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Christmas time with a broken oven

Speaking of the Katie Holmes movie, this actually happened to my Aunt on T-Giving about 15 years ago. Oven broke, turkey came out black as coal. Thank God for the antipasto, manicotti and the side dishes!!!!


Dec 23, 2010
Jonny Mangia in Home Cooking

What Fish Dishes are You Cooking for Christmas Eve?

Are you buying the baccala pre-soaked or dry?

Dec 22, 2010
Jonny Mangia in Home Cooking

What Fish Dishes are You Cooking for Christmas Eve?

The salmon with yogurt sauce sounds incredible!

Dec 22, 2010
Jonny Mangia in Home Cooking

What Fish Dishes are You Cooking for Christmas Eve?

Here's our list this year:

clams oreganata
fried eel
fried shrimp
shrimp scampi
seafood salad
pasta with fish sauce
stuffed calamari
lobster tails
baccala may be on it as well, not confirmed yet


Dec 22, 2010
Jonny Mangia in Home Cooking

Best Bronx pizza by the slice?

Five years late to the thread but great to see people talking Bronx slices. Brooklyn gets too much hype!

No question Louie and Ernie's is the best Bx slice I've ever had. So creamy and delicious.
It's fundamentally a perfect NY slice.

I am going to check out this Dominick's place...sounds great!


Dec 06, 2010
Jonny Mangia in Outer Boroughs

Two Best Panini's (Eastchester Area) - Stephen's Green & Giovanni's Deli

Dante's panini are awesome but the wait is ridiculous plus they charge and arm and a leg. The last time I was there I walked out $11 short for a sandwich and a water. We're not in NYC folks!

I am going to try Giovanni's today and will update afterwards.

Range hood advice


The first bit of advice I can give you is try to limit the turns and length of
the vent run. Every inch that is added to that will result in lower efficiency
from the hood/blower.

So long as you're not cranking all the burners at once, you should be able to
get by with something under 600cfm. But again, if you run is chock full of turns
and such, your not getting 600cfms even if that's where the blower is rated. So
in effect if you went with 400cfm, you'd actually be getting a lower amount, and
that would be problematic with that lil' horse of a range.

Regarding the capture area, I've seen people go both ways. Some match the 30"
range with the 30" hood, others will bump the hood out slightly for a larger
capture area. I don't think that's too big of a deal.

Best of luck. The DCS range is a great product. Too bad the company can't get
out of its way when it comes to marketing. They don't seem to be able to tell
consumers a compelling story as to why they need them in their kitchens.


Nov 19, 2009
Jonny Mangia in Cookware

Linguine with Clams and Chorizo

Recipe does send cool, I was envisioning some toasted breadcrumbs to give the clams an oreganata-like vibe. Obviously don't want to overdo it with pasta in the mix, but there's something about that coarse texture coupled with clams that makes my taste buds sing!


Nov 18, 2009
Jonny Mangia in Recipes