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Best sticky buns and cinnamon buns in Maine

Try Cinnamon bun @ Frosty's Donuts locations in Brunswick and Freeport

Augusta, Maine

Agree that Hallowell has best choices...Slates, Liberal Cup. Also Cafe de Bangkok for Thai and sushi.

Augusta has Sweet Chili...decent Thai at the airport.

"Diner" style lunch (and breakfast all day at House of Pancakes.

Dinner, than breakfast in Freeport, ME

Dinner: Broad Arrow Tavern inside Harrasseekett Inn, casual, fun atmosphere and very broad menu, focused on local sourcing

Freeport Cafe, short drive south on Rte one from downtown,

In town, Isabella's...nothing fancy/counter service

Touring art museums near Auburn, Bangor, Augusta- Have any recs for us?

If you're looking for something "fancier" go w/ Slates. Again, emphasis is on locavore, bold flavors.

If you're looking for excellent "pub fare", Liberal Cup. Fish & Chips, Shepard's Pie, Burgers, etc. along with excellent brewed-on-the-premises beer/ale.

Touring art museums near Auburn, Bangor, Augusta- Have any recs for us?

For Augusta...check out nearby Hallowell (2 miles south of State Capitol)

Slates...upscale/eclectic new American
Cafe de Bangkok
Liberal Cup...brew pub w/ excellent pub food

Maine Maple Sunday, March 24, 2013

This Sunday, March 24 throughout the state. Here's a link to what's happening at a sugarhouse near you.

Server: "This section is closed."

How about "perhaps the hostess wasn't aware this section is closed. I apologize. Please let me re-seat you. Do you have a preference for a booth or a table?' instead?

Feb 25, 2013
HDinCentralME in Not About Food

Augusta area?

Note Augusta to Brunswick is at least 40 minutes

Augusta area?

Gagliano's downtown Augusta or Pastaz in Gardiner

need last minute restaurant suggestions for boothbay, maine region

You may want to doublecheck Thistle Inn given that it is New Years Eve

In Damariscotta is Damariscotta Grill and King Eider's Pub

In Bath is Solo Bistro

Food Jokes

The version I heard as a kid was "Orange you glad I *didn't* say banana".

Nov 15, 2012
HDinCentralME in Not About Food

Swine and Stein Gardiner ME 10/13/12

3rd Annual event in downtown Gardiner.

Maine craft beers, mouthwatering pork, and live music.

11:30 am-6:30pm (Rain or shine)

More details:

Travelers Checks

I work as a cashier at several retail venues in tourist areas. I rarely see paper Traveler's Checks but see more and more of the plastic Amex or Visa "gift cards". Not sure how the fees for those compare to the paper Checks but are accepted more universally.

Aug 31, 2012
HDinCentralME in Not About Food

Would you ever give unsolicited advice to a stranger at a restaurant?

[but not really in the situation you describe]

Actually, this is completely analogous to the OP. Because you don't like this particular milkshake does not mean that they will agree with your subjective taste.

If they ask you "what's good here?" you can reply but otherwise MYOB.

Aug 29, 2012
HDinCentralME in Not About Food

Bangor to August: Sunday Brunch or Lunch Options

If you're looking for somewhere between the two points (Bangor-Augusta)...
consider Riverside Market in Oakland (just off I-95 Waterville).

Just a few minutes further south of Augusta is Slates in Hallowell.

Sunday Brunch in Brunswick? Or Freeport?

Serious brunch at Haraseekett Inn (Maine Dining Room), Freeport.

If you're looking just for combo breakast & lunch menu...Jen's Place in Brunswick serves 'til 2pm. Hole-in-the-wall spot, but clean/friendly. Emphasizes breakfast all day (especially homemade corned beef hash).

GREAT dinner Freeport ME

For closest good food with a water (bay) view I recommend Falmouth Sea Grill, Rte 1A in Falmouth.

For *wonderful* food near depends on what you're looking for. Clementine's in Brunswick is good "New American Bistro" style.

Trattoria Athena is excellent Greek/Mediteranean Style (also in Brunswick).

And my favorite for funky/casual but upscale...El Camino, excellent Cal/Mex emphasizing local produce. (Brunswick).

In Freeport proper there is Broad Arrow Tavern (inside Harasseekett Inn) for lunch or dinner featuring everything from burgers/pizza to lobster/seafood and grilled meats.

Other "decent" lunch spots north of Bean's include Jameson Tavern, The Corsican (mostly soup/salad/sand), Azure Cafe (Italian), and Mediteranean Grill.

food with a view on Maine coast

Falmouth Sea Grill, Rte 1A, Falmouth. Nice views of Casco Bay islands.

A bit more casual...Harasseekett Lunch and Lobster...harbor view in South Freeport

Lobster shacks between Boston and Bar Harbour

Depending on your route and timing, try to hit Harraseekett Lunch & Lobster in South Freeport. Nice spot on a small working harbor. Just 10 minutes off I-295. Can get crowded during prime hours. (Freeport is also home to LLBean's Flagship stores if that is of interest).

Another nice shack, in the Camden/Rockland area, is Waterman's in Thomaston.

Lots of info on Lobster Shacks on CH if you search.


Maine - Bath, Brunswick, Boothbay area recommendation?

Upscale in Brunswick=Clementine
Upscale in Bath=Solo Bistro

More casual "roadhouse" atmosphere... Montsweag Roadhouse Rte1, Woolwich
Being a little more creative of late...Le Garage, Wiscasset

Augusta in July

On Fairfield St (Rte23) off KMD on the Oakland side of I-95 (Exit 127)

Augusta in July

The "duck place" is a summer tradition that continues to satisfy our regular visitors.

I like Riverside Market (Oakland) a lot. I haven't tried a relatively new place, 18 Below (downtown W'ville) that's gotten some good notices.

Augusta in July

Upscale steak/seafood:
Augusta: Cloud Nine at The Senator Hotel
Waterville:Cacciatore's (Italian steakhouse).

In Belgrade Lakes, Village Inn

As MCM mentioned, just south of Augusta is the resto/live music mecca of Hallowell. Liberal Cup and Slates are especially noteworthy.

Augusta in July

I guess it's a moot point. I guess I misinterpreted the OP to mean that the entire golf tourney roster was going out together. That would mean taking over an entire resto (which the Cup certainly could do w/ proper notice arrangement).

Augusta in July

But Liberal Cup may not be able to accomodate his group, depending on its size. Hence my question above.

Augusta in July

How large is your group? Would you need/prefer a private room?

Are Burgers getting more expensive or am I just seeing things?

Menu price for burgers at my favorite pubs have remained stable BUT I have noticed the patty size has been reduced recently.

Jun 30, 2012
HDinCentralME in General Topics

A dinner/lunch guest should be sure to......

I think it is worth NOT expect the gift to be used at the event...this includes wine or dessert. The host should not be made to feel obligated to serve that Chateau ____ or those special cookies you traveled to Italy that morning to procure.

Jun 30, 2012
HDinCentralME in Not About Food

Portland Wine Shop Recommendations?

I won't assume that you were assuming that you would find wine shops that could accomodate your request only in the "big city" of Portland, but I will mention Now You're Cookin in Bath and McKean & Charles in Waldoboro as worthy stops on the Route One path.

Spread - new Portland restaurant to open in Gaucho/Oolong space

sox, this is the only comment from you I see.

Maine Sunday Telegram review emphasized the "dress up"/social scene aspect of this place. Is that to the extent that I'm not going to be comfortable in Chinos and a Polo shirt (for example)?