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Joss in Baltimore opening soon?

Any word about Joss opening on Charles St? Last time I went by it looked like they were getting close. Inside looks great. Also, Tsunami next to Lemongrass has closed down. Out with one Annapolis sushi export, in with another...

Bmore Cupcake Throwdown - Who Wins?

Yes - ... it's quite the website!

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Aug 31, 2008
600block in Site Talk

Bmore Cupcake Throwdown - Who Wins?

Thanks for pointing out that thread..didn't see it before. Looks like there is a consensus on Cakelove. However, that thread was before Cupcake Girl arrived on the scene.

Purple Orchid-Disappeared

Actually MIss Shirleys is opening across the street at 750 E Pratt. They are now hiring and are opening "This Fall"...sign is clever -- "Uptown Girl Moving Downtown"

Bmore Cupcake Throwdown - Who Wins?

Ok, so we're no DC with our out-of-control cupcake mania, but with the recent arrival of the Cupcake Girl and her cupcake-mobile, Baltimore now has 4 sugary spots serving up frosting-topped delights.

Cupcake Co. - probably the most famous, but definitely not universally loved. Crazy flavors and even crazier icing.
Charm City Cupcakes - usual reaction is, "is that the place on Food Network?" Umm, no.
Cakelove - Bleh. Yea, I said it.
Cupcake Girl - Superb marketing and a unique idea. Less gourmet, but tasty!

I'm all about the Cupcake Girl right now, but I do need to get back to Cupcake Company for a proper throwdown. Who is your pick!?

Purple Orchid-Disappeared

That place has been closed for a long time now. Food was good, but location was terrible for business. Awkward to get to and on the wrong side of Pratt St. Limited pedestrian traffic, although that has improved with the Pier V garage and Harbor East. They spot has been vacant for over a year now, but I just drove by today and it looks like something may be going in there.

Tasty Sunday morning brunches in Baltimore ?

Clementine, Rocket to Venus (Sunday brunch blitz), Blue Moon (if you have time to wait in line), Morning Edition (if you have time to wait for food). Really depends on whether you go for lots of mimosas/bloodies or the food. Little Havanas and Mother's (among others) have all you can drink brunch deals.

No More Good Bakeries? (Balto. version)

Now that made me laugh out loud!

Puffs & Pastries Opening Next Week in Hampden

I'm so excited about Anisha's new Puffs & Pastries shop coming to Hampden's Avenue next to Ma Petite Shoe. Cream puffs, sweet tarts, cakes, cupcakes, savories and more! The full menu is posted on her website at

Rumor of a Savory Pie Place in Hampden?

Was pleasantly surprised by the savory pies...especially the steak and mushroom. So tasty! I think Rodney's crust works better with the savory items than the sweet ones. Also had the pork BBQ and sausage quiche which were good but didn't come close to the steak. Sitting on the porch enjoying a nice day with some can't beat that! Full review and some photos at

Teavolve in Harbor East

it's definitely not cold in the literal sense...I've found myself sweating in the back section around midday. However, I can see your point about the difference from the original location. The Harbor East spot is much more, well, Harbor East. Modern and sleek and much less cozy. I think it works for the crowd and new lounge direction...especially if they are adding alcohol drinks and later hours.

Midweek specials - Baltimore?

Great thread! We've been compiling a list of daily food/drink specials. So many good ones. Here are some to add to the list:
- 10 entrees for $10 at Waterfront (Tuesdays)
- Neighborhood Night - 25% off food purchases at Todd Connors (Wednesdays)
- 1/2 price crab cakes at Captain Larrys (Wednesdays)
- $15 steak night at Mahaffeys (Tuesdays)
Those are some food specials that jumped out at me, but we've got a few hundred more...including a lot of drink/happy hour ones.

Teavolve in Harbor East

Anyone else loving the new Teavolve in Harbor East? Can't get enough of their Belgian waffles with organic fruit toppings, blended coffee drinks and comfy seating. It's a great spot to get some work done and the staff don't mind if you want to stick around a while. Lately I've been striking out at getting a seat at bluehouse so it's nice Teavolve is only a block away. If you haven't been, it's worth the visit...especially if you love teas -- hot or bubble.

Some more reviews and photos at

Brick Oven Pizza on Canton Square

Yikes, I called over a 45min period...must have been quite a night. On a positive note, looks like they will be adding indoor and outdoor seating which is cool. Good for them.

Brick Oven Pizza on Canton Square

Py's phone has been ringing and ringing this Saturday night with no answer. Does anyone know if they closed shop? I really hope not!

Three in Baltimore...

Did anyone stop by? Also, what's the address? Thanks!