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Diva's Kitchen (Senagalese), Hamilton NJ

Dropped in for lunch today on a whim. Had a bit of trouble figuring out where to park. There was a small sign saying "Parking" in front with an arrow that seemed to indicate the lot by House of Meat.

Place was practically empty aside from one pair of diners. The ordering counter was unmanned and I waited a bit before realizing there was a bell on the counter -- once I hit it, someone came out of the kitchen, seemingly the only person working there. I ordered "lamb, athieke (seemed similar to couscous), and plantains" as a carry out. A very basic but edible salad came with the order, which I ate in the restaurant while waiting for the rest. My order also came with two different onion preparations.

In the drink fridge, in addition to commercial offerings, there were three kinds of drinks offered in unmarked plastic bottles: a ginger drink, a bissap sorrel drink, and baobab smoothie. I tried the bissap sorrel and it was very tasty and floral.

My guess is that the best thing to do is order ahead for carry-out if you're interested in trying this. It was tasty and different and worth trying once as something new. I don't regret it, though I'm not sure I'd come back. I agree the long-term prospects of this place don't seem promising.

May 23, 2014
Leonard Kim in New Jersey

Shanghai Bun In Princeton Junction, NJ

The one at the end of Washington near the train station is Asian Bistro, not in the same plaza as SB and SW. It is Korean-owned. We used to take out there all the time when we lived in Princeton Junction. Tried Sultan Wok once and never went back.

Jul 07, 2013
Leonard Kim in New Jersey

Looking for asian or italian restaurants in the Troy Michigan area

I was just at Franco's yesterday (Kids eat free Sundays!) and ordered off the Irish part of the menu. Bland, but perhaps that's to be expected? The "Two Catholics" (Irish and Italian sausage) in particular didn't show to the Irish flavor's (or lack thereof) advantage.

Mar 14, 2011
Leonard Kim in Great Lakes

Detroit: Slow's To Go now open...

Got carryout just last night and didn't detect any obvious difference from the main location's food.

Dec 23, 2010
Leonard Kim in Great Lakes

Dinner for two for under $15 near Farmington Hills

Sorry, I was wrong. The buffet is $7.55 so that, with tax, it's an even $8.00.

Dec 03, 2010
Leonard Kim in Great Lakes

Dinner for two for under $15 near Farmington Hills

Tomatoes Apizza lunch buffet was $7.99 last week at the Halsted location. Their website says $6.99.

Nov 30, 2010
Leonard Kim in Great Lakes

Jacques Taco Truck- [Metro Detroit]

I may be completely off base here, but I don't think the tacos I had yesterday were any smaller than Cinco Lagos' (which are $3 each) or El Barzon's ($2.50 for a flour tortilla taco), and I don't think they were obviously worse in quality. One could argue that there should be some discount for being a taco truck vs. a sit-down restaurant, but it's not like you pay any less when you carry out from those places. I guess I'm saying I'd come back -- the Royal Oak stop is *much* closer than either of the aforementioned places, and I'm paying the same prices for comparable quality. To me this is actually a much easier call than the Lockharts vs Lazybones dilemma.

El Barzon
3710 Junction St, Detroit, MI 48210

Oct 24, 2010
Leonard Kim in Great Lakes

Detroit Thai places that set themselves apart?

I've done carryout twice from Tongue Thai'd. The food isn't bad. However, 45 minutes for carryout (I was assured "35, 40 max" which still seems a bit high) was a bit hard to accept. In the 25 minutes I was actually waiting on the premises, there were three other groups there, two ahead of me, and none got food while I was there. One group appeared to be dining in, and I don't think they even had their order taken (other than drinks) in that time. It doesn't appear to be the most well-organized kitchen (for example, there seemed to be a problem prioritizing which dishes to make when for which orders). Again the food isn't bad, but unless they tighten things up a bit, it's not worth it to me at least. Hopefully this was an anomalous night for them. (I personally don't think Siam Spicy is obviously worse in quality, they're close by, and will get you your carryout in 15-20.) One thing I do like, from a parent's standpoint, is that they have a kid's menu. Also they deliver, though I haven't tried that (and the wait might not be worth it. I actually overheard concern from an employee about making a delivery order on time.)

Oct 16, 2010
Leonard Kim in Great Lakes

Lockharts Vs. Lazy Bones - Suburban Detroit

I carried out again recently, and I have to say this time my reaction was, "hmm, maybe the drive to Lazybones is worth it over this." So I guess I'm a bit more down on the place than I was the first time. In addition to the standbys (brisket etc.) I tried the smoked sausage (as opposed to the spicy) and the ham.

I should mention that I recently tried Union Woodhouse in Clarkston. Sylvia Rector and Molly Abraham reviewed this place for their respective papers in late 2009, and they both anointed it as among the best barbecue in the area. (And in her recent barbecue roundup a couple weeks ago, Rector ranked it with Slows and Lazybones as "standout.") Maybe I was in a bad mood (the kids were behaving badly), but I was disappointed here too, though I have to admit that the pulled pork was the moistest I've had in the area.

Oct 04, 2010
Leonard Kim in Great Lakes

Lockharts Vs. Lazy Bones - Suburban Detroit

You misunderstand me sir -- I'm assessing Lockhart's strictly from a carryout standpoint. For me, it's call and order, drive 5 minutes, put a nickel in for street parking directly adjacent to the restaurant, pick up food, and drive 5 minutes back. For me, that's a real difference from the 20+ minutes drive to Lazybones (considerably more during I-696 rush hour) and back (even if the parking is free). And it does make a difference to the food how long carryout has to travel before you eat it as well.

Sep 17, 2010
Leonard Kim in Great Lakes

Lockharts Vs. Lazy Bones - Suburban Detroit

I think the travel factor is actually a pretty big deal for those of us living around Royal Oak. Sure, the drive out for Lazybones carryout was worth it when the alternative was Memphis Smoke. But that calculation changes considerably with Lockhart's in the picture even if it's not better than Lazybones.

I basically agree with everyone's assessment of the food:
1) pork ribs dry and wanting in tenderness -- flavor not bad though.
2) "red hot" sausage -- more hot than flavorful
3) pulled pork and beef brisket were fine; brisket perhaps a little too fatty
4) sauce options perhaps too similar to each other (with the exception of the Carolina)
5) I didn't think the mac 'n' cheese was "very blah." It actually had some flavor beyond cheese. I thought it and the fries, pickles, etc. were all fine, but just fine.

Sep 17, 2010
Leonard Kim in Great Lakes

Recent Chow Events - Melting Pot/Novi , Tomatoes Apizza/Farminghills...

Though Biga actually gives you instructions on how to reheat their pizza, I think it doesn't "carry out" well compared to Tomatoes. (I've only had Supino's twice, so I don't have as good a handle on that.) I think it's hard to argue against Biga being the best dine-in experience of the three--it has a bar, the most attractive non-pizza menu offerings (meats, cheeses, appetizers, etc.), outdoor seating, etc., though I was surprised to learn they don't offer large pizzas for dine-in (only carry out), which, in addition to the other factors above, makes it the most expensive of the three for dine-in.

2457 Russell St, Detroit, MI 48207

Sep 14, 2010
Leonard Kim in Great Lakes

New(ish) crepe place in Royal Oak, MI

I ate there recently and thought it was pretty good too. It's in the original Cafe Muse location -- so it's a small space, very narrow, and right on the train tracks. Personally I think it's better suited for lunch than a date. Their website advertises 10% off weekday lunches for Royal Oak residents and workers, but unfortunately I forgot about that when I was there.

Jul 26, 2010
Leonard Kim in Great Lakes

Panini press - royal Oak/Berkley, MI

A Panera "Signature Sandwich Boxed Lunch" (sandwich, chips, cookie, pickle) is listed at $8.99 online. The same thing at Panini Press (sans pickle) would be $8.24. A sandwich by itself is $5.99. Admittedly your other sandwich chains (Subway, Quiznos, Potbelly's, etc.) will sell you a sandwich for $4-5, but I would say Panini Press is better than those places, and it's different, and it's local. I think this is a business worth supporting. Anyway, it's part of our carryout rotation. I like the "Traverse City Times" myself.

Jul 23, 2010
Leonard Kim in Great Lakes

A2 Thursday and Friday (kids) [Ann Arbor]

In some ways, this is an obvious suggestion, but Zingerman's Roadhouse has a really good kids' menu (in addition to everything else it has going for it), and it is priced like a kids' menu even though the food quality is much better than your average kiddie fare. Of course, the adult side of the menu is more expensive than one'd like.

Zingerman's Roadhouse
2501 Jackson Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Jun 30, 2010
Leonard Kim in Great Lakes

Detroit Metro - SATURDAY Brunch recommendation needed

I second the recommendation for Cafe Muse. They have outdoor seating too. There's also Frittata in Clawson, which seems to be very well-liked on these boards. Frittata and Cafe Muse opened around the same time a couple years ago with, I think, similar ambitions. I've eaten at both several times and, in my opinion, Frittata has stayed the same or maybe even gotten slightly worse over time while Cafe Muse has gotten better in just about every area. Don't get me wrong -- I'm definitely glad to have Frittata in the area. Incidentally, Cafe Muse is starting dinner service. Tonight might actually be the first night.

Cafe Muse
418 S Washington Ave, Royal Oak, MI 48067

Jun 09, 2010
Leonard Kim in Great Lakes

Mazza - Berkley, MI

People from my department went several times for lunch. Before they instituted the lunch buffet in mid-April, we thought it was generally above-average -- the tandoori chicken and lamb karai were particularly good. The lunch buffet was (obviously) a bit of a comedown, so at this point the consensus is that it doesn't distinguish itself from the pack.

May 24, 2010
Leonard Kim in Great Lakes