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Another Bar Goto Report!

Cool. Thank you!

Aug 20, 2015
indiefoodie in Manhattan

Another Bar Goto Report!

Hi, in addition to the bar, is there any additional seating here? I am trying to figure out if they will be accommodate a group of 5 around 7 on a Thursday. I tried to look up information about their layout but I couldn't find anything useful. Thanks!

Aug 19, 2015
indiefoodie in Manhattan

Good Indian in Murray Hill

I have given up on any hope of finding decent Indian food in NYC but Indian food in London blew me away. I agree with the 'Trishna' recommendation. IMO, 'Gymkhana' is even better. Enjoy your trip to London!

Aug 19, 2015
indiefoodie in Manhattan

London return trip - trip report!

I asked my server at Gymkhana about why Indian food in London is so much better than NYC. I'm not sure how accurate this is but his reply was that visa restrictions make it a lot harder for chefs to move to the U.S. than U.K. And, that importing certain spices to the U.S. is relatively difficult.

Jul 12, 2015
indiefoodie in U.K./Ireland

London return trip - trip report!

Hello everyone,

I spent a week in London in April so this report is overdue. Thank you everyone for the help. It was a delicious and fun trip and I look forward to coming back :)

1. St. John Bread & Wine - I ended up going here twice, both times for lunch. Things that I remember are an ox heart dish which I liked a lot, quail with bramley apple jelly which I thought was OK, the awesome madelines which were great and I tried a donut this time (forget which one). I thought the donut was just OK but I think that may be because I did not have it fresh. In the little experience I have eating donuts, my favorites tend to be the ones that fresh and still warm. I think this is still a solid place for a casual meal.

2. Square - It's nice and fancy but the food itself was nothing special. It wasn't bad or anything but nothing particularly stood out. I would not go back here.

3. Tea@Brown's - This was my first afternoon tea in London. I'm glad that I did it but I'm not sure if I'm in a hurry to go back. What I really liked was the tea itself and the scones with clotted cream. The sandwiches were decent and the desserts plain bad - dry and stale. I felt that this was a cool experience but barring the scones, nothing stood out food wise.

4. Sadaf - I switched Mohsen with this. I got the Khoresh Gheymeh. It was good and hearty and better than anything I've had in NYC. However, this was more comfort food than blow-your-mind delicious for me. But given how much better Persian cuisine is in London, I'd probably try more places and more dishes if I came back.

5. Gymkhana - Holy shit! Best Indian food I've had outside India. This was amazing! I was trying to decide between the vindaloo and the deer biryani since they told me that both dishes will be too much for one person. I went with the vindaloo and after taking a bite of the dish, I ordered the biryani as well! And, I finished both dishes without a problem :) They are operating at a level so far ahead of anything in NYC that it's ridiculous!

Let's talk about the service. When I realized how much I liked the food here, I asked my server if Trishna had a bar and if I could go there without a reservation. He said no and I guess I couldn't hide my disappointment. I told him that I was in town for only a couple of days and that there was no way that I was going to be able to make a reservation at Trishna in that time. He asked me when would I like to go. He took the details and asked me to wait a little. He came back in 10 minutes and said that I was all set and that they had managed to squeeze me in at Trishna! These guys are phenomenal! I would absolutely go back to this place and would highly-highly recommend going here!

6. Jugged Hare - This wasn't planned but I ended up going here for dinner. It was decent but nothing special. I would not go back for dinner. Maybe for lunch since it is close to where I worked.

7. Hedone - My 2nd favorite place in London (after The Ledbury)! Great meal. I thought the desserts here were better than what I had at Ledbury. I also prefer the more casual, laid back ambiance. The only thing was that one of my friends who I went with is vegetarian. I had explicitly informed them of this in advance and they had replied saying that as long as he wasn't vegan, they would accommodate him. When we got there, they did not seem to have any information about the fact that one of us was vegetarian and it threw them off a little bit. They talked about it and figured it out and my friend enjoyed his vegetarian meal a lot. It was just a little surprising that they did not make a note of this after the messages that we had exchanged earlier. Irrespective, a delicious meal and a definite recommend.

8. Trishna - I cancelled Fera@Claridges for this. And boy, did it not disappoint. I took a friend here who is not a big fan of Indian food and he said that this was the best Indian food he's ever had. We had the lamb chops, the seafood biryani and one more dish that I don't remember. The lamb chops were excellent! The biryani was very good as well but I preferred the one at Gymkhana. Overall, a delicious meal. Going back would depend on the amount of time that I have but I would probably squeeze it in :)

9. Borough Market

- Bread Ahead: Great as always.
- Brindisa: Delicious Jamón ibérico. Tried the chorizo roll and thought that it was over hyped.
- Had some kanom krok at one of the stalls. Pretty good but Thailand was better. However, that would be an unfair comparison.

10. Southampton Arms - I had an hour to kill before my flight back so I went here. I had a beer and a cider. Unfortunately, I don't remember the names but I remember liking them. Had a nice, casual ambiance. I wish there were places like this in NYC. It's like sitting in a friend's living room and drinking on a lazy afternoon. Along with The Harp, probably my favorite pub in the city.

Thank you all once again!

Jul 11, 2015
indiefoodie in U.K./Ireland

Best coffee shops in Denver to work in?

Hello, 4 of us are traveling to Denver and need a place to work from for a day (Wednesday). We'll probably have breakfast, lunch and a few beverages during that time.

We just need room to sit, power outlets to plug in our laptops and WiFi.

I tried to look up places and would appreciate some feedback:

Preferable (close to where we'll be):

1. Common Grounds - Sunnyside (2139 W. 44th Avenue at Vallejo Street )
2. Huckleberry Roasters (4301 Pecos St. Denver, CO 80211)

A little far but doable:

1. Metropolis - Lower Highlands (1661 Central St Denver, CO, 80211, United States)
2. Black Eye Coffee (3408 Navajo Street)

Any suggestions? Thank you!

Jun 25, 2015
indiefoodie in Mountain States

Paris trip report!

Haha, it is delicious! My friends from whom I brought it back also loved it!

May 20, 2015
indiefoodie in France

Beaune trip report!

Hello everyone, we had a great time in Beaune! Thank you very much for all your help! Here are some notes on the places that we visited.


1. MA Cuisine - We went here for dinner. I had the foie gras and the veal chop. The foie gras was good but the veal was great! I was a little apprehensive while ordering it because it sounded a little boring but this was an excellent dish. The veal came with a side of potatoes with some epoisses which was a winner as well. I would recommend getting this. My friend got the beef bourgogne. That was good as well but if I had to pick one, I'd go with the veal :)

2. Le Montrachet - We went here for lunch. I remember trying the escargot which was very good, probably one of the best I had on my trip. Both of us had lamb for our main course. This was good as well but I preferred some lamb dishes that I had in Paris a little more. The ambiance was very good. Nice, pretty room, good view, a nice experience overall.

3. P'tit Paradis - I remember trying the beef carpaccio and the steak with epoisses butter. The carpaccio was OK but the steak with the butter was very good. After the veal at MA cuisine the previous night, this was probably one of my favorite dishes in Beaune. My friend tried the lamb meatballs and he liked that dish a lot.

4. Le Carnot - This wasn't on our list but we ended up going here for lunch after we arrived from Paris. I tried the escargot and beef bourguignon and my friend tried the Oeufs en meurette. I actually think I liked the beef bourguignon here a little bit more than MA Cuisine. The version here was a little more hearty, a little more rustic and little less delicate than the one at MA Cusine. The escargot was good but the one at Le Montrachet was better. The Oeufs en meurette was good as well.

Since I hadn't researched this place, I'm just curious. What is the general opinion on this? Good, bad, average?


1. Fromagerie Hess - I tried the Petit Gaugry and one more cheese that I do not remember. Cool place. I wish I had more time to try a few more cheese here.


1. La Dilettante - Nice bar away from the hustle bustle of the square. We went here pretty early so it was empty but this used to get packed later during the day. Had some good wines by the glass and their cheese plate.

2. Bar du Square - This was probably my favorite bar in Beaune. Nice selections by the glass, a small outdoor seating area and a very casual vibe. I would go back here.

3. Part des Anges - I tried a couple of wines here. They are good as well. The bartender was pretty loud and enthusiastic :)

Wine Tours:

1. Jadot - It was just me and my friend for the tour. Pretty god but seemed a little more mechanical with a 'let's get it done with' attitude as compared to Drouhin. We tried about 8-10 wines. I guess it is to be expected but all of them were very young and needed some more time.

2. Drouhin - This was fun. There were 3 people in our group. The old press, the ancient caves, they were all pretty cool to see. Our guide was very good as well. We tasted 6 wines at the end (incl. the famous clos de mouches). I personally liked this a lot more then the Jadot tour.

3. Bourgogne Évasion (Bike tour) - We were with 2 more people. Unfortunately, it rained for the most part so it wasn't as fun an experience as it would have been if the weather had been a little more kind to us. I don't think the wines that we tasted were anything special but this is just a fun thing to to, riding along villages, stopping here and there while your guide explains things. I would recommend this as long as you are not looking for a very serious tasting.


We went to a few but unfortunately, I don't remember the names.

1. There is one on the street that leads to the TGV station (it's about half a block away). We tried a few things there - a baguette (the nice women working there gave us a warm one from inside), a croissant and one more thing that I don't remember. Nothing was mind blowing but everything was good.

May 17, 2015
indiefoodie in France

Paris trip report!

Ah! I did have 'coulommiers aux noix' at Martine Dubois on my list (got it from other threads where you recommended it). Wasn't able to make it there though :(

May 15, 2015
indiefoodie in France

Paris trip report!

@onzieme, are there certain vintages that you recommend for the following:

- Domaine Alain Graillot Crozes-Hermitage, Rhone, France
- Domaine Faury Saint-Joseph Vieilles Vignes, Rhone, France

I'll try read up on Côtes-du-Rhônes and Languedoc-Roussillon to figure out what to try!

Thank you!

May 15, 2015
indiefoodie in France

Paris trip report!

@PhilD - this is great advice! Thank you!

May 15, 2015
indiefoodie in France

Paris trip report!

Thank you so much! I love Terroir Tribeca (it's a wine bar in NYC) and the bartenders there recommended I check out Chambers St. Wine & Flatiron Wine :)

I actually like Burgundies a lot (which is why I spent 2 days in Beaune) and although they are acidic, I rarely think of them as tart. I went to Chambers St. Wine once but unfortunately, the wine that I got wasn't as good as I would have hoped for. I guess I need to work more on my ability to describe what I'm interested in.

May 15, 2015
indiefoodie in France

Paris trip report!

Thanks Parnassien! I did take your advice and went to La Vache dans les Vignes but I did not know that they took reservations so I did not make one and when I went there, they didn't have any room :( Did not go to Chez Virginie. In hindsight, I guess I should have done that.

May 15, 2015
indiefoodie in France

Paris trip report!

Thanks for your comments onzieme! As I had expected (and planned), I didn't really have a lot of time for non-food related stuff. I walked around a lot and spent the rest of time eating and drinking!

Thanks for your advice re. learning more about cheese. When I make my way back, I'll make sure I spend some time reading about them.

Agreed. Everyone has different tastes. I was just surprised that out of the 10-12 wines that I sampled at O'Chateau, more than 90% tasted tart to me.

Just curious, would you happen to know which parts of France tend to have relatively less acidic, more rounded reds? Are there specific villages or producers in Burgundy that have that? Maybe one of those places would be a good destination for the next time I'm there :)

May 15, 2015
indiefoodie in France

Paris trip report!

Thanks for your response Ptipois!

* Mr. Tipsy@Chez Mamane: Haha, no, we did not think that this was a typical "Paris" experience. It was just a drunk guy acting stupid. We could have escalated but we were almost done and considering that we were having a pretty decent conversation with this guy's friend (who had stepped away), we let it go. I think the server saw what was happening and cleaned up the leftovers pretty soon after he started helping himself to them.

* Are there any must have pastries at Jacques Genin? I would love to try Jean-Paul Hévin at some point.

* In addition to the 'tarte au citron', are there any other standouts at Pain de Sucre? I'm surprised that this place isn't talked about more. The one thing that I had was fantastic!

* Ah! Georges Larnicol's bag said "Meilleur Ouvrier de France" but I didn't know that was in the macaron category. It makes sense now. I remember trying macarons from Un Dimanche à Paris at the same time and they were nowhere close to Georges Larnicol in their composition.

* Is the regular kouign-amann also better if heated? I didn't have access to an oven or a microwave. If I did, I feel I would have eaten a lot more bread than I did :)

* Re. Dubois - I understand. I'm still not sure what is a good way for newbies to get a crash course in French cheeses. I would have loved more tastings like that at Salon du Fromage Hisada. And, the 'coulommiers aux truffes' goes to the top of my wish list :) Wonder if I can get someone to bring it to NYC!

* I'm surprised that tart wines are a thing now. Why do people find them to be good?!? The same holds true for coffee. Strange....

May 15, 2015
indiefoodie in France

Paris trip report!

Hello everyone, I'd like to thank you all for helping us plan a delicious and fun trip to France! I would love to come back and keep exploring other parts :) We ate and drank at many-many places so I don't remember everything but I'll mention things that I still do!



1. Breizh Cafe - Best Crepes I've ever had. We tried a ham and cheese one and a chestnut spread one. Both were delicious. Recommend going here. This is a pretty popular place. A long line forms up before they open but they accept reservations.

2. Pierre Sang - One of our favorite meals of the trip. We sat at the counter (recommend doing that if possible) and then played the guessing game. Great flavors and very good bread! First time we tried morel ice-cream :)

3. Le Mary Celeste - The first of our Sunday stops. The drinks were good and the food was decent. I was pretty disappointed with the oysters. They weren't shucked properly and they had a pretty limited selection. I would not go back here.

4. Clamato - Our second stop on Sunday. Better oysters but overall, I would say an average meal. I would not go back here either. Sunday was probably the weakest of all our meals.

5. Chez Denise - We enjoyed this a lot! Great old school setup. I did not get foie gras here which I regret but I enjoyed the escargot. Our waiter recommended a beef cheek in red wine dish which was fine but the real winner was something that a table next to us was having that looked delicious so we got it as well - a lamb and beans dish. Very very flavorful! And, the chocolate mousse here is deadly. I've never had mousse that dense. You should check this out.

6. L'Ami Jean - I had read a lot about the gut-busting portions here so we went in expecting to be carried out in stretchers :) However, we opted for the tasting menu (think it was carte blanche) and that wasn't super filling at all. I don't remember any particular dish but it was a very good meal. Of course, the highlight was when they brought out the rice pudding in a bowl so big that it could probably feed everyone in the restaurant (I wonder if that is an indication of what the portion sizes would have been, had we not opted for the tasting menu!). That also was very good.

7. Pirouette - This was a strange experience. I don't think it was a particularly bad meal but barring a hake dish, nothing was memorable. Add to that a few strange incidents:
- Our original reservation was for 7:30 PM. I had emailed and asked them if we could move it to a later time and they were fine with it. When we got to the restaurant, we were told that we did not have reservations and it took them about 5-10 minutes to figure out that we had gotten our original reservations changed and did in fact have a spot. This was not a biggie.
- We got the 3 course menu and in our 2nd course, after placing my dish in front my me (think it was veal but not a 100% sure), the server tried to place my friend's dish in front of him. In the process, she knocked down a bottle of water which spilled about half a glass of water into my dish (which I hadn't started eating yet). Again, it was an accident, no big deal. She apologized and took my plate back and then came back with my dish in about 60 seconds which basically meant that she had either drained my plate of the water and tidied it up or transferred the wet food into another plate. I considered saying something but I wasn't sure if that would result in the restaurant somehow penalizing our server for what was an accident so I didn't. Ideally, I hope that in situations like this, the restaurant would just serve a new dish without penalizing the server and they made sure that the servers are aware of that.
- For our dessert course, the restaurant gave us one right and one wrong dessert. We were just too tired at this point so we finished and left.

8. Pierre Gagnaire - The best meal of the trip. We got the Esprit Pierre Gagnaire during lunch. The cuttlefish, celeriac, black truffle dish was just divine! Stop thinking and just go :)

9. Chez Mamane - What a place! Great atmosphere - noisy, boisterous, fun! And, very good couscous. A funny incident that happened here - we were seated next to 2 gentlemen, one of whom was pretty tipsy :) The other one started to chat with us. Mr. Tipsy started talking to me in French and I politely tried to inform him that I did not speak French. He stopped for about 10 seconds and then started again. I wasn't sure what to do so I just kept nodding my head every few minutes :) At some point, his non-tipsy friend left the table for a bit. I'm guessing Mr. Tipsy was pretty hungry so he decided to help himself to meats that we got with our couscous and broth. My friend and I were startled for a second but the entire thing was so funny that we couldn't help but laugh and let him enjoy :) I would recommend checking this out.

10. L'Assiette - We were psyched about trying the cassoulet here. That was very good but the show stealer was the lamb. With Chez Denise, this was one of our favorite lamb dishes of the trip! Both of us are not big caramel fans but the caramel creme dessert was very good as well.

11. Spring - This was our last dinner in France. We got the tasting menu with the wine paring and also added some cheese. Very good wines! We liked the food a lot except for the meat course. It was veal and for some reason, the dish seemed very flat, especially compared to the rest of our meal. Not sure why that was the case but still, this was a good meal.

12. La Cigale Récamier - We tried 2 souffles here. One was the grand marnier and the other was a cheese one. Both were very good, although I don't know if the grand marnier here was better than the one that I had at La Grenouille in NYC. Check this out if you'd like to try some souffles.


Before I write about my experience at bakeries, I wanted to mention something that I haven't seen on the boards but found to be very useful. My first morning, I went to a bakery a few hours after it opened. Tried a baguette, another kind of bread and a croissant. Everything was good but it wasn't "blow me away" good which I was kind of expecting with bread in France. So, the next day, I decided to wake up early and reach the bakery as soon as it opened and boy did that make a difference! It was brilliant! I tried to do that as much as I could for the rest of the trip and also started carrying some echire butter with me :) I know it sounds crazy but I am not sure if there is something else that I could have done to get warm, freshly baked stuff!

1. Maison Landemaine - One of my favorite baguettes and I also remember liking a raisin pastry & a chocolate pastry a lot. Highly recommend this place.

2. Les Pains d'Alexis - Tried a baguette and some other thing that I do not remember. It was good but I did not find it to be exceptional.

3. Du Pain et des Ideas - Excellent baguette, pistachio-chocolate escargot and some chocolate pastry that the women working there recommended. I would recommend going here.

4. Eric Kayser (Monge location) - I wasn't able to go here at opening time so it's an unfair comparison. I tried the baguette and thought that it was just OK.

5. Boulangerie Patisserie l' Essentiel - Brilliant! With 'Maison Landemaine', my favorite baguette and they have a raisin-hazelnut bread which the guy working there recommended which is one of the best breads I've ever had. The first time I went here was late in the afternoon and I liked it so much that I decided to come back in the morning at opening time :)

6. 134 r.d.t Boulangerie-Pâtisserie - This was the first place that I went to after I decided to start going to bakeries as soon as they opened. Probably my favorite croissant of the trip. The baguette was pretty good but I liked Landemaine and l' Essentiel better for that. Check out their croissant!

7. 59 r.d.s. - Did not go here at opening time (which is why I decided to go to 134 r.d.t. as well). I liked their Schwartzbrot and the croissant.

8. Sébastien Dégardin/ Boulangerie du Panthéon - Tried the quiche lorraine which we thought was pretty good. I tried a 'tarte citron' and it was just OK - probably too sweet for starters.

9. Blé Sucré - Tried the baguette and I thought it was good. Also tried a plain and a chocolate croissant. Preferred the chocolate one. Tried the famed madeleines. We liked them but I personally preferred the madeleines that I had at St. John in London a lot more.


1. Carl Marletti - Tried a pastry with coconut mousse, mango and passion fruit. It was very good, maybe a little too sweet for me but still, pretty good.

2. Jacques Genin - I wasn't able to try their mille-feuille and I'm still bummed about that. I tried their strawberry tart, a bunch of caramels, some chocolates and some pate de fruits. I liked the pastry a lot. The chocolates were good but I liked the stuff that I tried at Patrick Roger and Michel Chaudun a little more. I'm not a big caramel fan so even though I enjoyed the ones that I tired, I wasn't able to appreciate the craziness they enjoy :) The same hold true for the pate de fruits.

3. Pain de Sucre - Holy crap! I wasn't a big fan of tarte citrons but this place changed that. Probably one of my favorite pastries of the trip! I also tried a small meat pie with foie gras in it. I thought it was just OK but my friend liked it a lot!

4. L’éclair de Génie - I went here twice. The first time, I got a chocolate éclair. It was good but I felt that it needed some texture. The base was too soft for me (not sure if that is how an eclair is supposed to be). The next time I went, I tried the
blackcurrant éclair and liked it way more than the chocolate one. This base was thicker and added some texture to the pastry.

5. Sébastien Gaudard - Tried the Paris-brest. It was good but probably not something I would go back to.

6. Carette - Tried a seasonal pastry. Forgot what it exactly was but I remember I liked it.

7. Maison Georges LARNICOL - Best macaroons I've ever had. I admit I'm not a big fan but I've tried Laudree in NYC, Pierre Herme in Tokyo and maybe some more places that I don't remember. I wasn't super impressed with the ones that I've had in the past but the ones here were good. Light, crunchy, flavorful! I actually went here twice for them. I also tried a kouignette which I thought was just OK and the whole kouign amann which I found to be better.

However, I have a question about this. The kouign amann that I had here was very different than the DKA at Dominique Ansel in NYC or the one that I had at Brasserie VIRON in Tokyo. The one here was pretty dense and moist. The other two were lighter, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. I personally prefer the latter but which one is the classic version? I was surprised that there were so different from each other.


1. Laurent Dubois - This was an interesting experience. I liked their cheeses a lot (my favorite was their truffled brie) and I ended up purchasing stuff to bring back home from here. But, and this may just be me, I didn't receive as much help as I would have expected at a place of this caliber. They were friendly but when I told them that I was totally new to the world of raw milk cheeses and wasn't sure about the different options that were available, they just mentioned that 90% of the cheeses in their store were raw milk. They would suggest something and if I said yes, pack it up. I wasn't looking for free samples but the little experience I have at places like Murray's in NYC or Neal's Yard in London, the interaction with the cheese monger is usually a back and forth about likes, dislikes, things to try, things that you like and wish to purchase and others that you are not a fan of. Again, this may just have been something that I did/did not, do but I just wanted to mention my thoughts.

2. Salon du Fromage Hisada - I tried the 10 cheese tasting plate. Totally worth it. I mentioned that I hadn't tried raw milk cheese and aged Comte and they made sure I got those.

Still bummed about not being able to check out more cheese shops. I had Alléosse, la Ferme St. Hubert, Martine Dubois and more on my list :(


1. Verjus - Great little place. I was afraid that it was going to be packed but the bartender mentioned that they recently opened a new restaurant and a lot of the hot food had moved over there so people who used to come here, now prefer the other place. Very friendly and helpful bartender and very good wines by the glass.

2. O'Chateau - For wines by the glass, they probably have the most options in Paris. Our bartender was helpful as well. However, one thing that I felt was a problem was how tart a lot of their wines were. I am not sure why that was the case but I did not feel that where at other places.

3. Le Barav - I went here for lunch one day. Had a good Pouilly-Fumé with some foies gras, cheese and charcuterie. I liked this place. I wish I had spent some more time here trying more wines.

4. Willi's Wine Bar - This was a good experience as well. Nothing special but good wines, english speaking bartenders.

5. Septime Cave - We hadn't planned this but there was a wait at Clamato so we ended up here. What's funny is, when I walked in here, I didn't even know this was Septime Cave and when I found out, I was like, "Oh! I've read about this place!". Anyways, the bartender was great and very helpful. We stayed here for a pretty long time, tried a lot of things and ended up closing the bar. I think this and Verjus were my favorite wine bars.

6. Experimental Cocktail Club - Was walking around and ended up getting a couple of drinks here. Liked it better than their NYC branch. The bartenders was pretty cool and friendly.

Before going to these places, I would not have guessed that bartenders here would be so friendly, helpful and patient (with wine recommendations) but everyone was pretty great!!


1. Patrick Roger - Tried a bunch of things. Most of them were good but there was a hazlenut, almond praline thing that was just divine! Apparently, it's the chef's favorite as well. If you go here, make sure you try that!

2. Michel Chaudun - Tried a bunch of things. The standout was the pavés. Delicious!

3. Un Dimanche a Paris - Tried chocolates and a seasonal red fruit pastry here. Everything was good but I thought a lot of the other places were better.


I loved the filter coffee in Paris! It's also crazy how a labor intensive process like a pour over is available at so many places!

1. The Broken Arm: I think I tried an espresso here. It was good.

2. Loustic: Tried their filter coffee. Probably, my favorite coffee of the trip. Very well balanced, not too tart, very good!

3. Boot Cafe: Tried an Americano and a filter coffee. Liked both.

4. Fragment: Probably the coolest interior of all the places. I tried an Aeropress here. This was a bit of a surprise. The coffee was too tart for me. Usually Aeropress coffees are rich and syrupy but this was different. Cool ambiance but my least favorite coffee of the trip.


1. Marché Bastille on Sunday - It was raining when we went here so that killed the experience a little bit. I tried some Senegalese food (think it was beef maffe) with rice which was pretty decent. I would have loved to try other things but the rain caused us to leave pretty quickly.

Restaurants open May 1

To answer my own question in case someone else is wondering (got this from the concierge at my hotel) - Chez Denise is closed on May 1st & May 2nd :(

Anyone have suggestions on where can I find some food, preferably around Haut Marais, around 1AM May 1st (technically, the 2nd)? Thanks!

Apr 27, 2015
indiefoodie in France

Please help plan trip to Burgundy

@onzieme - Thank you for the great advice!

I'm guessing you were referring to the bar (and not the tasting lessons) at Ambassade de Bourgogne? And, just to make sure that we don't end up committing some sort of a faux pas and offending someone, it's OK to sit at the bar and let the bartender know that we're interested in learning about Burgundian wines and then give him/her a maximum amount that we'd like to spend? I guess this is a silly question but in your opinion, what would be a decent amount for 2 people without going completely overboard?

Lastly, I'm not sure how up-to-date this is but any recommendations -

Thank you once again!

Apr 23, 2015
indiefoodie in France

Please help finalize food itinerary (researched)

I was planning a late meal (around 2 AM) after I arrive at Chez Denise but I just found out that they are closed on May 1st.

Would anyone happen to have a recommendation for a late night dinner on May 1st (technically, I guess it'd be early morning 2nd)?


Apr 22, 2015
indiefoodie in France

Please help plan trip to Burgundy

Thank you! Would the fact that both of us do not speak French be a problem with tasting at small places? Also, just to make sure I understand this correctly - when you say "ouvert signs", you mean signs for tastings? And, are they in French and English usually?

Do you have any recommendations for tastings in the villages that you mentioned - Pommard, Volnay, Meursault, both Montrachets to Santenay? I'm guessing one of the Montrachets is Puligny. What is the other?


Apr 22, 2015
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Please help plan trip to Burgundy

Thank you! I made reservations at the hotel you recommended :)

Apr 22, 2015
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Please help plan trip to Burgundy

Thank you everyone! Based on the great advice here, we've changed our plans. We'll be staying in Beaune now!

The day we arrive from Paris (morning), we'll try to do some stuff ourselves - Jadot, trying to see if I can also get in Drouhin, possibly Bar du Square and food (trying for MA Cuisine). The next day, we're looking into a tour. For the following day, my friend who's accompanying me liked the idea of a bike tour so I'm checking with Evasion (thanks Shakti!) for a half day tour. We also have dinner reservations at Le P'Tit Paradis.

A couple of things that I'm still trying to figure out:

1. One thing that I haven't explored so far are taxis. Are they a viable option to get around or are they not available/prohibitively expensive?

2. For our 2nd day, if the bike tour goes through, we'll still have the morning, early afternoon to ourselves. Are these any villages close to Beaune that we could bike to (if we rent them) and get some breakfat/lunch and taste some wines? I was looking at Mercurey but that seemed pretty far for a bike ride. Fromagerie Gaugry also looked interesting but again, a little too far for biking :(

3. Any lunch places that are recommended in Beaune before our Jadot tour?

Thank you!

Apr 22, 2015
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Bakeries, Pastry, Bars and more!

Thank you so much!

Apr 22, 2015
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Bakeries, Pastry, Bars and more!

Thank you! Would you happen the timings for 59 rue de Saintonge, 75003 location?

Apr 21, 2015
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Bakeries, Pastry, Bars and more!

Thank you!

Are there any coffee shops in the Haut Marais area that are recommended?

Also, how is the ice-cream and gelato in Paris compared to the good places in the U.S.? Any recommendations on those in the area?


Apr 21, 2015
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Restaurants open May 1

Would anyone happen to know if Chez Denise will be open?

Apr 21, 2015
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Please help plan trip to Burgundy

I may have overlooked something. According to my current plan, I'll be in Dijon on Friday 8 May which I just realized is a public holiday (VE Day - WWII Victory Day). Does this seriously screw up my plans? Will a lot of things be closed that day? Thanks.

Apr 20, 2015
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Bakeries, Pastry, Bars and more!

Hello, 2 of us are travelling to Paris the first week of May. I'm working on finalizing our restaurant itinerary in another thread ( Based on what I've gathered, I have a tentative list of places for baked goods, pastry, chocolates, cheese, bars, etc and would be thankful for some feedback. Logistical info - we'll be staying in the Haut Marais area and do not speak French. Think Paris has so many good places, that going super far for something may not be necessary but if something good lies at a distance, we're open to travel.

A few questions that I have:

1. Locations - I read that Monge location of Eric Kayser is the one to go to. For the others, are there any specific locations that are good or are they all comparable?

2. Bread & Cheese - Is there a way to try multiple breads from a baker (other than purchasing a whole bunch of loaves)? Since it's just 2 of us, one loaf of something will probably last us a while. For cheese, I read that 'Salon du fromage Hisada' has a tasting room but for the likes of Laurent Dubois, is it trying a few options at the store and then purchasing the ones that you like to eat outside the store?

3. Charcuterie - Can good charcuterie be found at some wine bars or should we plan to visit some Charcuterie stores as well? Ideally, we would like to visit some wine bars with great cheese and charcuterie but I'm not sure if that would be possible.

Finally, could you please share what are your favorite things to have at these (any any other recommended) places?

- Maison Landemaine (close by
) - Boulangerie Pichard
- Les Pains d'Alexis
- Du Pain et Des Idées (close by)
- Des Gâteaux et du Pain
- Eric Kayser - Monge location
- boulangerie Anthony bosson
- 134 r.d.t Boulangerie-Pâtisserie (close by)

- Carl Marletti
- Jacques Genin (close by)
- Pain de Sucre (close by)
- L’Éclair de Génie (close by)
- Sébastien Gaudard - Pâtisserie des Martyrs
- Colorova
- Carette
- Liberté pâtisserie-boulangerie par Benoît Castel (close by)
- Maison Georges LARNICOL (close by)
- Laurent Duchene

- Fromagerie Laurent Dubois (close by)
- Alléosse
- Ferme Saint hubert
- Salon du fromage Hisada
- Chez l'Auvergnat

- Verjus
- Ô Chateau
- Le Barav (close by)
- Willi's Wine Bar (Close to Juveniles)
- Cocktails - Le Mary Celeste (and maybe Sunday dinner as well) (close by)

- Patrick Roger
- Michael Chaudin
- Pascal Le Gac Chocolatier
- Demoncy-Vergne
- Un Dimanche à Paris (I'm guessing the chocolates would be at the La Boutique?)
- Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse ( to bring back)

- Marche d'Aligre
- Bastille on Sunday
- Marche d l'Anima?

Thank you!

Apr 20, 2015
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Please help finalize food itinerary (researched)

Ah! I did not know that. Thank you! I guess I could give Chez Denise a shot. I know that their daily specials are supposed to be good. Are there any other must get dishes there?

Having read good reviews of Mary Celeste and some reviews that said that Clamato was good seafood but not necessarily something that you wouldn't get outside France, I'm thinking about switching Clamato with Mary Celeste. Also read some fair but not very good reviews of A. Noste :(

Apr 19, 2015
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Please help plan trip to Burgundy

Sorry, I'll answer my own question (should have checked Wikipedia before posting) - "Cellar Door: The area of the winery where point of sale purchases occur. This can be a tasting room or a separate sales area."

Are these any cellar doors that are recommended Dijon and Beaune? Thank you.

Apr 19, 2015
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