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Sunday Brunch in Old Town Alex?

Or do we just go further afield to Evening Star in Del Ray? I've not yet been but reviews seem positive and the vibe looks exactly right for us. What do you think?

Evening Star Cafe
2000 Mt. Vernon Ave., Alexandria, VA 22301

Sunday Brunch in Old Town Alex?

I'm sorry if this is already up here somewhere, but a few different searches didn't turn up what I was looking for. Does anyone have suggestions for a good and not-too-expensive (under $15/person) where we could take visiting friends for brunch in Old Town this weekend? My best friend and her husband, both grad students, are visiting, and although we'd like to get out and enjoy the sunshine this weekend, we're not sure where to go. Kid-friendly would be a plus for our toddler. Thanks!

Where do I find Passover groceries in D.C.?

Depending on how specialized you need, Shaul's in Kemp Mill (off University Blvd, just a couple miles north of the Beltway) has everything KLP, but if you're just looking for the sort of standard selection you would have had in a supermarket in NY, I'd head to a supermarket in Silver Spring (DC or MD). Rockville stores have a pretty good selection as well, from what I remember from an emergency need-to-pick-up-a-side-dish-for-last-minute-seder stop a few years back (including plenty of prepared foods, if that's more your speed.)

Query: Georgian restaurant in Washington

Can anyone recommend a great Georgian restaurant in the District? Mid- to upscale is fine - just looking for something pretty authentic. Thanks.

Kid-friendly seafood near Inner Harbor?

We're looking for a pretty inexpensive place to take family (party of 25) for a pre-rehearsal-dinner next week. Since we have kids in the group, we'd like someplace family-friendly; since we're all pretty new to Baltimore, we'd prefer something within walking distance from the light rail. Inner Harbor is a plus, but not necessary. And since the one thing our guests know about Maryland is seafood, that would be our first choice. I've seen some kid-friendly Italian and pizza places on this board, but we're hoping for seafood if possible.

My fiance and I are flying into Baltimore from Germany just a week before the wedding, so won't have much time to scout places out. We're hoping someone could help us with a recommendation or two!