions for some cool bars that are not too loud, where we can hang out, sip on delicious drinks and chat? We had gone to Bunglow on Rainey the last time and the drinks were ordinary but we liked the casual vibe a lot.


Dec 16, 2014
indiefoodie in Austin

Please help finalize Austin itinerary (researched!)

Thank you! Based on what I gathered, Gourdough's Public House is open on the 31st. As is Banger's & Radio Coffee & Beer (BUT, Veracruz said that they are not sure yet and asked me to call back later). We're staying at a hotel close to Rainey Street.

The New Year's Day problem still needs to be solved. No idea which Taco places are open and what to do for dinner.

Yes, I confirmed that Franklin is open on the 2nd. Think LA BBQ is closed on the 1st and the 2nd.

What time would you suggest we be at Snow's?

The thing is that we could probably get something similar to Uchiko but NYC is nowhere close to Austin when it comes to Mexican food. That is why, I was leaning towards a Mexican dinner. Last time we had gone to La Condesa and liked it. This time, I was planning on El Naranjo but apparently, they are closed for the week. Not sure what are other good options here.

Time should not be an issue on Sunday. However, I need to check with everyone and see if they would prefer BBQ@LA or Fonda before we fly out. Having read some conflicting reports about the brunch there, I wanted to check if the food there is good.


Dec 14, 2014
indiefoodie in Austin

Please help finalize Austin itinerary (researched!)

Hello, 7 of us will be visiting Austin over New Years. I had come last year and had a great time (http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/904822)! We all are looking to do something similar :)
Obviously, BBQ and Mexican food are the top priorities and maybe one or two sit down dinners (last time it was Uchiko & La Condesa). I have come up with a potential list of places. I was looking for some feedback on those. Also, I have a few questions that I'd appreciate help with. Thank you!

> Dec 31st (Wed): This will be late night since we all fly in that day.
- Dinner: Gourdoughs@S. Lamar (they serve food from their 'Main Menu' till they close, right?
) * Other options: Veracruz All Natural@Radio Coffee & Beer OR Banger's on Rainey street OR one of the ESKs OR El Meson (this depends on whether our flight is on time)

> Jan 1st (Thu): This is the big problem right now since a lot of the places are closed (I checked Uchiko, Barley Swine, Stiles Switch, Louie Mueller, Franklin, LA & El Naranjo).

- Breakfast+Lunch: Tacos & stuff (Need to narrow this down to 2 places)

* I called both El Meson locations and the S. Lamar one said that they will be open but the other one said that they will be closed which makes me doubts if the former will be open or not.

* I want to try Veracruz All Natural but I'm not sure if they would be open or not, esp. the Radio Coffee & Beer location.

* Any other places should we consider?

- Dinner: No clue

> Jan 2nd (Fri):
- Breakfast+Lunch: Franklin
- Dinner: Barley Swine

> Jan 3rd (Sat):
- Breakfast+Lunch: Snow's@Lexington + Louie Mueller@Taylor
- Dinner: Mexican - Sit down Mexican (El Naranjo is closed for the week so Hencho En Mexico OR Polvos) OR Uchiko

> Jan 4th (Sun)
- Breakfast + Lunch: LA BBQ OR Brunch@Fonda San Miguel
Other eats:

* Dessert: Lick Ice Cream
* Tacos & stuff : Pinos, Mi Madres, Mi Ranchito, Taco More


Dec 14, 2014
indiefoodie in Austin

Please help finalize Bangkok destinations (researched!!)

Thanks! I have T&K on my list.

Please help finalize Chiang Mai destinations (researched!!)

Based on all the comments, I tried to come up with a rough schedule:

Wednesday: Breakfast - Thanin Market; Lunch - Solao; Dinner - Chiang Mai Gate Market
Thursday: Breakfast - Huen Phen; Lunch - Khao Soi Samerjai; Dinner - Tong
Friday: Breakfast - Cin Haw Market; Lunch - Sorn Chan; Dinner - Chiang Phuek Gate Market
Saturday: Breakfast - Warorot Market; Lunch - Khao Soi Khun Yai; Dinner - Wulai Market

Is there something that I should change? Thanks!

Please help finalize Bangkok destinations (researched!!)

Thank you! I'm thinking of a rough schedule that looks something like the following (even though I may not have nearly enough room to do everything):

Sunday: Lunch - P'Aor; Dinner - Yaowarat Market
Monday: Breakfast - Or Tor Kor Market; Lunch - Krua Apsorn (Samsen Road); Dinner - Som Tam Pu Ma
Tuesday: Breakfast - Lan Luam Dtai; Lunch - Wang Lang Maket; Dinner - Saochingcha (Jae Fai and Thip Samai are in the area as well)

Any suggestions on the above? Should I move around something? Thanks!

Please help finalize Bangkok destinations (researched!!)

Hello, I'll be traveling to Bangkok, solo, from Dec 7 through 9th. This is my first trip to Thailand and my primary objective is to try and sample as many of the delicious foods there as possible! I do not speak Thai and I'll be staying close to the Silom MRT station (the map shows Lumpini Park as well). I eat everything.

I am looking at 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 3 dinners. Can I please get some help in critiquing my choices, adding must-visit places that I may have missed and removing places that I should avoid? I've listed some of the dishes that were recommended at these places.

1. Krua Apsorn (Any particular branch that is recommended?)
- Curry crab
- Mussels fried Pad Che style
- Thai crab meat friend with yellow chillies
- Pungent southern style yellow curry
- 10:30 AM - 7:30 PM

2. P'Aor
- Near Petchaburi Soi 5 market
- Tom Yum
- Kuay Teow Tom Yum Goong Nam Khon
- Ba Mee Yok Neau Ob

3. Lan Luam Dtai
- Southern thai food
- Goong Pad Sataw
- Gaeng Kee Lek
- Kua Kling Moo

4. Som Tam Boo Maa
- Near Ban Khun Non market
- Isaan
- Pla Paw
- Nam Tok Pla Chan Tod
- Larb Pla Duk

5. MARKETS - Need some help in narrowing these down.

- Yaowarat - Definitely want to go and eat around
> Nai Mong Hoy Tod
Hoy Tod

- Victory Monument area
> Doy Kuay Teow Reua
10 AM - 8 PM
Kuay Teow Reua (Boat noodles)
Moo satay

- Saochingcha area

- Wang Lang Market - This seems a little hard to get to

- Bangrak & Charoen Krung
> Prachak is in the area (Roast duck and noodles)

- Or Tor Kor market - I would like to check this out

There are a whole bunch of other markets (http://migrationology.com/2011/05/top...) but I'm not sure which ones to check out and which ones to skip.


Please help finalize Chiang Mai destinations (researched!!)

Thank you El Jefe! I'll let you know.

A few follow up questions:

1. Since D-Lo seems to have closed, is there another Burmese restaurant/street vendor that is good? I read that the Friday morning market (Haw market) has some vendors selling Shan and Burmese food. If possible, I would like to try that cuisine while I'm there.

2. Assuming Wera's Larb Phed is not possible because of accessibility, are there any other Isaan places that are recommended? I read about Isaan 1 million%, Solao and Yod Sap.

3. I do want to spend a majority of my time sampling stuff in markets but I also want to make sure that I try to visit some must-have restaurants. Any suggestions on which ones should I go to and which ones should I not bother with?

Sorn Chai, SP Chicken, Tong Tem Toj (in place of Huen Muan Jai), Huen Phen, Loong Thai Khao Gaeng (Lung Thai), anything else?


Please help finalize Chiang Mai destinations (researched!!)

Thank you. I understand your point. I too would like to spend a majority of my time just walking around and sampling things that looks interesting. But, given the limited amount of time that I'll be there, I wanted to make sure that I cover the must-haves. Also, in terms of markets, I found a bunch so I'm trying to narrow them down.

You mentioned the night market. Is there a specific one that you have in mind? Thanks!

Please help finalize Chiang Mai destinations (researched!!)

Hello, I'll be traveling to Chiang Mai, solo, from Dec 3 through 6th. This is my first trip to Thailand and my primary objective is to try and sample as many of the delicious foods there as possible! I do not speak Thai and I'll be staying on Nimmanhaemin Road. I eat everything. Based on what I've read so far, I have come up with more stuff than I can possibly handle during my trip :)

I am looking at 4 breakfasts, 4 lunches and 4 dinners. Can I please get some help in critiquing my choices, adding must-visit places that I may have missed and removing places that I should avoid? I've listed some of the dishes that were recommended at these places.

1. Sorn Chai
- Lunch or dinner
- Laab Khua Muu, Nam Prik Ong, Som Tam, Dtam Som Mamuang, Gaeng Hang Lay
2. Khao Soi Samerjai
- Breakfast or lunch
- Khao Soi (with chicken)

3. SP Chicken
- Lunch or dinner
- Gai Yang

4. D-Lo Burmese Restaurant
- I read some posts that said that this had closed down but I found their FB page - https://www.facebook.com/DLoRestaurant. Does anyone know if this has reopened?
- If they have, I'm not sure about the hours

5. Kiet Ocha
- Breakfast
- Khao Man Gai

6. Huen Phen
- Lunch only
- Tam Kanun, Aeb Pla

7. Wera's Laarb Phed
- Isaan
- This was supposed to move. Is the new location easily accessible?
- Breakfast, lunch or dinner
- Sour sausage, bamboo curry, sup kor mai, moo nam tok

8. Tong Tem Toh
- Lunch or dinner but no grilled dishes during lunch
- Nam prik, kaeng hang lae, jeen som mok kai, kaeng pak wan kei mode daeng

9. Kao Soi Islam
- Lunch
- Khao Mok Neua

10. Khao Soi Places
- Khao Soi Khun Yai (Breakfast or lunch
) - Khao Soi Prince (Breakfast or lunch)
- Lam Duan - Fah Ham (Breakfast or lunch)
11. Loong Thai Khao Gaeng
- Breakfast or lunch
- Khao Gaeng

12. Coffee
- Akha Ama, Old Chiang Mai Cafe, Coffee Zebra, Doi Chaang
- Are there any specific coffee preparations that one should try at these places?

13. Raan Kraphrao Samrap Khon Chorp Phet
- Lunch or dinner
- Phat Kaprao

In addition to the above, I would like to figure out which markets should I go to. It sucks that I won't be around for the Sunday night market.

1. Saturday Night Market (Wualai Market)

2. Kad Luang aka Warrorot Market
- Boon Sii - Gaeng Hang Lang, Nam Prik Num, Sai krawk
- Khanom Tai Bandai - Khanom, go in the morning
- Lots of Sai Ua vendors
3. Across from Warrorot Market - Don Lam Yai Market
- Ruammit
- Lane alongside the market called Soi Udompan - Bpa Tong Ko, Sarapao Tawt, Song Kryang, Sankayaa

4. Friday morning market (Haw Market)
- Go early
- Shan & Burmese vendors

5. Other Markets
- Thanin market
- Thon Phayome Market - Sai Ua La Wan for Sai Ua
- Somphet Market
- Chiang Mai Gate Market - Night market?
- Chung Pheuk Gate Market - Morning
- Malin Plaza - Night market
- Kad Suan Kaeo Central - Night market

Thank you!