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LAN Party Menu for Picky Geeks!

Fellow Foodies!

I have a predicament! I have to feed 10 gamers at a LAN party event

For those not in the know, a LAN Party is a gathering in which people bring computers, laptops, etc to a central location, connect them up and play multiplayer games. Other activities include programming marathons, upgrade and technical support sessions, hackathons, etc. Normally LAN Parties are good fun, but full of cheap microwavable rubbish!

I want to change that! The event is one I've hosted before (However we ordered in), it's called LANIFA (LAN In Formal Attire), and I want to cook up some delicious snacks to compliment the *cough* classiness of the event.

I'm trying to hunt down recipes that are big in flavour, and are enough to keep a load of guys and gals full of energy for a long night! So far, I have a big portion of Chili Cheese Fries (Using the amazing Cadilac Chili Cheese Fries recipe from the site which sadly no longer exists) and a selection of dips, chips and crudités.

Any ideas?

Aug 26, 2012
JoshFinch in Home Cooking

Places to eat in Oxford, any ideas?

Hey Chow,

I'm heading to Oxford for the Steampunk Soiree for the 13th and 14th of December and I have been looking for places to eat on the 14th (On the 13th we have plans). I was looking at some nice traditional pub-fayre for lunch, with something a little more high-class for our evening meal, anything goes as far as international food is concerned.

So can any of my fellow food lovers reccomend somewhere?

Nov 20, 2009
JoshFinch in U.K./Ireland

Ponzu Roasted Chicken Breast

Loved it! Made it without the brown sugar, but with more Ponzu (Because I just loved the taste, tried it for the first time tonight, now I'm hooked). The rest of the family wern't too keen, it was a bit too exotic for them I think. Served it on a bed of ramen noodles, with some negi and a bit of fresh ginger.

Nov 20, 2009
JoshFinch in Recipes

Ponzu Roasted Chicken Breast

Going to try this tonight. Will tell you how it goes!

Nov 19, 2009
JoshFinch in Recipes