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McLoone's - Sea Bright

I was at Neil's this past Saturday night and I would NEVER recommend this restaurant to anyone. It took over 2 hours for us to be served our main courses (and they didn't all come out of the kitchen at once). We were not the only table to experience this problem either. There was no excuse offered to us by the server or the owner since the restaurant was not even half-filled. While I will say that some of the food was tasty (the appetizers), our main courses were either cold or tasteless. While the owner was well aware of our table's situation, he never apologized to us as we were walking out the door. Service can make or break my opinion of a restaurant and obviously this restaurant will never succeed with it's current philosophy. It was a horribly disappointing evening and we will never be returning.

Jul 19, 2007
Rochelle in NJ in Mid-Atlantic

atmosphere and good seafood

Let me start by saying that we have been to The Original Oyster many times prior to "Neil" taking the helm so we decided to give the new owner a shot. We went there this past Saturday night and it was a TOTAL fiasco right from the start. We didn't get served our dinner for OVER 2 hours and the restaurant was not even half filled. We observed other tables with the same complaint. The kitchen was totally incompetent. In addition, one of the dishes (we were a party of four) was totally bland (and did not come out at the same time as the other 3), and one was cold. To add salt to our wounds, the owner was standing at the door when we left (and was aware of our disasterous evening because we let him know), and he never apologized to us as we walked out. Obviously, we will never return to the restaurant. As you probably can figure out, I highly stress that you select another restaurant for your evening out and avoid this restaurant.

Jul 18, 2007
Rochelle in NJ in Mid-Atlantic