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Lack of Denver Chowhound postings

Possibly reviving a thread that offers hope for Denver food and Chow postings?

I recently moved from Texas as well and have found the food discussion matches the general cuisine, a bit slow. But the city is rapidly changing, and the food seems to be improving apace. ~40 restaurants made a go of it last Summer!

I feel like the city is still evolving from a meat + potatoes palate, into it's own flavor, with farm to table establishments leading the charge. It gives me reason to look forward to the growth of this culinary scene. Also, 5280 keeps a finger decently on the pulse of the goings on here.

I'm looking at the other posts and can make some offers of good food I've found here as well:

Best so far:
Sushi : Sushi Sasa (really good if you like clean & simple)
"American": Plimoth (revived my sense of hope for Denver food, and I can only give it a rave recommendation)
Switchback Smokehouse(Kittredge): These guys from Michigan are putting out some excellent meals, but they sell out by late afternoon regularly. The bartender is reliable too as they keep it simple and deliver!

Other great bites:
Larimer Square (the only reliable restaurants I could find early on): Bistro Vendome, Market on Larimer Square, Osteria Marco
Sidedoor Kitchen (Union Station)

Golden: Bob's Atomic Burger (students seem to flock here, but its a solid greasy burger)
Golden: Sherpa House (inexpensive and decidedly not the WASP'y cuisine found elsewhere in town)

Interesting : Tocabe Indian Eatery (still don't entirely know what I think of this, but well worth a visit for a quick lunch)

Thai : US Thai Cafe, Thai Diamond (have not been blown away by anything yet, but these are reliable)

Deeply overrated:
Kitchen (Boulder/Denver)
Cholon (triumph of visuals over flavor)

As you came from Texas, you will not be finding anything that can hold a candle to the likes of Gloria's, Polvo's, or Manuel's here. Although Torchy's opens soon. And the burgers here can't touch the Dallas scene.

about 18 hours ago
William Rucker in Mountain States

Steamboat Springs CO?

I've found the Colorado reviews in general are very suspect in that the general coloradan is probably not who you want making your dining decisions. It's changing, but it heavily skews the review sites here. My two cents as a recent transplant.

Best Way to Buy All-Clad?

+1 irregulars semi-annual sale

Feb 22, 2013
William Rucker in Cookware

Mia's Dallas Brisket taco recipe????

This one is super easy and incredibly delicious:

Dec 21, 2012
William Rucker in Home Cooking

Restaurants everyone loves--except you

Libertine's monthly specials and half price food on Tuesday's draw the crowd

Restaurants everyone loves--except you

For the brisket taco lovers:

Restaurants everyone loves--except you

Neighborhood Services is a joke. I completely get that people a buying the vibe they sell, but the food is a waste of time and money (all three times I tried).

Houston's is consistent, where ever you go. Not going to blow you away, ever, but great when on the road.

Nonna not lasting in a month in CA? They may not have the star studded clientel so many Californian's look for in their restaurant review, but the food is very good. Perhap's you also find Lucia's underwhelming.

Even if you don't Nonna particularly appealing (granted they haven't the most interesting menu) it's just mean to imply it's in the same catagory as Neighborhood Services!

Best "cheap" gin?

If your mixing a gin and tonic, Gordons works fine. You are wasting money puting great gin into your gin and tonic unless you've found some ultra special very delicate tonic.

Think about the percent by volume in your glass. maybe 20% gin? Find a good tonic and a decent lime. They affect the flavor more.

Now for martinis, Gordons is useless. Citadel and Bombay Saphire are fine. Martin Millers is excellent. But here, your gin by volume is at 95% so of course you need to pay attention.

Jun 29, 2012
William Rucker in Spirits

best rye for manhattan

rittenhouse rye
sazerac rye

Mar 22, 2012
William Rucker in Spirits

Best Margaritas - need recipe

2 suggestions beyond the generic 3-2-1 formula (tequila - cointreau - lime)

Margarita with Cadillac Foam and Sea Salt
(requires whipping canister. Have not tried hand whipping)

shake the following with ice then strain into glass:
2 oz tequila
1 oz triple sec
1 oz lime juice
1 oz lemon juice
1 oz simple syrup

add the following to a whipper, charge with nitrous cartridge and top the cocktail:
2 egg whites, lightly beaten
2 oz Grand Marnier (may substitute 1/2 oz brandy + 1 1/2 oz cointreau)
4 oz orange juice, finely strained
4 dashes peach bitters

garnish with salt or zest or nothing. but enjoy!


6 cups tequila (you’ll need to buy two fifths for this
) 2½ cups triple sec (just buy one fifth, please)
2½ cups fresh lime juice
2½ cups fresh lemon juice
2 cups simple syrup

Mix ingredients together in gallon container. Don’t forget to refrigerate! When ready to serve, pour mixture into a 16-ounce glass filled with ice. Salted rim is optional


For the budget conscious, for margaritas I highly recommend using El Jimador Blanco (tequila) & Patron Citron (orange liqueur)

Mar 16, 2012
William Rucker in Spirits

Tacos in Dallas are shameful

Good 2 Go Tacos.

They're really good and not your generic TexMex grease-cups. They have great ingredients and some off-beat taco's as well as your normal steak or egg + beans fare. These are the best I've had anywhere to date.


Two faves:
Mini Pearl: Cuscous, corn, mushrooms, spinach, goat cheese
Hotlanta: Waffle battered fried chicken with sweet potatoes

Dinner with the foodies

My partner and I love food, new restaurants, discussing food, and especially eating it! We're interested in actually meeting some of you similar people in the DFW area. I currently live near White Rock and would like to arrange a dinner with some interested people(split the check). Since food is important to all of us here, I'd suggest dinner at a favourite area place (Grape, Fearings, Yatuka, anywhere great). If you are open to to adore a meal, engage in open conversation (religion, politics, & sex are open season) please reply. Age need be no restriction.

Contact me at (The first word in my email address is food so ignore all the triple Q's. sorry about the strange presentation)

Neighborhood Services

Don't go. There are sufficiently enough decent restaurants in Dallas to waste your time or money here. I've been to both Lovers and Henderson locations and both times had marginal service, uninspired and not very good food, and paid too much. The bartenders at Lovers were good, and the interior has a nice feel, but avoid involvement with the kitchen or waitstaff.

I went both times with a group and we sampled many dishes. Not one (including the crab dip mentioned above) was worth repeating, at any price.

Hilariously, the bathroom walls are lines with repeat commendations from D magazine and Dallas Morning News making the case for being skeptical of any reviews read in either. I know how the advertising/"writing" in D magazine work$.

Which Neighborhood Service is the best?

The one you don't go to. The bartenders at the one on Lovers are good. Less so if you're at the Taven. Both have middling dishes which are too expensive. Houstons has better food, execution, and waitstaff.

Try Bolsa, Old Monk, or The Porch for a Dallas specific place with a similar style of menu.

Don't waste your time or money on a Neighborhood Services.

Neighborhood Services
5027 W Lovers Ln, Dallas, TX

614 W Davis St, Dallas, TX

10 best things to eat in Dallas

I got bland mussels with a lot of salt. I got jet fuel instead of a refreshing gimlet. I got pretty good service. We had halibut that was fairly good, but nothing special. Beet salad was the best thing we ordered. We also had some pork tacos I don't see on the menu which were no better than fuel city.

Color me nonplussed

In all fairness we went to the Tavern. I have not tried the original Lovers lane location, maybe they have meals worth coming for. The Henderson location did not.

Nobody knows what a Negroni is anymore. I've had them delivered shaken, up, & with olives...

10 best things to eat in Dallas

Neighborhood Services is a disservice unless they simply need time to figure out how to cook their meny. Nothing at a table of 7 people was successful, and the bartenders couldn't mix a simple cocktail to boot. Get the mussels and fries at TOULOUSE on Knox. The can cook the things on their menu.

Neighborhood Services
5027 W Lovers Ln, Dallas, TX

Your favorite restaurants for the money

Im in Dallas but need to broaden out from the same old establishments. Where do you go for reliably excellent food for the money. Doesn't have to be dirt cheap, just good value.

My List:

The Grape
Keller's drive in
The Mercury
Royal Thai
Fuel City Tacos

2525 Wycliff Ave, Dallas, TX 75219

Royal Thai
5500 Greenville Ave Ste 608, Dallas, TX 75206

One meal in Dallas? Must be near-ish to Love Field. . .

"The food was terrible" wow

I am shocked that you dropped Gloria's like that! They should be slotted near the top of Dallas tex-mexish food (it's el salvadorian). The meat there is superb and really makes the dishes (more-so than the black beans!). Margarita's are as good as you can expect without making them yourself. I've had most of their menu (and I'm picky on food) and think this place handily beats Mi Cocina, Mia's, Taco Dinner, etc. and is on par with Manuels in Austin.